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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Cameron Joseph for NY Daily News reports, President Trump mocked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Monday, accusing him of “fake tears” after Schumer gave an emotional response to Trump’s refugee order temporarily banning refugees over the weekend.

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  1. Marco Terni says

    i thought it said cuck schomer

    1. Vulgar Display of Truth says

      Marco Terni cuck!shew,mr…

    2. Esoteric Jahanism says

      Marco Terni (((Cuck Schumer)))

    3. largol33t1 says

      @Marco Temi, that name fits him even better!

  2. Sooner Science Nerd says

    mother chucker!
    what the Chuck?
    Chuck you too!
    ( I could go all day with this!)

    1. Esoteric Jahanism says

      Sooner Science Nerd (((Cuck Schumer)))

    2. Yaya Lisa says

      Sooner Science Nerd the best one yet. LOL.

  3. Nick Timis says

    chuck is a fucking idiot

    1. Esoteric Jahanism says

      Nick Timis (((Cuck Schumer)))

    2. russell5078084 says

      Nick Timis he is a corrupt liberal politician. to quote the great Ronald
      Reagan: It isn’t that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s that they know
      so much that isn’t so.

    3. Yaya Lisa says

      +russell5078084 touche. On point.

  4. Cleft_Asunder says

    I wish he would have said “crocodile tears,” because crocodiles live in the

    1. Mad Max says

      Cleft_Asunder crocs and alligators look totally different as well

    2. Mad Max says

      Cleft_Asunder what does high lighted comment mean?

    3. Galictic Plays blocksworld says

      IDC because I’m not American

  5. Kindrov says

    Bet those tears are made in China.

    1. Charles Dickens says

      Yep, because they didn’t work.

    2. Timothy Lee says

      Charles Dickens Chummer should ponder why Obummer failed to protect our
      country big time instead of critizing Trump for his policies.

    3. Marie Dasilva says

      Timothy Lee

  6. DaynaLee says

    PLEASE STOP calling him Trump! Give him respectively what IS deserved.
    President Trump.

    1. Sue Catlady says

      There are many “presidents “. There is only ONE Trump. No disrespect
      intended. Especially since MSM insists on still calling OBummer and Clinton
      presidents, when they are now private citizens.

    2. BigSwampy says

      Yep you’re right. Clinton should be addressed as Gov. Clinton and that
      other joker Sen. Obama

    3. King Kazma says

      I’ll call him daddy just like Milo does! XD

    4. Robert Jackson says

      Where was you when they were saying Obama and not putting President in
      front of it, huh


      Robert Jackson oh you’re going to cry now . Puss cake

  7. lee steven (freedomseeker) says

    ISIS must be Destroyed

    1. OAF News says

      Obama was the creator and protector of isis mainly.

    2. Jon Blake says

      they will be and Liberals will weep for their destruction.

    3. Phyllis Sinopoli says


    4. Phyllis Sinopoli says


    5. Phyllis Sinopoli says


  8. Ken Turpin says

    You fucking idiots.

    Let’s just get this right out front, Islam means ‘surrender’ (to God), and
    from the same root anyone who follows Islam is a Muslim and has committed
    themselves to the teachings of the Qur’an.

    Muslim/Islam supporters are brain dead. Come to Vancouver, there are
    probably 40 Mosques or more just on the lower mainland. Go try to buy a
    house, Muslim owns it, catch a cab same again, rent a house or apartment
    85% chance same again. The same has happened in Toronto, Montreal and many
    other cities across Canada. It’s a religious financial Jihad war they are
    waging based on the Qur’an against Christianity and all Christians,
    agnostics and atheists are identified as infidels that need to be killed.
    They have no intention of joining our way of life and peacefully
    cohabitating within our society, they want to take it over.

    I don’t know if this is happening in the USA but in Canada they have an
    insidious method of financing 100% of their purchases with money from our
    own Canadian banks at pre-negotiated very low prime rates we could never
    get. Even worse the individuals don’t even need a good credit rating. Most
    Muslims from Pakistan or India can arrive in Canada flat broke and in less
    than a week they can buy a large farm, house or rental property by going to
    their Mosque and the Mosque will cosign a full price 100% mortgage loan
    guarantee. These loans are always approved by the Canadian banks. How does
    a regular Canadian compete against that when we have or have to beg/borrow
    the down payment from parents or relatives. We can’t.

    If you start seeing predominately Muslim or Ismaili cab drivers they are
    already there so better look deeper into their property purchases tactics
    and your politicians. That’s the major things they hit.

    The minute an Islamic Mosque goes up in your community you better watch
    out. It is a fact that their religion prohibits them joining general
    society under the threat of death. They will even kill their own children
    if they shame the family by moving towards the America or Canadian way of
    life. Radical Islam in Vancouver, how could anyone ever forget the
    Lockerbie Scotland bombing. It was planned and financed in a radical Mosque
    right here and only 1 East Indian ever went to jail

    1. Josh Soderling says

      Ken Turpin every immigrant Society has that for the most part it’s called
      networking. Try to get locals to do that and there like hell no. I was
      raised to learn not to share my resources or I would lose them. People have
      been mad at Jewish people as well because they appear to be the masters of
      networking and financial power and can create mutual interest among people
      business-wise. By the way I’m from the American Vancouver.

    2. Yaya Lisa says

      Ken Turbin, you’re correct. Immigrants who have been here a quick minute
      are given concessions and opportunities that the native born are’t allowed:
      provided financial means thru banks where citizens make deposits, using
      taxpayers’ money, and in particular having no allegiance to the country
      supplying access. Very bad move on the government’s part. A jihadist
      movement right in your face.

  9. C. D. says

    Crocodile tears!
    He can see right through him.

    1. Kris Patten says

      C. D. Pathetic attempt at an emotional plea for his dear commie ideology of
      overthrowing America’s citizens…reminds me of Obama’s crying scenes at
      the podium.

    2. C. D. says

      +Kris Patten​
      Lol…yes, indeed.
      I wonder why he didn’t shed tears in the Orlando massacre.
      ..for our American citizens.

    3. Lauri Granny S says

      C. D.
      Because it didn’t effect enough of us.

    4. C. D. says

      +Lauri Granny S
      Well, I thought 1 American dead in a terrorist attack was 1 TOO MANY!

      Snakes in our Gov’t!?

  10. XBfan Xboxbestbox says

    can’t wait for trump to come to the UK. plenty of idiot’s over here who
    needs a good slap.

    1. Lee Doyle says

      XBfan Xboxbestbox hell yeah u know this we should clone him and make him PM

  11. Golden Girl says

    I cannot stand seeing a grown man cry. It makes them look weak & pathetic.
    (Unless they just lost their mother or a close loved one.)

    1. Amanda Smith says

      Golden Girl Well you’re a complete arsehole

    2. Golden Girl says

      Amanda Smith Apparently you prefer crybabies. No need for name
      calling….you sound like a liberal.

    3. Charles Dickens says

      Liberals better get used to it. They’re gonna be crying a whole lot for
      some time.

    4. adanacman666 says

      oh u r so rite and i 4 1 cannot fuken wait

  12. Dawn Nickeas says

    Trump T-Shirt Giveaway on TrumpRights ( . ) com only pay shipping fee

    1. Dawn Nickeas says

      go to trumprights.com

    2. Arthur Mannered says

      I love my country! Thanks to Trump

    3. Ignez Maciel says


    4. JOE JOSEPH says

      But not expensive, pick up one now.

  13. Tree says

    Looks like ‘Ol Hank “spit some Beechnut in that dudes eye” hahaha!

  14. King Ofpain says

    Trump Train powered by Liberal Tears, fill er up Chuck.

  15. abukamoon says

    Maybe Schumer is going to become a crisis actor after he leaves the Senate.
    Perhaps we’ll see him in one of the mass shooting hoaxes.

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