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Crooked Hillary Lies to FBI About Sending and Receiving Top Secret Emails

Your president Donald Trump

Today once again proved that the system is absolutely rigged. How Crooked Hillary got away with sharing TOP SECRET emails and LYING about it is just absolutely unbelievable! Crooked Hillary should be prosecuted, not running for President! #CrookedHillary #RiggedSystem

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  1. The Imagination Crafter says


    1. Aiden Howard says

      Good job!

  2. Philadelphia Sport fan says

    They called her too stupid to be pres while doing it lmao

  3. Enrique Pena Nieto says

    Viva México wey

    1. SuperSMT says

      Trump loves Mexico!

  4. mr. bubble says


  5. Evan Connors says

    Crooked Hillary

  6. 4TheRepublic says

    Trump 2016!!

  7. EpicSwagger says

    Was that true?
    No no no no no no no…

  8. Rita G says

    If someone did a list of Hillary’s lies, thefts, trails of crime, and the
    first man, there is no moral bones in their bodies the list would not have
    a end I’m beginning to wonder if she’s not the woman talked about in

  9. Philly Forever says

    And you know what I believe her husband too he never really had sex with
    Monica. They are such typical political lying creeps. Write in Zbernie or
    vote Trump.

  10. PLARH8R1 says

    I can’t believe that people are going to vote for this lying psychopath she
    lies and lies she doesn’t know how to do anything else. the poor stupid
    people who are going to vote for her are just pathetic there is a thousand
    reasons why she should be in jail

  11. Habanéra says

    Go Trump. Trump that LIAR HiTlary Clinton.

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