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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, If a Sunday trip to the airport wasn’t obnoxious enough already, it got worse last weekend when thousands of liberals decided to demonstrate at several airports to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees and travelers from seven countries.

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Obama Once Banned Iraqi Refugees from Entering U.S. for 6 Months

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  1. Rade Ue Masq says

    Make it permanent!!

    1. Ryan Nichols says

      Wtf!? No don’t make it permanent thats ridiculous?

    2. yerbamatt says

      Rade Ue Masq – Make it permanent not for only 7 but all 57 muslim countries
      (members of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation).

    3. Charlotte Larras says

      yerbamatt exactly ! They can love their fucked up religion at home !
      Does anyone know what happened at the Quebec’s mosque ? It’s totally
      unclear ?

    4. Banny Banfield says

      Charlotte Larras just another false flag by a Trudeau fag.

    5. Doug Mclean says

      The ideologies are an illusion which discriminates a flaw delusion.People
      become illogical and irrational with a down syndrome of hate.

  2. Tyrone Martin Polanski says

    TRUMP ROCKS!!!!!!

    1. Miley L says

      Tyrone Martin Polanski not this one

    2. Calvin Saylor says

      Miley L Thats because you have “rocks” for brains !!!

  3. Kate Fos says

    Obama did same thing, he even had the order in December 2016..the dummies!

    1. Lauri Granny S says

      Was there property damage & people taken to hospitals after being beat up?
      Or just all signs?
      That hanging, burning & mention of Jim Crow in that one picture is indeed
      disgusting. The white democrat slave owners who started the kkk were
      disgusting. They killed both white and black republicans that way.
      The democrats who opposed every single equal rights law & fought the
      republicans who did pass all the equal rights laws – those democrats were
      disgusting too.
      They should have never made the posters with BO’s face painted that was
      But the ones with him pictured next to a few of the other communist leaders
      were much more on target.

    2. handmaidmd says

      harooni22 I asked if things were torn up and libs beat up. Not if people
      yelled and burned signs. (Totally not the flag might I say.) Not to mention
      that was a ‘riot’ about his re-election. I’m sorry that people acted like
      fools with some of their signs and such but still, that’s a big difference
      from destroying places or business, Muslim immigrant’s limos, beating up
      anyone that has opposing views, stereotyping certain races or sexes as all
      being against others . . . Etc

    3. Gabriel Debakey says

      Kate Fos obummer stopped illegals refugee in 2011, coming from Irak & I bet
      nobody heard anything from the press !

  4. Marcus Walker says

    Get rid of the Obama pics

    1. Lakshman De Silva says

      Obama will never come back to USA as he will be arrested for the Americas
      most notorious fraud by faking his birth and became President at a time the
      Bush administration was unpopular due to wars. Also his expenditure
      exceeded i billion on his family private travels alone. Obama like George
      Soros is inciting American fools to protest and cause mayhem by causing
      arson and damage to buildings and cars. Obama is a traitor

    2. John Smith says

      Lakshman De Silva He’s Indonesian…not black…hilarious

    3. Stanley Burgess says

      Marcus Walker he had money men with him and used the race card fact why not
      black man .and it worked as he had all the coal bags vote for him fact

    4. cassandra del vega blanco says

      Marcus Walker I’m with you …I can’t stand that fker anymore

  5. Jeff Poore says

    warren is NWO member

    1. cinswf says

      Jeff Poore she also voted not to audit the federal reserve… Rand Paul’s
      bill. Bernie also voted not to audit the fed.
      Peace from Sanibel Island Florida

  6. Yours Truly says

    Trump will work with Saudi Arabia to put refugees in their tent cities

    1. usakindatheart flower says

      Yours Truly exactly, say take one for every Saudi 50 takes

    2. DJ Rodriguez says

      Hopefully… Saudi Arabia could take maybe 1 million refugees.

    3. Alice Kroeker says

      Yes I hope he can convince Saudi to take their own n keep them there,
      America don’t need any more refugees who potentially could be terrorist.

    4. Msunbird02 says

      +Jan Johnson
      Okay, thanks Jan. I missed that info. That’s funny about Obama HAHAHA …
      and true too … worst double-talking hypocrite of them all.

  7. TheHottestEntertainment says

    my man Trump is a savage ??????????

    1. Path Within says

      TheHottestEntertainment and I bet he fucks you over too, they all end up
      doing it.

    2. John B. Heffelfinger says

      Path Within find a path right out of our country please.

    3. usakindatheart flower says

      TheHottestEntertainment 90 days is NOT long enough

    4. William Moore says

      usakindatheart flower I agree . Ban them for life , they will never change!

  8. StopListenThink says

    it’s like this there is only so much food the restaurant can serve before
    they’re out of food

    1. billjones citrus county florida says

      StopListenThink ..I like food

    2. Ragnar Onsager (Bull horn) says

      StopListenThink NOW I’m hungry

    3. StopListenThink says

      Ragnar Onsager me too….lol

    4. Ragnar Onsager (Bull horn) says

      Restraunt management must suck if they run out if food though. Must get
      ordering foods through Sysco. I’m gonna go eat some oysters now!

  9. Fear the Old Blood says

    Trump IS my president!
    Let the Liberals cry so I can fill my glass!

    1. Nicholas D says

      mr powerline actually right is right now. the only true God is the God of
      the bible and Jesus as his son. everything else is false.

    2. Joy Gallaher says


  10. Pana Sonic says

    Stop showing Barry’s picture. I feel like throwing my shoe at him.

    1. SuperDrifter4000 says

      I practically punch my screen whenever I see his false face. Especially any
      picture with his crocodile tears. ?

    2. Wildothrealpro says


    3. wishahpatricia says


    4. Shy Trotter says

      Pana Sonic ?????

    5. Slick1G3 says

      lol sonic

  11. Johnny Bumpous says

    they’re just mad Trump won. they couldn’t care less about the immigrants.
    just crybaby liberals..

    1. Paul Breiland says

      Johnny Bumpous Johnny, how I see it, you-all are crying about anything and
      everything. You all won with Trump and it’s still not good enough.. I also
      like it when you all call out names, believes in a con, give Chump time..
      he got us now and watch what he does. why is not there any bands on
      anyplaces he has in Muslim countries. I can take names calling. it just
      proves that Trump s people are just little in mature kids

    2. Paul Breiland says

      Have We Learned Nothing right on!!

    3. JR Adams says

      Liberal demoncrats = Snow job snow flakes

    4. Chris D says

      Na man….NEW democrat voters. Thats the plan with bringing in the 3rd
      world. Outnumber us voting.

    5. starhit says

      Johnny Bumpous truth

  12. brian kirk says

    jimmy carter did it also

    1. Elizabeth Vering says

      brian kirk America has been opening and tightening immigration for its
      entire history, and encouraging some groups and limiting others this whole
      time. It has never been an unfettered free-for-all, as the lying Leftists
      would have you believe. Who and when and how many immigrants we allowed
      into this country has always depended upon what was in the country’s best
      interest. And open borders and unfettered immigration has never been in
      this country’s best interests, so it has never happened before in our

    2. Christine Adams says

      So did Clinton and he got a standing ovation.

  13. Luis Natal (Lu-ie blazing leo) says

    Funny part is its not illegal Trump as president has the right to refuse
    immigrants passage as long as its to protect the american people.

    1. Heather Adair says

      Luis Natal This needs to be Heard around the world. Thanks.

    2. Dan Wolfe says

      mr powerline You are so misled. Obama is the cause of all of this.
      President Trump had his hands full when he came into office because Obama
      messed things up so bad it was almost impossible. President Trump was and
      is the only person in this world that can fix that scum bag Obama’s
      destruction of our country.

    3. David Gibbard says

      Luis Natal –America by law has always limited and controlled immigration
      and we still allow more than any ten countries. Liberals complaint that
      America is uncaring and immoral. They can go to hell!!

    4. Luis Natal (Lu-ie blazing leo) says

      David Gibbard Amen

  14. Greg B says


    1. Dan Wolfe says

      Greg B Right on!!

  15. Glenn Howden says

    It is not a Muslim ban.

    1. Mike Giannini says

      +hinkleberger You are correct, it’s scary how many of these brainwashed
      sheep there are, they believe whatever the propaganda media tell’s them.
      Maybe one of us can dress up like a Shepard and lead them all off a cliff.

    2. hinkleberger says

      We may be too late for that. I think they are jumping off the cliff all by
      themselves as the media flutists play their repetitive anti-Trump tunes.
      You cannot enslave or keep enslaved a conscious educated (knowledgeable)
      man, but enslaving one that is ignorant is easy and unfolding right before
      our eyes. I truly believe that the veil of ignorance has fallen from most
      Trump supporters eyes, but those who rely on the mainstream press for truth
      without checking for themselves are dooming themselves thus soon culling
      the heard.

    3. hinkleberger says

      We may be too late for that. I think they are jumping off the cliff all by
      themselves as the media flutists play their repetitive anti-Trump tunes.
      You cannot enslave or keep enslaved a conscious educated (knowledgeable)
      man, but enslaving one that is ignorant is easy and unfolding right before
      our eyes. I truly believe that the veil of ignorance has fallen from most
      Trump supporters eyes, but those who rely on the mainstream press for truth
      without checking for themselves are dooming themselves thus soon culling
      the heard.

    4. Mike Giannini says

      +hinkleberger Yup and it can’t come quick enough if you ask me. Maybe we
      can all pitch in and fund one way flights to Syria for them!

    5. Adriana Bonita says

      Glenn Howden Brainwashed sheep can’t see a thing … They are turning Trump
      into something like a hitter or so , making of him a racist . I ask my self
      , if these people are real.

  16. Russky says

    Even if Trump says: the Sun came up this morning, left will criticise – how
    come he left out the Moon and the planets and other stars?

    1. usakindatheart flower says

      R Johns got to have the Muslim moon god spoken of every day or left will go

    2. William Moore says

      Russky Lol, true

    3. Pam Ward says

      put them on a plane and drop them in Saudi arabia! they have thousands of
      acres of empty airconditioned tents!

    4. Russky says

      Those are reserved for annual Haj pilgrimage visitors

  17. Conservative Views by Christine says

    If Obama left the country, perhaps he couldn’t come back.

    1. William Moore says

      Mike Ries exactly ! I’m so sick of hearing people cry about slavery like
      Americans invented it. All races have been enslaved at some point in time .

    2. sheila scott says

      +William Moore agree

    3. Grim reaper says

      That can be arranged.

    4. Tommy Truth says

      Obama belongs on the terrorist watch list.

  18. Sarah Carter says

    I truly had NEVER heard of Obama doing that…you would think that would
    have made bigger headlines?? Sure is making headlines now!!

    1. Gerald Bergstrom says

      Sarah Carter that,s because MSM did not tell you half of wtf OBAMA THE GAY
      MUSLIM DID,the bastards were in his f–ing pocket,but yes he did do the
      same thing ,so did slick willie,and peanut farmer carter,as well as GHW
      BUSH AND GW BUSH,iran kept american hostage,s for almost a yr before REAGAN
      took action because that chickenshit JIMMY CARTER wouldn,t,

    2. Sarah Carter says

      I knew all about the American Hostages…all the way up to Contra. I didn’t
      know there were so many presidents that have banned. Then, again I have
      also said…it wasn’t until recently that we have had “this problem.” It
      make sense why, now. They are completely distorting the facts anyway…It’s
      not a “Muslim Bann” It is a lets get our sh!t together, get a strategy,
      find out who they are, BEFORE we let them in kind of plan…Sounds logical
      to me, must be why liberals are wetting their pants…to logical of a

    3. Ragnar Onsager (Bull horn) says


    4. Slick1G3 says

      sarah you don’t know any of whats going on in the world ,,only what they
      want you to see if you watch these bias channels ….search out and you
      will see the truth and who is reliable ….what has obama done but play
      golf for 8 years >>??? NOTHING

  19. David Rudolph says

    I cancelled Facebook account this morning. I highly recommend you do the
    same if you want to keep you’re sanity with these no class, vile liberal
    morons ..

    1. polarbearcraze19 says

      Cant give them that much power. I have to keep trying to inform the miss
      informed and not let the Main Stream Media get away with all their lies and
      half truths. As an American, I can not let them be the only voice out

    2. Vlad The impaler says

      David Rudolph never used it

    3. Joy Gallaher says

      Agree. Google is next including yt. Going to vidme.com

    4. ja g says

      David Rudolph I did the same.?

    5. xue says

      me, too.

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