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Dawn Of The Delts! Shoulders & Traps! – Muscle Gain

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Looking for that next shoulders and traps routine that is going to turn your shoulders to boulders and your neck into a mountaintop? Then "Dawn Of The Delts" is what you have been waiting for! Once again, we are starting off with a heavy 5×5 to increase our overall upper body "push" strength and then going into the workout feeling a bit pre-exhausted, but ready to TEAR IT UP! Be sure to focus on proper form and use absolutely NO MOMENTUM during each exercise. Focus on your mind-muscle connection and really feel the burn during your reps. Hit it hard Nation! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(0:28)- BEASTMODE Biceps!

(0:28)- Tricked Out Triceps!

(1:04)- Routine sets & reps

(1:13)- Shoulders
(1:14)- Standing Barbell Overhead Press (5 sets: 5 reps)
(4:33)- Barbell Front Raise (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps)
(5:10)- Dumbbell Lateral Raise (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps)
(5:49)- Seated Reverse Fly (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps)

(6:22)- TRAPS
(6:51)- Barbell Shrug (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps) — 1 Burnout Set (20 reps)
(8:04)- Barbell Upright Row (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps)
(8:31)- Face Pull (3 sets: 8 — 10 reps)

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  1. lightspeedvenom says

    awesome and effective man keep it up

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks brotha! means a lot!! 🙂

  2. solidPEAR says


  3. Aesthetic Power says

    Awesome workout Scott! You still bulking man? Looking great

  4. Ali N says

    Big respect for Scott Herman for being consistent and intense and very
    informative in his videos… i admire his dedication and motivation he’s
    been one of the original youtubers, keep at it bro! 

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks +Ali N , my goal is to keep it relative and stay true to my nature
      of being a fitness channel. I do enjoy the occasional vLogs and family
      stuff, but I want SHF to always be seen as a place where you might learn
      something new.

      Thanks for the support brotha!

  5. Seth Keaton says

    I like this type of routine. Are you going to make routines like this for
    Chest, back and legs as well? I have had good strength gains on the biceps
    and triceps versions.

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks Seth! and yes I do! I will do legs or back next.. PUMPED!

  6. blackjohnny0 says

    Shoulder press and calves machine fucked mine lower back hard. :(

  7. David Wellens says

    Chicken legs @ 01:43 tsssk tsssk :-)

    1. Andre Pedersen says

      +Library Adjacent Who cares srsly lmao.

    2. primatebehavior says

      +David Wellens An extreme case indeed lol

    3. Library Adjacent says

      +Andre Pedersen it’s just not symmetrical. It’s like having one arm bigger
      than the other, it just looks silly, and ppl like that deserve to be
      laughed at :P.

    4. Mecha Naruto says

      +Library Adjacent no one deserves to be laughed at.
      infact the only people who laugh are assholes

    5. Library Adjacent says

      +Mecha Naruto okay naruto, if you can’t take a joke then you really
      shouldn’t be here. “BELIEVE IT!!!~”

  8. Library Adjacent says

    I already started doing pretty much this entire routine because my
    shoulders really needed some work, but this vid was right on time for me;
    you’ve shown me the proper way to do things. thx alot bro

  9. Micky D says

    Overhead press form was clean and damn impressive.

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks Micky D! I really appreciate the feedback! #HTH #SHFAthlete

  10. mrmonkeykow says

    pausing at the top would waste energy

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Not if you are resetting your breath

  11. Fitness & Health says

    6:20 that look

    1. thething031 says

      looks like he wanted to kill somebody

  12. Omari Thompson says

    When doing the shrugs, Johnson usually gets in the way. He tends to get
    flicked when going up…

  13. taj only says

    Bruh I did this workout today nd was amazing I’m sore already thx thx thx
    nd thx ??

  14. julian solis says

    Can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me Scott…do you have a set schedule
    of what muscle you workout on certain weekdays for example (Monday’s:chest
    ,Tuesday’s back)?

  15. Jessica E says

    Hey Scott … I use your workouts all the time and love them… Thank you
    for posting. I was wondering if you can mention some info geared towards
    women (that don’t do steroids ha) and can lift less weight such as rep
    ranges etc… Maybe Erica can post some videos with you :)

  16. H171001 says

    awesome Scott, freaking awesome!

  17. Daniel Mohave says

    your videos are very useful i personally learned a lot from them,thanks for
    doing this ?

  18. Essien02 says

    The exact vid I needed ty

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