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Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Team Hillary Job Application | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

The American people deserve better. The DNC and Hillary Rotten Clinton rigged the system and completely ignored what the people wanted! They are so, SO corrupt!

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  1. Matt K says

    Like or you will die today

    1. Saxon Warrior says

      Sorry. I can’t like comments on Android.

    2. Brayden B. says

      +The Frankish Saxon Yoruba Warrior WE’RE FUCKED, ANY LAST WORDS BEFORE OUR

  2. 1 RomanT says

    forgot the checklist for ; ☑”absolutely no regard for human life”

    1. pittsburghmcconnell says

      u said it. what’s a few American lives so not to lose points in polls…to
      her apparently nothing.

  3. Jar Jar Binks says


    1. Flip465 says

      She’s damned UGLY as well !

  4. NOHRIAN SCUM!!! says

    Make america great again!

    1. Mr. Randomized says

      Your right make America great again and vote for anyone else but trump

    2. NOHRIAN SCUM!!! says

      +Mr. Randomized go back to univision!

    3. Mr. Randomized says

      +Eyeball Hax God (Flame080) go back to hell

  5. Jason Goldthwait says

    Please Tell obama he is fired!!!

    1. Flip465 says

      Make sure the handcuffs are on him good and tight when you tell him he’s
      under arrest !

    2. Conservative2016 says

      hopefully he does!

    3. Jason Goldthwait says

      +Flip465 Imagine the look on his face then…. That would go down in
      HIStory as a turning point in this country and the rest of the world! These
      crimes against humanity need to stop now!

    4. Flip465 says

      Hopefully that will come to pass. HOWEVER, I’m not so sure the rest of the
      Republicans have got the guts to stand up to the pressure, financial and
      other things that the anti-Trump, un-American cowards and traitors will
      ramp up from now on.
      Can’t even begin to imagine how much worse things will get with another
      four years of Obama’s policies pushed by that lying criminal Killary Hilton

  6. Jason Goldthwait says

    Hit like!

  7. RosenBosen says

    I like Pizza

    1. blitz160 says


    2. jaden519 says


  8. D McDowell says

    Am I the only one who subscribed just to see if there is anything
    funny/stupid on here?

    1. Saxon Warrior says

      +SuperSMT wow.

    2. heavyglassglass says

      It’s gonna be great

    3. Marcie R. says

      NO .

    4. D McDowell says

      +M. R. *You’re

  9. bird man says

    What do you get when you cross Hillary with Bill? a HILLBILLY!

    1. bird man says

      +Adam Odinmann And before you start your bitchin lol I consider your
      opinion as a joke at the Clintons also ok!

    2. Odin Odinmann says


    3. bird man says

      +Adam Odinmann Meat Stick!

    4. Bill Clinton says

      +Adam Odinmann I am not a HILLbillie

  10. Tremain Hayhoe says

    LOL! I met a Latina lady that’s passionate about Mr. Trump..I just posted a
    vid about it! Can’t believe Hillary would hire such a crooked person! Oh
    wait, I do believe that………..

  11. Tomahawk1775 says

    TRUTH and FACTS! The Two things that All Liberals are Afraid of!

    1. Flip465 says

      Must have struck a nerve !
      ALL the evidence proves the Clintons are nothing but LIARS and THIEVES !
      THAT is putting it very mildly !
      HILLARY FOR JAIL 2016 !

    2. Flip465 says

      My “Low IQ” ???????? to quote you.
      WTF ??????? You don’t even know who you’re raving / dribbling about !
      My “low IQ” has managed to get me through life VERY nicely so far –

      “Get a job” ??? After my time in the military, during which I was granted a
      ‘Field Promotion’ from corporal to the rank of Lieutenant then to Captain,
      which I EARNED in combat in the field. WTF where YOU again?

      For my two cents worth, both Hillary and Bill Clinton should be put on an
      OPEN public trial where nothing can be hidden, NO excuses such as refusing
      to answer any questions on the grounds of self incrimination, so that the
      American people can see all the dirty back room deals they’ve done over the
      years. WHERE the American people can see exactly where the millions upon
      millions of overseas dollars in the ‘Clinton Foundation’ have come from and
      exactly what all that money has / is being used for !

      The both of the Clintons are LIARS, CHEATS, AND TRAITORS !!!

    3. John M. says

      Hillary isn’t a liberal

  12. OverworldTNTPig says

    This is actually how they decide who to hire

  13. kenalpha3 says

    You can legally arrest her for treason. Please file criminal complaints.

    1. kenalpha3 says

      +Bill Clinton correction. Im not in prison, so she cant be my president.
      But im sure she’ll rise or kill her way to the top once there.
      When shes gone, what will you do?

    2. Bill Clinton says

      +kenalpha3 Who said you were in prison? I could put you in prison if you

    3. kenalpha3 says

      +Bill Clinton you said Hillary will be my president. But I informed that I
      am not in prison (where she will be). Thus she will not actually be my
      prison president.

      But I think its great of you to support her even when she runs for other
      positions #hillaryforprison2016

    4. Bill Clinton says

      +kenalpha3 Typical republican wanting my wife to be in prison. Well she’s
      not going to prison over some dumb emails that aren’t causing any harm to

    5. kenalpha3 says

      +Bill Clinton a leak of those classified emails got an ambassador killed.
      Watch “Clinton cash” on youtube if you want to see more things she did.

  14. The Next News Network says

    Crooked as the devil.

    1. Rose Moore says

      If the devil could vote he would be voting for HiLiary and the Demonrats.

  15. Jacob Godwin says


  16. Tom Leben says

    q: who for president hillary or Obama
    a: suicide

    1. Hdtex says

      I will loan you my gun….for the good of mankind.

    2. John M. says

      So why didn’t you commit suicide when Obama was elected?

  17. Stingernukegod says

    She’s a Cheat!

  18. J-A says

    Donald Trump 2016 & 2020!!!

  19. sheridanbucket says

    Debbie was-a-man Shultz… and Bernie had-a-chance Sanders… the DNC
    ‘show’ was rigged from the get-go. It was never about America, it has
    always been about the con: Hillary Rotten Clinton. Bernie’s supporters got
    played, big time!

  20. TONY MILLER says

    Make america great again! MR TRUMP

    1. poptart 523 says

      how will he do that again?

    2. Odin Odinmann says

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!

    3. Mr. Randomized says

      Donald trump = hitler

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