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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Buzzfeed contributor Natalie Shure told Ivanka Trump that her baby Theodore “sucks.” Her account is now currently set to private. Here is what she wrote according to Red State Watcher: “In solidarity with Katie Rich, I'd Like to point out this baby sucks”

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  1. Charles Dickens says

    Buzzfeed? That failing pile of garbage?

    1. Nathan unknown says

      Charles Dickens What’s Buzzfeed? oh….that shitty lil thing?

  2. Ivan Freely says

    Soros puppets are everywhere.

    1. Kim Smith says

      Jeannie Garcia ~ Soros must have come from a sister & brother sexing….we
      all know this creates sociopaths

    2. citizen x says

      Jeannie Garcia WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING OBAMA ???

    3. Jeannie Garcia says

      citizen x Hi. No I wrote that about Soros. He is a Jew from Hungary who
      turned over other Jews to the Nazis. He is an unbalanced man who
      unfortunately for pretty much everyone has lots of disposable income with
      which to hurt others – and he enjoys doing that.

    4. citizen x says

      Jeannie Garcia Maybe he gets deported too, what is this BLM

    5. Jeannie Garcia says

      citizen x Good evening! BLM is just Black Lives Matter.

  3. James Kester says

    What is wrong with these Nazis?

    1. nixxy1980 says

      +dani no, Hitler fans hate Muzzies, I can assure you.

    2. nixxy1980 says

      +Mike Jarrett Massive propaganda?

    3. Mike Jarrett says

      +nixxy1980 What is?

    4. AlfaomegA says

      nixxy1980 like allways….

  4. VirtualGuerilla89 says

    You know what? I want to thank them so much for showing everyone who they
    really are and what they really stand for!

    They are bottom of the barrel scumbag losers!

    Trump is the greatest thing to happen to America since Reagan. Americans
    feel good to be proud of their country once again.

    1. Jeannie Khoo says

      VirtualGuerilla89 It’s so sad dat so many Americans are still so
      blind…rather Choosing Death over Life: your forefathers shall turn in
      their graves !!!

    2. EarRegardless says

      Yep. Have fun going out of business.

    3. citizen x says

      VirtualGuerilla89 It is very peculiar how opinionated these people are on
      this but never a word of OBUMMER and killary committing very serious
      crimes. I don’t think any of these people passed economics 1. The problem
      now is the debt legacy created by the last Democrat President, that not one
      mention of. Either these unpatriotic people are stupid or are scared, Obama
      intentionally did this, are they blind. But by what is my question.

  5. MGTOW Jester says

    Never subscribed to Buzzfeed. Never will.

    1. mo says

      Plenty ingnorance to go around. Just head over to TYT. You get a good dose
      to last a life time.

    2. deplorable mediocre says

      And I’ve never forgiven them .. for the insult against my boy.

    3. John Daidone says

      I never Subcribe to Buzzfeed. 2 years ago they were find of creating
      intersting videos but as months went on they just got worst, and worst and
      worst, it just goes on and on and on and on. Than I just don’t really care
      about them anymore. BYE BYE.

    4. Leo Huynh says

      John Daidone Absolutely right the went from hacks, and how to do this, to
      what’s stuff like and pointless topics !!

    5. MyTube4Utoo says

      “Worst, and worst, and worst?” Wow, I hope English is your second language.

  6. skippy813 says


    1. chloe lawes says

      i love babies / children never met a bad one

    2. RidersOn TheStorm says

      me either but some of their parents i question

  7. The Peaceful Protester says

    When I heard the leftists attacking Barron, I thought they couldn’t get any

    Well, they’ve proven me wrong, that’s for sure.

    1. Verisimilitude Dude says

      The proper term is “Lefturds”, but yeah, you’re right.

  8. Geni Talia says

    Liberals are all hate

    1. Diego says

      and stupidity

    2. WildWesternAustralian says

      theyre just another ISIS

  9. The BadMan says

    I seriously want a civil war now, and left wing white girls will be my
    first victims.

    1. Rock 'n Roll Daddio says

      +The BadMan So do they. Plus, they have numbers 🙂

    2. Tommywood says

      Rock ‘n Roll Daddio yea but 75% of them are pussies

    3. Rock 'n Roll Daddio says

      +Tommywood 95% of the average population are pussies. If this wasn’t the
      case they’d have no problem with migrants. They’d be put in their place.

    4. The BadMan says

      +Rock ‘n Roll Daddio Numbers? No they don’t, and like another poster said
      they are stick thin betas, if i take down 3 or more, i will die a happy man.

    5. The BadMan says

      +Rock ‘n Roll Daddio Even if i had a gun i would not use it, i want the
      satisfaction above all else, of inflicting pain, one bullet to the head is
      not painful.

  10. Sir Growalott says

    Despicable behavior. Sadly, it’s to be expected though, because this is
    what these cowardly scum do on a daily basis. Buzzfeed = Mass Brain CANCER.

    1. Suzanne Stencel says

      Sir Growalott DITTO!!

  11. Damita G says

    Liberal women are jealous of well adjusted women whose babies come from
    loving marriages and not drunken one night stands !

    1. Joe Harasewicz says

      Oh like Sanders was a great choice? More open borders… means more
      bombings and cartels.
      Free college… means more more debt to the country. Go cry in the street
      or something.

    2. Red Schafer says

      your naïve to think it doesn’t . As someone who works retail in a collage
      town you would be surprised how many free thinking smart collage aged women
      would come in and get their morning after pills and pregnancy tests during
      frat pledge weeks

    3. Sharron Potocki says

      who is this natalie shure never heard of her another would be if could be

  12. John Anderson says

    ” When they go low, we go high, and we respect the results of our elections
    ” Hillary, would be proud of Buzzfeed.

    1. The Pub Landlord says

      John Anderson that phrase is a very good way to market Marijuana.

  13. namor357 says

    Of course babies suck. They have no teeth. You expect them to bite?

    1. Dyl Brody says

      namor357 Maybe liberal ‘s babies bite.

    2. Nadya Rossi says

      Dyl Brody Fem-libs kill their babies before they are born. Abortion is a
      Sacrament to them.

    3. CarmenPadi PadiCarmen says

      Benjamin Esposti Now you’re describing liberals. ?

  14. Truth is Forever says

    The pedophiles at BuzzFeeed are angry that President Trump will shut down
    their evil pedophile ring.

    1. critical thought says

      Jennie, You nailed it! They are insecure and insignificant morons ,
      seeking “safe spaces” and ” relevance” among like minded bullies.

    2. Chupa Cabra says

      @nixxy1980: Satan, God, Heaven, Hell….all supertitious nonsense that
      superstitious people believe in.

    3. citizen x says

      Chupa Cabra Ok vampire, Go suck on somethin

    4. Chupa Cabra says

      @citizen x: I decline your invitation because I’m not gay. But surely you
      can find some young boys in your congregation that will service you!

  15. shane finnamore says

    like we always say in ireland what comes around goes around….

    1. MrXemrox says

      shane finnamore Yeah, BuzzFeed will get punished by being banned from the
      internet or face jail time.

    2. shane finnamore says

      MrXemrox you wait and see what’s going happen to her nothing good I’ll bet
      you any thing…

  16. Golden Girl says

    If someone tells me they’re a Democrat these days, I automatically lose any
    respect I had for them & I go out of my way to avoid them.

    1. M Marilyn says

      Me too. It’s gotten way, way too ridiculous and out of hand.

    2. citizen x says

      Golden Girl I know what you mean, a car pulled over on me today , the first
      thing that went through my mind was , ” I’m betting that’s a Democrat

    3. Alice Kroeker says

      Was having lunch one day with some people, found out they were libtard, I
      was so uncomfortable, I didn’t enjoy lunch just wants to leave so bad.

    4. citizen x says

      Alice Kroeker Did you figure out what their main evil thinking could
      possibly be. I’m thinking they are bombarded by some I’ll propaganda or bad
      weed, water or wine. Did you figure it out??

  17. Ivy Ortiz says

    They are cowards. Why not targetting someone who can defend themselve?

    1. ¿? says

      Ivy Ortiz they set the standard for what bullying is.

    2. Thomina Duncanson says

      Ah, but if you attack someone who CAN defend themselves, then you will be
      badly beaten–cowards always use a sucker punch from behind and then (wait
      for it!) ALWAYS run away as you climb back up and come for them. They KNOW
      that they cannot win in a fair fight, so they screech about you being a
      terrorist, a bully, a racist, a fascist—the verbal diarrhea that proves
      their brains are actually exiting their anus just goes on, and since we
      cannot do brain transplants yet, these hapless wights are self-condemned to
      live out their lives as brainless slaves to Soros and company.

  18. Brain Rush says

    Natalie Shure has a long history of hate. She’s a straight up racist. Get
    this, she dislikes Ivanka’s baby because it is part Jewish. She has a
    history of hating Jews, but she claims solidarity with Jewish Katie Rich.

    These liberals make no sense.

    1. Deborah Zaki says

      The baby is all Jewish! Ivanka did a Jewish conversion and her husband is
      also Jewish!

    2. Kakashi Hatake says

      Brain Rush Hypocrisy is the basis for all these liberals beliefs. They say
      one thing about something while they are doing it themselves!

    3. John Wei says

      Katie Rich’s boss. Lorne Michaels is Jewish. I miss the days when SNL was
      funny and lampooned everyone equally in a bi-partisan way. As for present
      SNL, your days are numbered and this comes from an ex-NYCer. You guys don’t
      even have close to the caliber of Darrell Hammond. He was one of the best
      impersonators and I never seen him publicly take sides in politics.
      Everyone was equal fair game. Even both Democrats and Republicans would
      even host SNL. Katie Rich is not of that mindset that made SNL great.

    4. altgenesis says

      it’s actually Human Nature. you always accuse others of things you are
      familiar with. if you are doing it you suspect they are doing it. if your
      wife is always accusing you sleeping around he’s probably because your wife
      is sleeping around. and vica versa.

  19. Jennifer Heinle says

    Gary remember these are the people that fight for the right to kill infants

    1. Abundently Clear says

      Jennifer Heinle They also fight for pedophilia !

    2. Clara Joseph says

      I think you mean the people that fight to have the right over THEIR body.
      It’s because of people like you that we now have an oompa loompa idiot of a
      president running our country now. I’m absolutely disgusted.

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