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Dad Whispers and His Baby’s Reaction is Priceless


If any parent (especially new parents) could tell you one thing about raising a child, it would probably be this: DO NOT WAKE A SLEEPING BABY. Getting an infant to sleep can feel like a monumental accomplishment, so the idea of ruining all your hard work just to do it all again? Terrible.

There are a few things that absolutely must be avoided once your baby is asleep. First and most obviously, noise of any kind. So turn down that TV, close to windows to block out traffic, and for goodness sake, keep your voice down.

With those rules – and the full gravity of what might happen if you break said rules – in mind, you might be shocked to see the setup of this video.

It’s clearly bedtime and it looks like two parents are in bed, ready to go to sleep soon. There laying on top of the bedspread with them is an absolutely adorable little boy, decked out in a striped onesie and completely passed out.

We can’t quite tell who is taking the video – it looks like it could be the dad because he’s right in the middle of the frame with the infant. But we also see (assumedly) just a sliver of his partner’s body on the other side of the frame, so it could be them, too.

Whoever it is, they’re shooting right over the baby, and we can tell something cute is about to happen! Dad looks into the camera and gives us the lowdown on exactly what’s about to happen – and we’re immediately excited and concerned.

“He’s sleeping,” Dad whispers into the camera. “I’m going to tell him I love him and he’s going to smile.”

This is obviously something they do pretty often with how confidently he says it, but we can’t help but think it’s crazy to whisper into the ear of a sleeping baby! If you’re talking loud enough that he can hear you, it seems pretty plausible that he could wake up and start crying.

But, hey, he’s the one taking that risk!

Dad leans over to the sleeping baby just like he said he would and whispers, “I love you” into the infant’s ear. Immediately, a huge, adorable smile spreads across his face! He doesn’t stir or get upset, he stays completely asleep, but he continues to grin until the video ends.

We’ve never seen such a sweet reaction before! What did you think of this video and this cute baby’s reaction? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Video Credit: Newsflare/NickAlberino


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