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Did Jared Kushner propose a secret channel with Russia?

Here is News Insider…

The Washington Post reports that the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, discussed setting up a secret communications channel between the Trump transition team and Russia. Intercepts of Russian communications reportedly reveal Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak told his superiors that Kushner made the proposal during a December meeting at Trump Tower in New York. Errol Barnett reports.

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  1. Miranda YEOH says

    From what we have seen of the noisy Trump and quiet Kushner, with his strategy to help his father in law win the EC, it’s possible…

    1. mark loper says

      The only thing lazy Trump does when he’s not playing golf or getting peed on is talk trash . He always has depended on others to make things happen . He’s a conman Period.

  2. Breit Bart says

    Like father like son. He is a traitor and committed a treason. Lock him up and ilk.

    1. thepanda999 says

      Hang the treasonous mother f*k|ing morons.

  3. 98%Blackfoot Indian2%Milk says

    Of course he’s guilty he spoke to a Russian, Everyone knows how filthy and evil those Russians are, Why isn’t he in jail now. There is no reason to wait for any evidence. Only speculation and accusations gossip are needed. Put him in jail now.

    1. mark loper says

      Relax 98 , they are building a case & it just keeps happening that it keeps expanding . Seems everywhere they look it smells like swamp . The FBI cannot release evidence all the time during an investigation . The FBI is the best in the world at what they do . They will get him & his crime family of gangster elites.

    2. 98%Blackfoot Indian2%Milk says

      mark loper I suppose i didn’t relate the sarcasm enough. What these leftist MSM are doing is discusting by convicting someone(Jared) without a trial and slandering a whole race of people (Russians) by insinuating that ALL russians are evil and filthy sneaking , The might as well say ALL jews are thieves, Or ALL blacks are like monkeys, Or ALL Italians are mobsters or any other negative sterotype. They have a serve antiTrump agenda and are NOT interested in reporting the news, Their too emotionally involved, Because Trump has hurt their EGO & feelings. Some people just want news not their personal antiTrump drama.

    3. Alfred and Allie E. Gator Says Hi from the Swamp says

      98% – Blaming the media for the Trump crew’s mishaps is a sad attempt at distraction. Jared wanted a secret line with the Russians so they could discuss all the money they would make from selling oil to Exxon without those nosy reporters interfering. They would want to know if taxes were being paid, those intrusive media brats! Much better for Jared to talk to Russia without any eavesdropping, right? 

      This goes beyond hurt feelings, the Trump crew are international scammers looking to make loot from Russian oil with help from Exxon’s Tillerson. Their main thought is “why not get rich if they can”?

    4. 98%Blackfoot Indian2%Milk says

      Alfred and Allie E. Gator Says Hi from the Swamp Nothing stays secret in Washington especially when its about President Trump, And if Tillerson wanted money he could have stayed with ExxonMobil, Go back and watch election night videos here on YouTube of course its about hurt feeweeling. And for decades governments have worked in back channels in one way or another. The point of all of this is they don’t hold democrats or left to the same standard as conservative or Trump . If Trump was to sell urainm to Russia it would be a big deal but Clinton not so much her campaign manager does business with Russia but that also not a problem. Let the standard be the same for ALL. They are holding court in the media there’s no way anyone could get a fair trail.

  4. Frank Lee says

    He lied about his contacts on his disclosure forms, that’s a felony. Period.

    1. mark loper says

      He was working for Turkey & influenced the govt. not to arm the curds , right or wrong that’s criminal.

  5. Joy T says

    I think Michael Flynn KNOWS IF THERE WAS A COLLUSION.

    1. mark loper says

      Of course . Google Trump & Russian Mob & you will have 3 days of reading up on money laundering through real estate & Russian associates .

    2. Bad Fairy says

      I think your wright .It is that crazy maybe russia are not the bad guys . I do not know , its all nuts .

  6. Lorraine Mladic says

    did dems talk to Russia

    1. Groovy says

      Lorraine Mladic – No, they didn’t. These were not just business-as-usual interractions between a presidential campaign and a foreign country. There was a LOT of communication – WITH A COUNTRY THEY KNEW WAS ATTACKING US AND TRYING TO HELP THEM WIN. During all of those contacts, how did they handle that subject when it came up, or did it? And it’s not just about talking to Russians. It’s what you talk about with which Russians and when. The Trump prople were all linked-up with Russia’s propaganda people, and in Kushner’s case, a Russian bank thst was under US sanctions. And did you hear about all of the meetings Trump had with Frence officials? Chinese? British? No, they just happened to be inordinatly communicating with Russia, who just happened to be running a disinformation campaign on us, and they knew it, and members of the campaign were already under investigation.

  7. D Storm says

    CBS won’t report on the Podestas lobbying for Russia firms, or about Hillary’s uranium deal.   CBS has gone full leftist.

    1. Groovy says

      D Storm – Why would they be reporting on that now, even if there was something to either of them? Clinton hasn’t worked for the government for 5 years, when she headed 1 of 9 agencies that signed off on that multi-national uranium deal. And so what if we sold uranium to Russia? Why do you people act like that was some kind of crime or that there was anything wrong with that at all? Russia has had the bomb for almost 70 years and they don’t need us to get uranium! Please, just one of you people tell me why that uranium deal meant Clinton was somehow crooked or even immoral! And some stuff with Podesta? Have you been watching the news lately? Where would be a good place to run that report? A good time slot? I’m sure they want to put their reporters on reviving an old story that didn’t go anywhere in the first place when the timing was relevant. And how does a news station “cover-up” a story by not reporting it? You realize there are many competing news organizations out there, right? And the only major network I see engaging in spreading conspiracy theories and heavily distorted facts is FOX, and they are right wing.

    2. Mihir Wagh says

      Groovy mate there is no point. He is too far gone. He has been brainwashed by Trump

    3. mark loper says

      That doesn’t make Trump innocent LOL

    4. Alfred and Allie E. Gator Says Hi from the Swamp says

      D Storm – Who is the POTUS now? Trump or Hillary? The media reports on the President first, all others take lower priority. The “what about Hillary” deflection sounds like a kid caught stealing cookies who then says, “…but Susy stole a cookie too!” Time for Trump supporters to learn how to argue like adults, lose the pathetic deflections to Hillary! Trump’s titanic is getting ready to sink, so the Trumpeteers now shriek “What about Hillary?”

  8. Jungle Jargon says

    Knock it off! Hillary and Harry Hussein broke every law possible and they lied about it.

    1. Mihir Wagh says

      When you can’t defend Trump, pull out the Obama card. You trump supporters can’t accept that your God (Trump) has made so many mistakes

    2. mark loper says

      That doesn’t make Trump innocent LOL I guess your no lawyer Ha

    3. Jungle Jargon says

      Mihir Wagh You don’t understand justice.

    4. Alfred and Allie E. Gator Says Hi from the Swamp says

      JJ — Yet Hillary and Obama are not POTUS, that position demands the greatest media scrutiny. Or on your planet does the media cover the previous President’s scandals instead of the current one’s? Try some personal responsibility for a change, isn’t that considered a Republican virtue? Trump is a con artist getting caught, do you really want to go down with a sinking ship? Just admit you were fooled now and walk away with some shreds of dignity before the whole Trump titanic sinks beneath the sea.

    5. Mihir Wagh says

      Maybe I don’t but I do realize that Trump is a con-man. And Obama is out of office. No proof of any crime. Hillary was cleared by the FBI. Trump is under investigation by the FBI. Tell me Trump is innocent I dare you

  9. Gregory Shill says

    Flynn will deliver Trump and Kushner.

    1. mark loper says

      Oh Yeah

  10. yack f zay says

    state the debate and tell the news what is now. going round and round they did that this should have happened like this. that’s why people don’t believe, they turn to fake news. not realizing.

  11. Ken says

    Soon the Special Counsel will Show Evidence of Russia Giving the Clinton Foundation $$ Millions & Obama SPYING on the TRUMP Administration..Espionage…Not to Mention the Obama’s Criminal’s Leaking Classified Information ….

    1. Chinedu Okeke says

      Ken delusional trump reporters

    2. Ken says

      Chinedu Okeke… Obama gives Terrorist Iran $$ Billions illegally, Obama Created Isis an Terrorist ALL Around the The World, Obama Care is Killing Millions, Obama Met With the Russians Over 30 Times, Obama SPIED on the TRUMP Administration… an I’m delusional…. lmao…

  12. Judith Osorio says

    Thank you leakers! if it were not for the leaks the White House would sell our country to the highest bidder. Because according to the GOP National Security rules and regulations only apply to Hillary.

  13. dudekool 888 says

    The party of Ronald Reagan(“bring down the berlin wall”) is in bed with Russia

  14. Bad Fairy says

    I was happing one power and then an other power lock one of my family lock up . they said he was a spy . which he was not . 2 and 2 do not make 5 .

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