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Dear Gays: The Left Betrayed You For Islam

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The left has chosen to protect the feelings of Muslims over the lives of gays.

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  1. Jessica Wicker says

    I’ve been using #fuckislam since Orlando

    1. Jake Dubs says


    2. The Diplomat says

      +Jessica Wicker
      Your first mistake was replying after he said what he said.

    3. Jessica Wicker says

      +The Diplomat agreed

    4. zomg0101 says

      I’ve been saying it ever since I read the quran.

    5. Tdotniggaxx says

      Jessica Wicker I’ve been killing gay people since Orlando

  2. Wade b.r. says

    I’m Christian and may not agree with homosexual relations but I tolerate
    it. Gays have every right and guarantee to personal security, safety,
    happiness and opinion. Islam has no understanding of tolerance, anyone whom
    they deem unworthy will be a target once their numbers increase due to
    proliferation and immigration. Also, This video was AMAZING!!!!

    1. Sparkle Scribe says

      Wade b.r. My feelings exactly!

    2. Mark Dyer says

      And I tolerate your ‘toleration’! Who do you think you are?

    3. MrPsych77 says

      Berkan Celebi he also told Christians that he who us without sin may throw
      the first stone meaning only he had the right to do it.

    4. Anthony Malachi says

      +MrPsych77 every Christian now is born of sin so what can I say no stones
      will be thrown now

    5. Mr. Spark says

      The OT said to stone gays but it also said to stone adulterous women. In
      the NT people brought an adulterous woman to Jesus and asked if they should
      stone her. Jesus asked the woman not to do what she did again and then he
      let her go. Jesus would probably have done the same with a gay person.

  3. Roses Of Time says

    Islam is the ONLY religion in it’s writings that condones the murder of

    1. Jo Pao says

      +BlackLabelSlushie No, the difference is that there are more liberals in
      the US and they told your pathetic conservatives that they can shove their
      bronze age crap.

    2. MrPsych77 says

      Ruby Honey read the New testament when Jesus said he who us without sin may
      throw the first stone meaning only he had the right to do it.

    3. Jo Pao says

      They put their bigotry into the bible… they couldn’t care less what it
      says or was meant to say.

  4. Dutchgender says

    I am gay and I never felt a connection with the LGBT community, I can think
    for myself, read THU HULY BUUK and realize islam wants me dead.

    1. NewWorldAhead says

      He never “said” that… HOWEVER, his choices of Supreme Court justices will
      SAY that…

    2. Homosneksual says

      NewWorldAhead explain how, though

    3. NewWorldAhead says

      Ok. Explain how he will pick “conservative” judges who will choose just one
      issue to be liberal on? LOLOL

    4. Homosneksual says

      NewWorldAhead Trump said that he’ll make sure the gay marriage ruling will
      stay, saying it’s been set in stone already

    5. NewWorldAhead says

      Again, it’s not up to Trump… it’s up to the judges he chooses… he said
      he will choose “conservative” judges…

  5. ERod Heras says

    Dear gays,
    You are no longer part of the Left’s agenda.

    1. God of War says

      ERod Heras I consider myself alt-right. And I feel it is my responsibility
      to protect our gay brothers and sisters from the hate of Islam. We have to
      protect them, we’re their last hope. The left would rather protect the
      intolerant hateful Muslims now. What do you guys think? We need to protect
      them from the evil muslims. They will kill them if we don’t help.

    2. jesse ruby says

      +God of War Thumbs up from me!

    3. Kiky says

      Ah, thanks for the greetings

    4. Nino Oštir says

      +ERod Heras Some of us have never been part of it.

  6. Henneberger says

    I don’t understand so many people hate on Christianity about gay people,
    yet they don’t realize people every damn day over in Islam are stoned to
    death for being gay. I’m pretty sure killing is worse than not baking a
    wedding cake.

    1. nigeltrc72 says

      RaptorWay Wilson Why don’t you give me the site you got your bs
      ‘conversation therapy is just harmless counselling’ from? Mine is from a
      personal account of it on twitter. It wasn’t ‘attention seeking’ or
      anything. You can tell when something’s attention seeking. Well if your
      mildly intelligent you can. So don’t bother with that argument if that’s
      all you’ve got. And in all honestly, a personal account on twitter is
      probably the most reliable source of evidence with all the shitty and
      unreliable media.

    2. Suggie Thames says

      +nigeltrc72 Was that comment addressed to me? I was not the one asking what
      gay news was!

    3. BuellStreetBlaster says

      no moron, Christianity is not just as bad. I’m atheist, and I can say with
      absolute certainty that the worst Muslims are exponentially worse than the
      worst Christians.

    4. Henneberger says

      +BuellStreetBlaster Thank you, but many fail to see that. I’m just trying
      to take their eyes off Christianity and towards the real threat Islamic

    5. Suggie Thames says

      +BuellStreetBlaster I agree, of all the religions that exist in the modern
      world, islam is the worst

  7. TSK IronClaw says

    I’m gay and I don’t like most of the LBGTQ community or the left for that
    matter. I never liked anything they said or did. I always found myself
    talking to the people (right wings) who supposedly hated me for who I was.
    But they know I’m gay. And they don’t care. So shut up left wings. Morons.

    1. idward sorjyou Baderss says

      i’m gay too and i’m muslim

    2. Guaxinim de Metranca says

      Then , you a brave gay man. Let ask you a sincere question: Does your
      family knows it ? If so , Did someone of then recriminate you ?

    3. Abubaker Abudo says

      idward sorjyou Baderss shame on you

  8. Adolf Hitler says

    I like that dude in front during that muslims speech “wait so does he mean
    like different sides of the room”

    1. Adolf Hitler says

      +King Aadarsh III you gonna supply me with the army I would need to retake

    2. King Aadarsh III says

      I aint a german citizen or EU citizen but sure

    3. Adolf Hitler says

      +King Aadarsh III cool

    4. MattRob Studios says

      Adolf Hitler We meet again old friend, care for Gulag.

    5. Adolf Hitler says

      +MattRob Studios do I know you

  9. Speling Bee Champyon says

    Gay people defending Muslims and accusing people of “Islamophobia” is the
    equivalent of Jews defending Nazis in the WW2 era. Liberals who advocate
    for gay rights and women’s rights while simultaneously advocating
    for Muslim rights are too stupid to even acknowledge.

    1. C4T says

      right? XD

    2. PushButton says

      It is alarming that these liberals accumulate in universities.

    3. zomg0101 says

      This generation is so pussified.

    4. Like Clockwork64 says

      KEK Jews did defend Nazis during WW2

  10. Common Sense says

    Crushing human rights is only a bad thing when right-wing people do it.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Islamic fundamentalism is right-wing dumbass right-wing ideology varies
      from country & culture.

    2. Archdemon Duncun says

      Joe Smith no it isnt moron this is just islam there is no right wing islam

    3. Joe Smith says

      Religious fundamentalism regardless of religion is right-wing & to your
      original comment the left-wing consistently crushes human rights from
      putting restrictions on freedom of speech & the far left communist regimes
      putting all kind of restrictions & bringing an unimaginable amount of
      oppression on people.

  11. Tigress Arcnon says

    Actually Islam would prefer [b]ALL LGBT dead.[/b]

    1. Bernadotte01 says

      “As for homosexuality – which in Arab countries was taken as a matter of
      course – Ibn Fadlan says that it is “regarded by the Turks as a terrible
      sin”. But in the only episode he relates to prove his point,the seducer of
      a “beardless youth” gets away with a fine of 400 sheep.” – Arthur Koestler,
      13th Tribe

  12. hoda ahmad says

    I’m Muslims and Pansexual the only reason they’re not blaming all Muslims
    is because it’s not all their fault that one guy decided to kill people

    1. MrTubestubestubes says

      I couldn’t rattle a tranny, sorry.

    2. hoda ahmad says

      +MrTubestubestubes well no one asking you to

    3. Kiky says

      +hoda ahmad that means you are bi, Einstein.

    4. hoda ahmad says

      +Kiky no not really cause people don’t consider trans the gender it’s
      trying to be pansexual just means there no limit for me

    5. Jaxson Fanta says

      Muslim dog, it’s not about fucking Christians. It’s about your fucking
      religion, not theirs.

  13. STAR LORD89 says

    the Democrats betrayed US all for support of Islam, Donald Trump sounds
    more reasonable than Hillary Clinton, Clinton receives money from Qatar and
    Saudi Arabia both countries put homosexual people to death Donald Trump
    even said he would protect the LGBT community from Islamic influence of
    putting gay people to death, open borders mean accepting radical Muslims
    who praise the man 4 killing 50 people in Orlando shooting Obama protects
    Muslims not gay people obama he want to get rid of the second amendment 4
    just that purpose since he comes from a Muslim background! Isreal is open
    to the LGBT and Isreal supports gay marriage that is the second reason why
    all Muslims want to kill the Jews! it’s because isreal supports the rights
    of Gay people! 

    1. Gabriel Hughes says

      +STAR LORD89 Still I don’t know why they don’t look back on their history
      and know that we are family’s?

    2. STAR LORD89 says

      Gabriel Hughes some Jews and Arabs know they are brothers but sadly their
      are mostly Jews and Arabs who refuse to call each other brother due too
      religious or political differences between the two who are descendants of

    3. Gabriel Hughes says

      +STAR LORD89 You also apart of the family Abraham because of his children’s
      and they children’s, Children’s. That’s way if you or anybody keep hearing
      that in God eye’s we all are brother’s and Sisters

    4. Gabriel Hughes says

      +STAR LORD89 That is true most or All of Everbody who knows about that seem
      ignorant and their actions they act on is stupid, because their know it’s
      wrong but them still do it.

    5. Gabriel Hughes says

      +STAR LORD89 Now I’m a born again Christian and I love all people because
      of JESUS Christ and God bless you and Bless everyone

  14. FlowerTrollSan says

    This man is my idol

    1. Paul D says

      Me too and I am not gay and old enough to be his dad.

  15. amber lopez says

    Muslim culture is raping children, oppressing women, beheading others, and
    blowing stuff up.

    1. Sai Teja says

      better than gay culture spreading aids to kids

    2. Josh Woods says

      Sai Teja seriously, if anyone is is spreading aids to children its those
      dirty kid fucking muslims

    3. Sai Teja says

      +Josh Woods no.

      homosexual culture rape kids anf spread aids and oppress straight people
      especially women by showing them as sex objects.

    4. Josh Woods says

      Sai Teja ya you keep talking and all it sounds like is Islam to me, Muslims
      literally have a rape game, its despicable, and any one of them who wants
      to call them self a man should renounce their pathetic faith

  16. Edward Collier says

    Should we call for a new Crusade?

    1. Edward Collier says

      +Nodoggy That’s less brutal, but okay.

    2. fisher .s says

      do you already forget how it’s end ?

    3. SamuelExceed says

      Chase Schultz, So basically it’s everyone against Islam? Sign me up!

    4. Lilac Campion says

      Reclaim Constantinople from the filthy sand niggers.

  17. jamie Richards says

    im gay so much safer with Trump than isis islamist loving Killary

    1. Alecto Anarchy says

      Until you get to Pence who’s for legally torturing gay people.

    2. TheProfessional says

      He supports a conversion therapy in his state and it is irrelevant because
      Pence is not president Trump is. Pence also said that America should
      threaten Russia in Syria and match its military strikes. Trump said he
      disagrees and told him no to stand down and Pence was forced to stand down
      on his position. Again Pence is not president.

  18. Suggie Thames says

    Why should gays feel anything other than hate for those people and their
    rotten religion ?

    1. Suggie Thames says

      +hollyric6 I am a gay

    2. Suggie Thames says

      +hollyric6 and why do you assume that I don’t hate christians too?

    3. hollyric6 says

      You shouldn’t hate anyone. Should black people hate all white people for

    4. Suggie Thames says

      +hollyric6 many do, haven’t you ever seen Gazi Kodzo

    5. Steve B says

      hollyric6 please learn more about the actual history of slavery around the
      world, whites were small players & sometimes slaves themselves

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