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Crooked Hillary Clinton Lies Again And Again | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Every word out of Crooked Hillary Clinton's mouth is a lie.

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  1. geflasht1 says

    Don’t vote for this American Merkel !

    1. Metalforce999 says

      I know I won’t. Trump 2016!!

    2. AWOO says


    3. Johan Liebert says

      Don’t compare the two. Merkel is a good person. Clinton is evil. Also:
      Clinton is an American and therefore scum.

    4. Love Cat Wolf says

      Vote for hillary

  2. BASED_ BRIT says


  3. Frank Mclovin says

    I wouldn’t let Hillary run a taco stand let alone my country. I WON’T LET

    1. Zak Aser says

      Everyone loves tacos but u

    2. Frank Mclovin says

      +Zak Aser no i love tacos as much as the next guy, and i sure wont let
      hillary ruin my tacos.

  4. Cameron Kerr Bôcher says

    How do you know Hillary is lying? Her lips are moving.
    Look up (do a search) of the term evil. You’ll find a picture of Hillary.

    1. SuperSMT says

      I googled ‘evil’
      Sadly no Hillary, but you do get Mitt Romney on the 2nd page

    2. Cameron Kerr Bôcher says

      +SuperSMT That sir would not surprise me 1 little bit. People need to pay
      attention. Are those claiming to speak for God ‘s wishes actually living a
      life worthy of being recognized as genuine or are they there to set
      themselves up as an idol to the public in a vain effort to elevate their
      own perceived importance… Even the loudest pharisee is still nonetheless
      a pharisee..

  5. Dindu Nuffins says

    Hillary’s Top Ten Donors are Jews.

    1. M P says

      Figures she is a Goldman-Sachs puppet

  6. Habanéra says

    I love this video Donald Trump. I posted a few of them on my you tube page.
    We can beat this LIAR and we WILL.. Keep exposing her for what she truly

  7. Olde FRITZ says

    Merkel & Clinton = Puppets

  8. Olde FRITZ says

    2016 is the year NWO died!

    1. General waffen says

      Sadly it’ll take more than trump presidency to kill it

  9. John Gray says

    Donald Trump WILL make America great again. HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016 TRUMP

  10. Victoria “Kerrybatson” Powers says

    Poor Hill a pesticide husband $ addict, you will burn in hell

    1. Ralph Stevens says

      Absolutely !! there is NO doubt

  11. Audi Man says

    A new documentary showed that Bill and Hillary are in the pockets of
    foreign interests (Including those hostile to the U.S.).

  12. npe1 says

    Hillary is so crooked that she’s just had the guts to release her tax
    returns…………….waiting for you Donny Boy!

    1. Lasna34 says

      I would like to hear Hillary’s Wallstreet recordings.

  13. Patrick Thompson says

    no candidate in history has lied as much as #idiotTrump.
    #idiotTrump is so stupid he thinks fox is a news network, lol

    1. Patrick Thompson says

      +Kalob Berichon read. educate yourself about the fascist moron you want to
      be president.

    2. Kalob Berichon says

      +Patrick Thompson I have, and the only thing bad he’s said during his
      campaign was his remarks on the disabled reporter

      meanwhile Hillary Clinton has had people killed for power.

      if you want to “educate” yourself on shillery go to info wars

    3. Patrick Thompson says

      +Kalob Berichon hahahaha, that’s the ONLY thing you found objectionable?
      not his pandering to racists? not his constant lying? not his support for
      policies that damage the US economy? no, hillary did not have people killed
      – you’re fucking braindead. infowars is the dumbest right wing propaganda /
      conspiracy theory site in existence. jones rapes your tiny dysfunctional

  14. Annisa's Life says

    donlad trump is the lair is always hating on women and he just wants to be
    president for the money hillary really cares about children if we were real
    money then he would care about children

    1. Hunter Winn says

      you are stupid!

  15. errect says

    good video.

  16. Pete Smith says

    Hillary is the worst to second liar,Obama is first on the list.

  17. Rick Dangerous says

    Hillary CLONE at 0:37 … seriously don’t tell me that’s Hillary it’s not.

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