Doctors say patient satisfaction surveys are adding to opioid epidemic


The government-mandated patient satisfaction survey is meant to reward quality and effective care, but some doctors say it's had an unintended consequence: fueling Americans' dependence on prescription pain pills. Brook Silva-Braga reports.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with reality, once you get used to it. It’s really not no big deal. You don’t have to score it, it’s already there.

  2. The flip side of this is that responsible people who have legitimate pain cannot get the meds they need because of fear of addiction or over-prescription – there are no simple answers….

    • bardess5 I agree.if your in pain they should get pain meds. around here I have rheumatoid arthritis and if I ask about pain I automatically treated like a drug abuser and junky. if a person needs it they should get it if they don’t need it then don’t give it to them. but the ones that do need it can’t hardly get it and get treated like street junkies,it’s horrible.

  3. Look the government gets involved and what a suprise – a bunch of unintended consequences occur.

    What is with the hatred of the free market. It’s like taboo to say that an economy should exist in an environment of freedom.

    People say “no because then everything will be like the 1920’s and everyone will be working in sweatshops”. If you really read about the 1920’s you’ll see that everyone wanted to work in sweatshops because, before the sweatshops existed, they all worked on farms as laborers. Everyone was moving into the city to get those jobs because they were better than pre-industrial jobs.

  4. What a bunch of bullshit. Glad they finally found a machine that tells how much pain a person is in. Oh they haven’t. It’s none of anybody business what an adult puts in their bodies. Heart disease and lung cancer kill way more people than prescription drug abuse. So close down mcdonalds and the Tabbaco industry.worried about overdose. Make narcan over the counter.Frigging doctors thinking they should tell an adult person who’s worked hard all their lives they can’t have pain control.i forgot their paying my bills. Not really I’m paying theirs. What a crock of crap. A person is in pain if you don’t get the pain under control guess what now the doctors are gonna do more surgerys and physical therapy and on and on. Bunch of bitches who never worked hard in their life physically is gonna tell me a responsible adult what I can and can’t do with my body screw you god this pisses me off. Oh you want pain control your drug seeking. F.U. It’s always easier to tell someone about their faults. Doctors should be worrying about how much money they make and when the public is gonna get tired of it.A pibsqueak tenty or thirty wet behind the ears punk isn’t gonna tell me a 55 year old man what I should and shouldn’t do. My kids are that age. Maybe I should put them over my knee and paddle their butts. Respect real adults or maybe put them in timeou. Statistics can be made to look any way. They put suicides and deaths from drug/alcohol mix and polypharmcy in opiate overdose stats. Now they have a statistic to scare politicians. How about the true stat about how many pain patients become addicted. Last I saw it was under 10% here’s an idea legalize drugs!!!!! No more cartels no more drug gangs violence goes way down remember prohibition didn’t work huh. Ok so let’s repeat it. Doesn’t that fit the definition of insanity reapeating some thing bad when the outcome is the same. Can’t legalize Then would need less cops,less prisons,judges and so on. So that will never happen. The legal profession is worse than the medical. Here’s an idea. Let’s take a person if they do have a drug problem lock them up so they lose their family,job and give them a record. Now they can’t get a job when they get out of jail.fricking great idea.