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Dani Alves DEBUT (Juventus vs West Ham) HD 720p 07/08/2016

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Dani Alves DEBUT (Juventus vs West Ham) HD 720p 07/08/2016

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  1. Brandon Sanelli says

    This is gonna be hard for me to get used to lol

    1. Alex Barrios says

      Arc jy

    2. naruto shippuden says

      it is

    3. Isaac Jung says

      +Fernando Pineda ?

    4. LordSear1982 says

      me too bro. Sad to see Dani leave but at least he didn’t go to a shitty
      club. I don’t mind that he went to Juve. they have a good squad now we
      should be happy for them and him.

  2. sendxxx says

    Vaya hijo de puta eres!

    1. Moreira Da Lima says

      Soy español, catalán y del barça, y me parece una porqueria lo que han
      hecho con Alves con los titulos y alegrias que le ha dado al club, le han
      pagado como un canterano, y regalandolo a la juve. Todo es culpa del puto
      presidente Bartomeu, el nobita que se esta cargando el club

    2. sendxxx says

      +Moreira Da Lima SI Tu nombre es muy Español y Catalan si..

    3. Moreira Da Lima says

      El tuyo tambien, parece de un robot

    4. sendxxx says

      +Moreira Da Lima Eres muy tonto.

    5. Moreira Da Lima says

      Tu solo sabes insultar, no aportas nada

  3. JosueA6x says

    I feel like Juventus could win champions league with this squad

    1. LordSear1982 says

      I totally agree. they have a fucking MEAN squad!!

  4. IVAN MATOS says

    Keep this comment on an even number of likes

    1. Carl Gonzales says

      you played yourself

    2. Alex Barrios says

      si ftreyuid

    3. ぶるんぶるんぶーぶ says


    4. Aneesh Roy says

      have an odd dislike brah

  5. Kevin Güero says

    Regresa Alves T.T

    1. Mario Soberanis Sosa says

      si regresa

    2. rudignity says

      ojala regrese pero no lo lo creo

  6. Nerd Reviews ID says

    it’s a bit weird seeing him wearing other shirt than barcelona

    1. odinese nwad says

      Very very wierd

    2. CaYOu says

      +odinese nwad yeah but i think he looks good in juve kit 🙂

    3. Nerd Reviews ID says

      I had to admit yes, but I’m still barca fans tho.. it’s been a good year
      dani alves.. we will miss u here

    4. LordSear1982 says

      +Eric Ruiz go play FIFA on your Xbox and let the adults speak.

  7. CinekVeB says

    The best RB in the world and one of the best in history of football!
    It does not suit you, this t-shirt 🙁
    Barca Legend! <3

    1. Zidane Zidane says

      +faithfx agreed

    2. jefflh11237 says

      +faithfx don’t make us laugh please “Carvajal”. Get the hell out of here

    3. LordSear1982 says

      +Zidane Zidane Philip Lahm is nowhere close to Dani Alves. That’s a
      recycled comment made by butthurt Munich fans and the glory hunters that
      follow them.

    4. Zidane Zidane says

      +LordSear1982 he isn’t now but back in the day he was a lot better on
      defensive than Alves and better passer

    5. LordSear1982 says

      +Zidane Zidane
      They are both one year apart bro. Statistically Dani and Lahm both have the
      same exact passing rate average. Dani has won more titles playing for Barca
      in a 8 year career verse Lahm who’s being playing in a boring league for
      what 15 years now.

  8. Ankki meena says

    best of luck Dani,Now you can cross as much as you want with mandukic being
    the striker

    1. Mr Meaty says

      +Daniel Garcia lmao chill. this was his first game. how are you gonna say
      Alves does better in Barca?

    2. Daniel Garcia says

      He’s been in bracelonanfor many years it doesn’t matter if your tall
      Barcelona player can jump he had pique too

    3. Mr Meaty says

      +Daniel Garcia Pique is a CB there is only so many times he can cross to

  9. David De La Cruz says

    dybala is like a mix of ronaldo and messi but if mesi and neymar were
    together cus you cant completely be like messi

    1. Alessio Ambarabà ciccì coccò says

      Dybala is a baby Champion

    2. David De La Cruz says

      +Alessio Ambarabà ciccì coccò yup few more years of experience and hell be
      up there …another i think is underrated and coming up is oscar from

  10. Fayez Alostaz says

    Imagine if dybala played with messi in World Cup 2018

    1. Thiago Sanchez says

      he will….

    2. Yui Suzuki says

      +Thiago Sanchez dude, messi retired from international football

    3. Fabrizio Godomar says

      No no, dude. Messi is coming back. From Business Insider: “According to
      SI.com, Lionel Messi has decided to go back on his original statement of
      intent that he was done playing for the Argentina National Team following
      Argentina’s loss in the final of the Copa America Centenario.”

    4. Mohamed Yama says

      +Fabrizio Godomar Messi unretired

  11. EBV says

    God dammit Dani alves y did u have to leave :|

    1. Skengman Blk says

      He’s old and Alba brings a new pace in the game

    2. JMS says

      +Skengman Blk Alba’s a LB though…

    3. VzlaFut says

      +Skengman Blk alba and alves play different positions

    4. LordSear1982 says

      all good things must come to an end my friend.

  12. Lion King says

    the thumbnail got me thinking is this FIFA17

  13. GrmGames says

    that no look was dirty asf

  14. Khalaf Alshammari says

    I can’t believe that Dane alvish play with different team than Barcelona

    1. Y Roncero says

      I know right… it’s a weird feeling. I wonder what happened for him to
      leave. He was one of the best players that could play with Messi by feeding
      him many assists. I guess we’ll never know. Maybe Alves just needed the

    2. Dlulabaphi Johannes says

      You don’t feed Messi.U only give him back what he gave u before making a
      run into space!

  15. niranjan ajgaonkar says

    this hurts

    1. Carlos Zambrano says

      i know broh

    2. Carlos Zambrano says

      i know broh

  16. GreenCarlGT says

    good luck legend

  17. NickAM says

    Dybala is really something…super talented youngster.

    1. Alessio Ambarabà ciccì coccò says

      yessss And do Not touch!!! Dybala remains in Juventus football club!!!??

  18. Alessio Ambarabà ciccì coccò says

    Dani Alves miglior colpo della Juventus

    1. thebigwolf 1026 says

      bhe anche pjanic e pjaca

    2. Alessio Ambarabà ciccì coccò says

      Il miglior terzino del mondo a parametro 0? Miglior colpo Dani Alves

  19. LM LM says

    We will miss you Dani. Thanks for everything you did for the catalans. Show
    goes on Visca Barca.

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