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Crooked Hillary Lies – At The Time Classified | Donald J. Trump For President

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  1. mark says

    busted = bengazi,
    people died

    1. SuperSMT says

      When Hillary lied, people died!

  2. luvperu1 says

    Why didn’t they do something about her in 2014
    when they found out she had been sending classified

    1. King Smitty says

      same reason why she’s getting a pass this time around

    2. The World says

      Because vagina.

    3. walt7500 says

      Who knew?

    4. walt7500 says

      She not off the hook. President Trump can indict her. 🙂

  3. i/o redstone engineers says

    other people have done the same thing, went to jail…

    1. Gamer Tony says

      That’s because the Clintons are above the law.

    2. walt7500 says

      DemoncRATS are above the law.

  4. RINKU says

    She lies just for her own convenience. can’t have this incompetent woman as
    the leader of this country

  5. studdaman420 says

    Get her Mr. Trump. lol. i bet the 1 dislike is from Crooked Hillery

    1. MrGoose says

      At least one like is from Bill. He almost got away from her. Poor fella.

    2. Crooked Hillary says

      How did you know? I need to secure my server.

    3. studdaman420 says

      +Crooked Hillary Hey i see you got 99 of your cronies to downvote this to
      100 dislikes. Gotta admit i did not expect a response from the actual
      Crooked Hillary but thats the true power of social media. I knew the 1st
      dislike had to be from you. Still voting for Trump. We are taking back our
      country! Get prepared for an orange jumpsuit that doesnt fit and bland jail

    4. studdaman420 says

      +Steelcurtain Anthony luke *Hitlery

  6. Andrew Alvis says

    Only people like this are above the law

  7. havocmaster69 says

    If killary wins this election it is most def. rigged. And if that happens I
    say the Military needs to take over and fire everyone in washington and we
    start over.

    1. tblbaby says

      They did it for Egypt after Soros/Obama/Clinton got rid of their good
      leader Mubarak and helped the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Egypt says Obama
      is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. That would make sense.

    2. tblbaby says

      I hope you’re right. I’m about sick of these people and I don’t wanna play
      their crap no more.

    3. tblbaby says

      +Stephen Walker That’s why they’re bringing in tons of Muslims, giving all
      the agencies tons of weapons, and trying to take our protection.

  8. Michael P. Shipley says

    We the people will now have to be judge, jury, and executioner come this
    November. May god have no mercy on her rotten soul.

  9. J-A says

    Donald Trump 2016 & 2020!!!

    1. JimmGuy83 says


    2. Tempelz says

      2024* (possibly)

    3. ii Oven says

      +Templeton RBLX max is 8 year smarty

    4. Tempelz says

      +ii Oven I know, smarty.

  10. Jimmy in Mexico says

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman…AT THAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  11. johnnieace45 says

    it’s the Hillary effect just a little bad judgment bad judgment I wonder if
    that excuse will work for us

  12. Deplorable Daniel says

    Demononic hound, HitLIARy.

  13. jeffrey luciana says

    America supports you 110% President Trump!!!

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