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Daughter’s Pregnancy Reveal Leaves Mom Speechless

As parents, there’s an unspoken list of milestones and memories that we record internally. As the years go by, they start to add up, but the excitement and pride is the same with each one.

By the time your children are grown, there are plenty of major moments to celebrate like weddings, a first house, or a first baby. And boy, the excitement never gets old, even after becoming grandparents. What makes it more fun is when the kiddos decide to make a big production to surprise you.

In this video, one couple decides to surprise the young woman’s parents, but they need to do it with a little trickery. Taylor and Raheem are expecting a baby but her parents don’t know yet. You see the two of them seated in a car with a strategically placed dash cam ready to capture what’s about to happen.

What you don’t know is that Taylor lured her parents into the back seat of the car by telling them she wanted their opinion on a gift that she bought for her brother. Good one, right? She’s smiling and waving them into the car, saying “Get in. Sneak in. I’ve gotta show y’all something.”

Once her parents are in the car, Taylor hands them a gift box and insists that they need to open it together. Hubby Raheem has adjusted the camera so we can all watch them open the box. In perfect sync, they open it and look at its contents, then look at their daughter. Mom draws a deep gasp; Dad looks shocked and confused. Ha!

While the look on her face is worth a million bucks alone, the grandma-to-be has no words except “Oh my God!” And then she proceeds to freak out in the best way possible. The new grandpa finally figures things out with “Who’s having a baby? You’re having a baby?” Now that is how you surprise your parents!

Watch what else happens during the emotional moment in the clip below. Hint: there were lots of “My baby, my baby!” Their exciting announcement isn’t contained inside the car, but Taylor wants to keep things quietly on the low so they can tell other family members. I don’t know if her mom will be able to keep the sweet secret for long!

Surely you can probably relate to this family as either the surprisers or the suprisees (yes, today these are real words). Who doesn’t love dishing out a good dose of “Gotcha!” to their loved ones? As parents, it’s a wonderful feeling to get such great news, and you never know where emotions will take you.

Taylor and Raheem seem like they’ve got a great family who will be anxiously counting down the days to their new arrival. We can’t help but wonder what other reactions Grandma will have in store once the baby comes.

How did you announce your pregnancy to family? Have you caught your parents off guard with a happy surprise like this? What ways have your kids given you a sweet shock? Tell us in the comments!

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