Dennis Skinner told to ‘put a sock in it’ by heckler after blustering ‘squalid’ election


Mr Skinner, who was kicked out of Parliament final year for job David Cameron “dodgy”, pronounced described a choosing as “the many squalid” in his lifetime.

He also demanded Theresa May anathema any Tory MP, now underneath review over choosing spending, from station in a election, due to take place in June. 

The Labour radical said: “Will a Prime Minister give a pledge that no Tory MP who is underneath review by a military and a authorised management over choosing losses in a final ubiquitous choosing will be a claimant in this election?

“Because if she won’t accept that this is a many beggarly choosing debate that has happened in my lifetime.”

Having nothing of it, Mrs May discharged a direct as she told Mr Skinner all Tory MPs had her full support and would be campaigning alongside her in a entrance weeks.