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Debut Goals ● Top Transfers 2016/17 ● HD

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  1. Dylan Galindo says

    Salúdame por favor

  2. Filip Pini says

    The moment…Almost first!Damn

  3. Skills7ManiaHD says

    where is slimani ?!!

    1. Cartoonguy456 Jr says


  4. joan p says

    alexandre pato???

  5. Harambe 1999-2016 says

    Poga? Oh where is he


    1. Wassim Orchi says

      Who is poga

  6. Niatpac Esan says

    Why Martial los?

  7. Leon Leigh says

    Where is mane s goal against arsenal

    1. Vader says

      weren’t his debut

  8. Tip 10K says

    Great vid

    1. Sima Football says

      Please subscribe to my channel
      Thank you

  9. Serious_soccer says

    U spelt ‘martial’ wrong

  10. Pablito says

    Whay Martial

  11. Denn du 1020 ' says

    bWhere is Pogba Lmaooooo

    1. Eliad Eyar says

      He didnt score yet

    2. Show Box says

      pogba did get buy to score goals he is a midfielder his job is to intercept
      balls & play balls foward he will score when he get the chance

    3. Show Box says

      +Show Box didn’t

    4. Lyridexsubghost GAMING (GHOST) says

      Well you pay £110 million euros for a midfielder and he hasn’t even scored
      or even assist like cmon do something

    5. Show Box says

      +Lyridexsubghost GAMING yeah I understand but give him more time to settle
      in the team & if further up & he provides nothin then its a waste


    Michi Batshuayi’s goal was offside

  13. Fabbe Forsa says

    Skils fet smyga skils⚽️

  14. vellica hearst says

    6:34 Pogba goal was the best

    1. Lydian Solbrekke says


  15. Captain_nemo 123 says

    Where is Emre mor????

  16. Jakub Müller says

    Where is a Václav Kadlec in Sparta Prague???

  17. Karim Tahar says

    Anthony MartiaL

  18. Harrison Clark says

    that wasnt Xhaka’s debut

  19. TommyOfSuburbia says

    Martial is 16/17 transfer? okkk

  20. Emad JR says

    Dude how could you miss pogba’s goal.HOW COULD YOU!!!!!

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