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Delivery.com removes Apple Pay as payment choice for laundry orders, citing problems outside its control

Apple Pay has been expanding at a relatively brisk pace over recent months, with the payment platform expanding to new countries, new apps, and more. This time, however, Apple Pay has actually been removed as a payment option from popular delivery services platform Delivery.com, with the company citing issues out of its control…

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First noticed by AppleInsider, Delivery.com this week removed Apple Pay as a payment option in its iOS app for laundry orders. The company announced the change in an email to customers who had previously used Apple Pay, explaining that the service was removed “indefinitely as a payment option for laundry orders.”

Interestingly, Delivery.com says that when using Apple Pay, it is not able to ensure the “level of service” that it strives towards and says the problems are out of its control. To make it up to Apple Pay users, Delivery.com says it is giving users $10 of their next laundry order.

Below is the text of the email being sent to previous Apple Pay users:

Dear ___,

We noticed that you have used Apple Pay on our iOS app on a laundry order in the past few months. While this will still remain a payment option on delivery.com for non-laundry orders, we have removed it indefinitely as a payment option for laundry orders. With the payment method we were not able to ensure the level of service that we strive towards here at delivery.com and have removed it due to problems outside of our control.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and would like to offer $10 off your next laundry order.

Some have speculated that the reasoning for Delivery.com removing Apple Pay as an option for laundry services is because of the weight estimation that it users. For instance, when a user orders a “wash and fold” service, the user must input the weight of the laundry load. The load is then weighed by the store and if it weighs more than the user had claimed, the price is adjusted.

Thus, the transaction amounts being changed is likely a common occurrence and likely adds another step when going through Apple Pay.

Did you use Apple Pay with Delivery.com’s laundry service? Let us know in the comments.

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