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Decoding The New YouTube Algorithm 2017 – How To Grow Fast on YouTube Pt. 2

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Here is my VidCon 2017 Presentation: Decoding the YouTube Algorithm and learn how to grow fast on YouTube with Algorithm Driven views. Part 2.

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  1. Fajas says

    Can I Get 5 Likes For This Comment

    1. jono says


    2. Fajas says

      +jono Thankyou, I appreciate

    3. Fajas says

      +Awab Ahmad I subscribed you

    4. Leowolf tv Joshua dauzat says

      Fajas can we subscribe to eachother

    5. Fajas says

      +Joshua Dauzat I subscribed

  2. Thats Noice says

    Great video and I learnt a lot. Thanks for sharing. I’m a fast growing food reviewer on Youtube so can’t wait to implement the things I’ve learnt. Thanks again

    1. David Staples says

      Agreed, always enjoy seeing Derral’s input on new things YouTube is doing and how to adjust for those changes. 🙂

    2. Thats Noice says

      David Staples definitely agree. Great content to help us creators.

  3. Personal Power says

    Before starting on Youtube I always thougt:” It cant be that hard to grow a YouTube channel!”
    Boy I was wrong..

    1. EDC Championship Racing Series says

      Yea it’s harder than you first think? It’s a constant thing you need to keep doing and spend loads of time growing your channel & content ? just got to keep going!

    2. Brian G Johnson TV says

      Lance, that’s plain wrong and it’s dangerous thinking.

    3. RandyAndyShow says

      dude u got 257 subs and 11 vids. I got way more vids than that and around half the subs haha

    4. Personal Power says

      ive been woking hard on that haha 😀

    5. RandyAndyShow says

      Personal Power ive been working hard on mine too lol

  4. Universe Inside You says

    Three months ago I had 2 subscribers. Now I have 46 000 ! I’m really proud and I used a lot of information from your videos Derral. Thanks a lot :). Wish you all YouTubers many success and most importantly, have fun while creating your content ! ?

    1. isuxatgaming says

      O.M.G ?

    2. MarshalONE Gaming says

      Universe Inside You omg just how im working 8h daily on my channel n still 2 or 2 subs daily…yes im doing gaming vids but…

    3. Virtual Party Center says


    4. Sinbadness says

      MarshalONE Gaming you’ve got a really huge market . Pewdiepie , Dashie

    5. snowbalthedog says

      DO you have any social media so we can talk and you can tell me how you did it?

  5. Dee Dee says

    Great video ??was very informative thanks for sharing ??just a question can you tell me if YouTube has come up with a policy on the number of views on a particular video as I noticed that one day for instance of my view on a video is 180 it comes down to 134 the next day ??i wax just wondering if you can help me to get an answer to this .Would really appreciate if you can put some light on this ??

    1. Derral Eves says

      You are looking at estimated views… Real view count numbers come in 2 days after!

    2. Dee Dee says

      Derral Eves Thank you Derral for your prompt reply but does that mean that any spam views are removed from the actual views ?

    3. Derral Eves says


    4. Dee Dee says

      Derral Eves Thank you so much that explains a lot ??much appreciated Have a nice day Derral ?

  6. Arty Crafty TV says

    Hello Sir, I had a question. If I make new playlists very often then won’t the filter think that I am spamming? Thanks for the content. Cheers

    1. TiPit says

      Something Ive been thinking also

    2. Arty Crafty TV says

      Ya, first the spam problem and second, if we will make that much playlists then what will we title them? What videos will they have?

  7. Nick Nimmin says

    Excellent stuff as always! ??

    1. fitnessinfinity says

      Nick Nimmin haha hey Nick ,nice to see you 🙂

    2. BOA54 says

      Nick Nimmin hey you! Good to see you here!

  8. GaPhnix says

    I’ll sub to anyone who likes this comment and subs me back 😀 Let’s help each other grow our channel!

    1. Tech help says


    2. GaPhnix says

      Ty i sub back 🙂

  9. Lola Land says

    I’m pretty sure there was a huge update about 2 days ago…a bunch of people lost a huge chunk of subscribers in the span of 2 minutes (a lot of youtubers were complaining on twitter). As a content creator myself, I definitely noticed a change in the algorithm this week. Videos aren’t performing as good as they should, traffic is all over the place! Anyone else noticing these changes?

  10. KyVG says

    Hi Derrel im kyle and ive been having troubles on uploading my videos it keeps turning black and white and blurry and i just want a good video to show not that so please help me.

  11. RedBlueTalk says

    Has anybody here been to VidSummit? I’d be curious to know your experience.

  12. JFRY says

    I need some help I just started YouTube and don’t really know how to get started my videos get around 100-200 views how can I get more views I feel like me having 90 subs and getting that many views isn’t right can some kind person help me

  13. Bradley Combs says

    iam getting good watch time but no one subscribing yet most watch video of mine is my cuz wedding reception and a I went to old church mine traffic is youtube channels

  14. stunninglad1 says

    Very interesting speech, Derral.

  15. DragcentricDeb (Dragcentric) says

    Face so RED!

  16. Epic Benjo says

    I have just a few questions:

    In one of your older videos, you say not to put Episode/Vlog numbers in your title, but now you do. Is this a new and recent change?

    Also, in an older video, you say to not “check off” the automatic add of an uploaded video to a playlist, but in this video you say it’s okay to do that. Is it still better to add videos to our series playlist the next day or is it ok to just check off the auto-add to make things easier? And, if I’m understanding this correctly, it’s better to “add” a video to a playlist through the “+” within the actual video instead of going to the playlist itself and adding a video there?

    Last question:
    In the Top Left of the End Screen, is it better to put Recommended Video or Recent Video? What about the Top Right or Bottom Right? What should go there?

    Thanks, Derral!

  17. PatBurns says

    Awesome video, Derral. A lot of valuable information. Thanks for sharing!!



  19. Rodeo Video says

    Thank you! This was awesome info.

  20. Master Lime101 says

    this guy hackes is subes for real on tubebuddy

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