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  1. The 360 says

    I’ll sub to anyone who subs to me and comments “done”. I CHECKING GUYS, SO NO CHEATING!

    1. youtube dairies says

      The 360 watch one of my video and comment me done i will watch ur 12 videos and will comment on every video

  2. JerDoes ThingZ says

    Sub to me and ill sub to you pls dont lie

    1. learn with me says

      JerDoes ThingZ subbed u and please sub me don’t lie

    2. JerDoes ThingZ says

      learn with me i subbed

    3. learn with me says

      JerDoes ThingZ Ok thanks

  3. AidanMsinger says

    Sub me and I’ll sub you right back. Thank you

    1. Toyz McToyface says

      thx!! 😀 😀

    2. TMEW FITNESS says

      AidanMsinger done

    3. AidanMsinger says

      TMEW FITNESS done

    4. AidanMsinger says

      Ollie Rae TV I’ve subbed you so pls sub me thanks

  4. Joetta Lane says

    No it doesn’t work

    Lol if you’re really that desperate for YouTube subs just go buy them from Wizish

  5. SigMa-ZitA says

    subscribe to me and sub back with 2 accounts dont lie i see this!!

    1. Savage Randie says

      SigMa-ZitA sub to me I subbed to you

    2. SigMa-ZitA says


    3. Bravo Gaming says

      I subbed pls sub back

  6. RealityClips says

    Hi 🙂 ill sub to everyone who likes this comment and subscribes to my channel 🙂

    1. Bottle Flipping Kid Braden Plaisted says

      Done but can you sub to B Plaisted thanks

  7. RUSHGAMING says

    Sub and Comment on latest video and I will do the same ASAP. ONLY FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE PLEASE

  8. Raiden Gamin says

    Sub to me and I’ll sub back just comment when you subbed! ???

    1. Xavii_Gamez says

      Raiden Gamin done

  9. War Head Gamer 03 says

    if u subscribe to me and comment back saying i subed i will give u a instant sub back no probs

    1. Tribal SnipeZ says

      I subbed

    2. War Head Gamer 03 says

      Tribal SnipeZ
      did u

    3. War Head Gamer 03 says


    4. Tribal SnipeZ says

      War Head Gamer 03 yes I sub

  10. computer tech says

    sub me , i’ll sub you back. and write done.

    1. DrummerDancer says

      done 🙂 please sub back



  11. Lamar Universe says

    Sub Comment done And I will sub back instantly

    1. LustYogini Yoga says

      Done 🙂

    2. Tribal SnipeZ says

      Done ?

  12. ZelSanic says

    Ill sub to anyone who likes this comment and ill sub u

    1. Spencer - Football Central says

      ive subbed back to u now sub back to me or ill unsub u

    2. Informal says

      ZelSanic subbed

  13. Blazay says

    ill sub any one who SUBS me!!!,???

    1. Blazay says

      LensBuzz it shows on mines, do you get emails for subs?

    2. LensBuzz says

      email doesn’t matter, not showing on my subs counter

    3. Blazay says

      LensBuzz im subbed to you. thats weird. do you see it now?

    4. LensBuzz says

      yeah seen it, thanks

  14. Brian Reyes says

    I sub to anyone who likes this comment and subs to me

    1. Tribal SnipeZ says

      Brian Reyes I sub can u sub back pls thanks

  15. Shirley Smith says

    Anybody want some subway? hehe.comment done: and I will sub back.

    1. ScRAP's Channel says

      Shirley Smith done. Your turn

    2. Shirley Smith says

      ScRaP’s Channel
      Done Thanks

  16. TheUnrealone says


    1. KYC Vlogs says

      TheUnrealone done, you better not be lying

    2. TheUnrealone says

      Subbed to you guys

    3. KYC Vlogs says

      TheUnrealone you did not sub back with 5 acounts

    4. Fanfare TV says


  17. Mahmood's Channel says

    Sub me and I will sub u back with 5 accounts

    1. Love Soccer says

      Done,your turn!

    2. KYC Vlogs says

      Mahmood’s Channel done, you better not be lying

    3. IronBrickz says

      Mahmood’s Channel done now it’s your turn

    4. Fanfare TV says


  18. Xenoverse and WWE says

    If you sub me say done and I’ll check then sub back

    1. Fanfare TV says


  19. BAD PANDA says

    I will SUBSCRIBE to Anyone who subscribed me..I will also be active on.your Channel..and like ur video..
    if u support me..I’ll do the same

    1. Fanfare TV says


    2. Flook Fights says

      i subbed you, see you soon

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