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Crooked Hillary Clinton Lies to the FBI About Classified Emails | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

FBI DIRECTOR: "No doubt that un-cleared people had access to the server. There were others who maintained the server….who were private sector folks…."

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  1. Anon says

    Based Trump brings the truth again.

  2. david johnston says

    I still don’t get how this isn’t a a crime. She mishandled classified
    information which puts our national security at risk. Who knows the
    complete implications of what she has done. Trump 2016!!!!

    1. Rakesh A. says

      What about the contrary F.B..I Director James Comey’s stellar Academy
      performance, unbelievable!

  3. matt reilly says


  4. Elcyde gaming says

    subscribe to me

  5. Rakesh A. says

    Should Donald J. Trump be elected U.S. President, he will follow-up on his
    condemnation of the crooked Clintons and indeed Trump will have to clean up
    the corrupted F.B.I. and the media and knowing Trump to be such a candoer
    it will happen big time in the first week of office.

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