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‘Democracy has been overruled by MOB RULE’ Angry tirade by Brexit and Trump fan goes viral

He said: “Democracy has been overruled by mob rule and those people have been on the losing side of every single election and thank God I’ve been on the winning side of every one.

“No democracy. Mob rule. Mob rule.

“The SNP has been on the losing side on five different occasions. I’m a winner, they’re the losers, let’s get them out!”

The epic rant has had more than 100,000 views on the Question Time Facebook page with users praising his appearance.

Rita Stringer said: “Well said that man!!”

David Petty said: “The establishment hate those who stand up, good on the guy.”

But David Jack disagreed. He said: “A loud mouth Ned in an orange tracksuit top trying to shout everyone down. And he has a problem with the mob. How ironic. He also clearly doesn’t know how parliamentary democracy works.”

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