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Crooked Hillary Lies – Top Secret Emails | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Melanie Deal says

    she ain’t nothing but incompetent and crooked and a liar.

    1. Jacob Thomson says


      Yeah in terms of people N. Korea actually has the biggest army, but
      infantry doesn’t mean jack anymore, the tempo of war is no longer in the
      hearts of men, but rather in the workings of a machine.

    2. Jeremy Buchanan says

      quite correct. She cares about no one but herself and she was all for the
      messes that ended up happening in Libya and Syria.

    3. Masteraidan1Gaming says

      No we wont go to war we will cut the flow of funds unless they comply there
      is a long plan on his website

    4. Xugmar WargSpirit says

      It’s actually quite a great plan.

    5. Masteraidan1Gaming says

      +Xugmar WargSpirit Well yes

  2. Max Ferrel says


  3. Michael P. Shipley says

    We the people will now have to be judge jury and executioner come this
    November. May god have no mercy on her rotten soul.

    1. Jacob Thomson says


      I genuinely can’t tell what you are saying right now, no punctuation or
      grammar, all I heard was……RACIST…. DUMBAS…. don’t see how the world
      works(how ironic)…

    2. Zane Games says

      +Jacob Thomson I dont like my comments.. Do you think I’m a nerd?

    3. tw bass says

      you are the prefect example of a Clinton supporter, nothing but a foul
      mouth pinky punk

    4. Jacob Thomson says

      +Zane Games

      Yeah kinda considering how almost no one else in this comment chain has
      nice things to say about Hitlery Clinton

    5. tw bass says

      +Zane Games

      The nice thing is “Clinton Pimps” are becoming Extinct. #VotingTrump

  4. I love myself says

    Mr. Trump, please do NOT make the mistake on choosing Newt for VP.

    1. Rusty Hill says

      Newt can’t be trusted he looks like another corrupt Lyndon Johnson if they
      are able to assassinate our next real president.

    2. Ricky Julian says

      +Kenneth k That’s a good thing.

  5. Naoki N says

    You have lots of material to hit HRC keep on doing it this is the time for
    a knockout

  6. pittsburghmcconnell says

    Mr. Trump double down and do this.

  7. Evan Farah says

    doesn’t that last line indicate that anyone involved in those email chains
    should be indicted as well?

    1. kentagion says

      even anyone who had knowledge of it and did not speak on it would be
      implicated in a conspiracy to commit treason or something.

    2. Jeff Stukas says

      yeah, it all rolls downhill.

  8. Daniel Raynor says


    Blood pressure is over 9000

  9. Chavy Greenfeld says

    y are you showing me this I know we have a Hilary a liar about everything
    she lies, y don’t you Mr trump sent this video to people hu don’t know

    1. Rebel says


  10. Flavio Pierri says

    You could tell she’s lying when she stutters

  11. George McCartney says

    hillary is probley the head leader of Isis and is telling them what to do.
    TRUMP Vote him it’s the best thing to do

    1. George McCartney says

      I’m a Trump supporter by the way

    2. Woundo Tounda says

      Yeah it was pretty obvious man.

  12. Rose Moore says

    Measures SHOULD from now be taken to make sure that the upcoming
    Presidential election’s VOTES will NOT be rigged across the country.

  13. alfonso lopez says

    this gay is a clown, fix youre hair

    1. Xugmar WargSpirit says

      Excuse me sir, but if you want to call someone a clown, you may want to
      sound unclownlike yourself.

      Start by learning Trump doesn’t have homosexual tendencies and that he
      isn’t hair. Thanks!

  14. omar rojas says

    I hope trump wins

  15. ƬψƬΩiiXinnex says

    Indictment update on Hillary: The Senate knew that Hillary lied to the
    congress and the FBI about the email scandal. Bernie Sanders campaign:
    Voters and supporters avoided his campaign due to endorsing Hillary Clinton
    to be the next president of the US. Good luck finding a way for Hillary to
    become president, Obama you fucked up.

  16. Zane Games says

    Build a wall around Mexico. And make Trump pay for it.

  17. Jacob Thomson says

    Choose carson for surgeon general and Milo for press secratary.

    1. Xugmar WargSpirit says

      Good choices.

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