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Donald J. Trump Knows NAFTA Is A Horrible Trade Deal | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

I believe in making the best deals for America and NAFTA was a horrible deal! I want to make great deals that will keep jobs here and employ millions of Americans. We MUST get America back to work! #MakeAmericaWorkAgain

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  1. Jay says

    first to comment. Trump 2016 !!!

    1. Adolph Hitler says

      Yes we need trump for president to get rid of the Muslims just like I got
      rid of the Jews! Hopefully we can get rid of these Mexicans and make our
      country white again.

    2. Adolph Hitler says

      +Stunning Steven I am in hell, wifi was just installed here, but I wish I
      can go up there and be friends with Trump Supporters and KKK

  2. Theresa R says

    Oh I believe you alright!!! You will be very successful!

    1. Spin- Agario says

      lol funny kid

    2. pizza ice says

      +Spin – Agario lol you’re the one that Plays agario lol kid funny.

  3. God Is Ashamed To Look Down On His Own Creation says

    Can’t stump the trump

    1. Redneck Trump Supporter says

      I can

    2. Victor Sandoval says

      Says who?

  4. TheAlexagius says

    Build the wall, make it yuge, make it 10 feet higher than you would

    1. xDRE4MC4TCHERx says


    2. TheAlexagius says

      +xDRE4MC4TCHERx *yuge

  5. Michael Rod says

    It is sickening how much CNN portrays Donald Trump in a bad light . they
    constantly twist every story without leaving one shred of negative
    information out. I’m not sure how the anchors at CNN can get a good nights
    sleep knowing that they work for a network that abuses its media power so

    1. Michael Rod says

      +D Monty They are succeeding in fooling the masses ,why don’t people just
      do research we have Internet and plenty of resources to fact check things

    2. Dev S says

      Old media is obsolete and always has an editorial ax to grind instead of
      reporting the facts.

    3. Random Kid 77 says

      CNN (Clinton news network)

  6. Joe Matthew Barley says

    TRUMP 2016!!! lets do it!

    1. Channel of champions says

      +Angela Vela lol your raised wrong if u turn to a liberal I will be
      laughing lol!!

    2. Channel of champions says

      +Angela Vela know Your politics girl

    3. Steven Lee says

      Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!

    4. Genocide Of The Weeaboos says

      +Jazil Zaim wasn’t this country founded by criminals though?. and not
      really as long as his father actually did something.

    5. Genocide Of The Weeaboos says

      +Channel of champions *opinion

  7. Homie Cat says

    If you said we don’t win anymore you should start watching the olympics

    1. thatguy7698 says

      What does the Olympics have to do with our economy, foreign diplomacy,
      terrorism etc……

    2. Michael Mantion says

      The point is we are better than the world but our federal government fails
      us. The Olympic shows we have great athletes, but who cares if the country
      is a failure. Russia and china also do well in the Olympics are you
      suggesting that those countries have been doing well lately?

    3. thatguy7698 says

      +Michael Mantion Well they’ve been beating us in trade, their economies are
      growing bigger than ours, their militaries are getting stronger. Yes, they
      are beating us at a lot of things right now.

    4. Donald Trump Rallies and Livestreams says

      What does the Olympics have to do with the economy, foreign policy,
      national defense, terrorism, borders, trade deals?

    5. CODE Gaming__ says


  8. Juliet Holleran says

    Trump is the best

    1. Adolph Hitler says

      Yes we need trump for president to get rid of the Muslims just like I got
      rid of the Jews! Hopefully we can get rid of these Mexicans and make our
      country white again

    2. SilverStrumer says

      +Adolph Hitler troll ???

    3. Random Kid 77 says

      +kitty lovebug Clinton is worse, SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR TREASON. So when
      it comes election time, pick the lesser of two evils.

  9. boaman5435 says

    Barack Osama Obama and Billy Bob Clinton are the two worst presidents in US
    history. Killary will be even worse if she’s elected.

    1. Cody Greenwood says

      Based on what record. Pound for pound the worst reforms, biggest loss of
      rights, and largest shrinkages ever occurred under Bush Bush and Regan. So
      how are they the worst ever?

    2. ThomasMedia says

      i argree

    3. Murat says


    4. Genocide Of The Weeaboos says

      no its Clinton and Bush. Obama wasn’t Osama that was a CIA agent in the 80s
      known as Tim Osman

  10. Jesse - parodies and stuff says

    is anyone else looking through the comments and seeing nothing but people
    supporting trump? i thought it was gonna be filled with haters m8 lol

    1. Jesse - parodies and stuff says

      +Keith Neubauer but he posted on the internet and a big part of the
      internet hates trump lol

    2. Jesse - parodies and stuff says

      +Keith Neubauer i dont rlly care tho cuz im canadian lol

  11. AR 15 says

    IF you go to the Hillary youtube channel all the comments are Missing, they
    don’t say disabled

    1. louis prinzo says


    2. L16htW4rr10r says

      So they are deleted like the emails?

  12. Kiya Sohi says

    i swaer if Trump is president ill just kill myself

    1. Ted Nugent says

      i swear if hillary is president she’ll kill us all so just sit back and
      wait its all fixed for her to get in she has dead people voting for her
      and illegals too. cant leave them out

    2. Keith Neubauer says

      PLEASE do the USA a favor ! one less COMMUNIST

    3. John Kowalski says


    4. Kiya Sohi says

      lol m8s why?

  13. david shore's number 1 fan says

    Trump is going to guck his small loan of One million dollars

    1. K Ybarra says

      you look like you know nothing only things the news says

  14. Sam “0bserver” La says

    If you want to be protest to the media, turn your TVs off don’t support
    them. Don’t read their papers, I notice ABC is also putting out bad
    propaganda against Trump. Hillary is not the one pulling the strings. When
    I turn on my local ABC news channel their is nothing but violence, nothing
    good. The news stations stink anymore. They can’t even report the weather
    right. I want Trump to win, but I don’t think Obama is going to allow it.

    1. Sam “0bserver” La says

      It’s ashamed there is not an organization for Americans Life Matter.

    2. Sam “0bserver” La says

      It’s ashamed there is not an organization for Americans Life Matter.

    3. Keith Neubauer says

      do you have OAN , ONE AMERICA NEWS ? they have been pretty good so far ,
      and they dont run payed commercials . NICE

  15. Genocide Of The Weeaboos says

    “Obama is the founder of isis” No isis was around for awhile. they were a
    branch of al qaeda which al qaeda themselves said that they are too
    extreme. they’re an splinter cell that’s all. geez get it right dude

  16. Stevan says

    wins HE WILL MAKE EVERY LIVING THING EXTINCT!!! I have to pray that we get
    a revote LITERALLY trump is gonna ruin the world

    1. Keith Neubauer says


    2. John Kowalski says

      Yes! You’re so right! There are no procedures of launching nukes. President
      can just press a button and make the world go boom! Stupid troll….

  17. Optic Squad says

    Hey trump why didn’t you go to California

    1. Optic Squad says

      Exactly btw I’m 11yrs old

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