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Dennis Skinner told to ‘put a sock in it’ by heckler after blasting ‘squalid’ election

Mr Skinner, who was kicked out of Parliament last year for calling David Cameron “dodgy”, said described the election as “the most squalid” in his lifetime.

He also demanded Theresa May ban any Tory MP, currently under investigation over election spending, from standing in the election, due to take place in June. 

The Labour renegade said: “Will the Prime Minister give a guarantee that no Tory MP who is under investigation by the police and the legal authority over election expenses in the last general election will be a candidate in this election?

“Because if she won’t accept that this is the most squalid election campaign that has happened in my lifetime.”

Having none of it, Mrs May dismissed the demand as she told Mr Skinner all Tory MPs had her full support and would be campaigning alongside her in the coming weeks. 

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