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Crooked Hillary Is Owned By The Establishment | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

I’ve said it over and over again. Crooked Hillary is bought and paid for by The Establishment—BIG TIME! Unbelievably CORRUPT! I’m not and never will be owned by ANYONE! #TrumpIsWithYou #TrumpPence2016

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  1. Friedrich Wilhelm says

    No Trump = No America

    1. Donovin Lamm says

      +Xoro Kleurrijk lol

    2. Friedrich Wilhelm says

      +Leos Channel Your mother is voting for Trump.

  2. BASED_ BRIT says

    Trump won’t be bought and sold by Wall Street and special interests. Nor
    will he surrender America to the false song of globalism.

    1. ZzdNMoIrz-〉Ubw-k[vebGi{[umPuDX-B-MYe5(xD}](DhA}LC}czdASrRvQe]iR_V〉uM)sC〉o6lmvKZS3bfVqNpO]Fr〈yVZM6KQx says

      What do you base this off of? The entire cabal of globalists are trying to
      stop Trump from winning.

  3. Ryan Smith says

    You misspelled totalling. Lmao

    1. DCTib says

      No they didn’t. In the U.S. it’s spelled with one “L”.

    2. Ryan Smith says

      +DCTib My bad. I’m Canadian.

    3. nopotato says

      Ryan, we apologize in advance for all the cancerous liberal slime that will
      be moving to your country after Trump wins.

    4. Ryan Smith says

      +nopotato When Trump wins, I’m moving to the US!

  4. al johnson says


  5. John Gray says

    Donald Trump WILL make America great again. HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016 TRUMP


      faq u

    2. No one. No one. says

      John Gray Opinion dumbass. Keep that in mind.

  6. supershadowan says

    Man I can’t wait to see this on TV!

  7. Kizzah363 says

    why aren’t these vids being posted on twitter

  8. Ben Klock says

    >>>>>>>> Disgusting!

  9. Ernest de_SantEs says

    What is the music’s title?

  10. Phaise Aypix says

    Improve production quality we cannot let somebody with brain damage be
    president. No crooked hillary.

  11. William Roach says

    who exactly is the establishment?

    1. Electric иoνα (ѕмαѕнιиg ριcнυ) says

      Corporations and politicians that essentially run the country. They are
      infamous for being greedy and harming the country just so they can make a
      quick dollar.

    2. William Roach says


    3. Claire AwesomeSauce says

      Big corporations, big media, and long-time politicians. The DNCLeak,
      Clinton emails, and the utter shock of how the media has been covering this
      election all show just how bad the issue of corruption in our country has
      become. No one wanted to believe it, but everyone suspected it.

  12. iTEXEL says

    3,000th viewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tomahawk1775 says

    @Evan Anderson, YOU forgot to take YOUR psych medication again! YOUR Mother
    needs to change YOUR Drool cup too! We ALL feel sorry for YOU and how hard
    it must be to be mentally unstable! Good thing YOUR Psychiatrist is giving
    YOU Thorazine! The videos of which YOU Uploaded to YOUR Channel are a
    testament to this!

  14. Maximus Reese says

    Put a boot in her nest. That screechy menopausal crook should be in jail

  15. Michael Bay says

    God damn Hillary is even *more* hideous than fucking Emperor Palpatine and
    Jabba the Hutt put together.

  16. camo creator says

    This is why I don’t live in America

  17. No one. No one. says

    Idiot can’t even understand.

  18. Angelica Manuel says

    stop saying beches stuipit people for bunut troomp

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