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Donald Trump Blasts ‘Loser’ Bill Kristol Trying to Start Third Party

Your president Donald Trump

Wednesday, May 25, 2016: At a Trump campaign rally in Anaheim, CA, Donald Trump laid into Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard.

Donald Trump Blasts 'Loser' Bill Kristol Trying to Start Third Party


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  1. Bryton Cherrier says


    1. Andy Black says

      More like #Berniegade #Hillarygade.Trump2016.

  2. Compton2952 says

    Is that Tito Ortiz in the black suit with red tie…? That’s badass if he
    supports President Trump.

    1. AugustanFinn says

      That’s why Tito is getting a lot of hate on his Twitter account.

    2. Compton2952 says

      I cant even imagine all the filth being spewed his way just for supporting

    3. AugustanFinn says

      I can.I’m gay and I’m supporting Trump too.
      Had to terminate my account after that

    4. Compton2952 says

      Sorry dude, lots of mean people that hang out on social media just to cause
      drama. Trump on my friend.

    5. MikeDunn says

      Tito Ortiz is a strong supporter of the military.

  3. morning star says


  4. Matthew Young says

    is that tito Ortiz over Donald’s left shoulder?

    1. Compton2952 says

      That is confirmed. How great is it that a former UFC Champion and all
      around a badass dude supporting President Trump. WOOT WOOT

    2. armor1z says

      That’s awesome

    3. Jason Adrienne Reeves says

      and my daughter was sitting right behind him in a white cap! awesome…

    4. okicat1 says

      Yeah, he was on Celebrity Apprentice. That’s hilarious.

    5. MikeDunn says

      Tito gives a shoutout to the troops after his fights.

  5. pavXX says


    1. Chris 1 says


  6. Glenn Mcneil says

    that is Tito!!

  7. Jason Adrienne Reeves says

    pulled my two kids out of school for this rally! (some things are more
    important than school)
    my daughter is in the white cap just to the left of the Donald’s face.

    1. Jason Adrienne Reeves says

      +WhiteStoneChild merica!

    2. A Freeloading Celebrity says

      thats awesome

    3. Barbute says

      Don’t let school interfere with their education.

    4. A Freeloading Celebrity says

      +Barbute sad but true

  8. michael knight says


  9. Off Shore says

    Bill Kristol wants Americans to die in unnecessary wars while he sits back
    and does nothing.

  10. Tom Scott says

    Fantastic Sir Donald J Trump at his best .

  11. sheridanbucket says

    …because Establishment cronies, like Bill Kristol, have been working out
    so very well for America, for the past 25 years?! I don’t think so. Start
    whatever you want to start, Bill Kristol. You’re no loss to the Republican
    Party– you never were honestly with it… to be of any loss to it. Mind
    that doorknob, now!

  12. Noble Blanctet says


  13. TacticalTeuton says

    Holy cow Tito Ortiz.

  14. senses2000 says

    Bill Kristol, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Diane Frankenstein, Lindsey
    Graham, John son of Cain, Robert Menendez, Bernard Sanders – they are all
    from the same CABAL! Don’t give them your time by watching the CABAL

    1. PANZZEROSKR1 says

      +senses2000+ Trump supporters are ignorant people who lack an education
      academically speaking, Americans are among the stupidest people on Earth
      and that’s a fact. One has to be an incredibly stupid person to vote for
      Trump, that’s why Trump says: I love the poorly educated.

    2. Alex Leaud says

      +PANZZEROSKR1 Good one you Nazi fag.

    3. senses2000 says

      +faterock9876543 There is a difference. Zionism is a real political
      movement and you don’t have to be Jewish to be part of it. The Vice
      President is an admitted Zionist on film.

    4. Ro Jay says

      The weekly standard and cnn are from the same cabal. That’s just dumb.
      They’ve been polar opposites until a year ago. Bill Kristols was one of the
      first to say “others” are part of the “left wing media” I love how now
      trump supporters are using essentially the same logic of you’re not with us
      so you’re obviously a part of the others who are against us: despite the
      fact you were us until recently

  15. WhatsItAllAboutAlphi says

    Pack your trash Bill Kristol or get on the Trump Train.

  16. jfnuyen says

    William Crystal is a loud mouth NeoCon war mongering hawk and Trump just
    trounced him. He should have been smashed long ago. Thanks Donald.

  17. somuchfortalent says

    Bill Kristol is a Neocon. Everything Americans want for America Bill
    Kristol takes from America and gives it to Israel.

    1. senses2000 says

      The word is Zionist.

    2. A J Hecha says

      Oy vey, I wonder why (((Bill Kristol))) would do that?

  18. Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. says

    Bill is the son of Irving Kristol. He is a Trotskyite. The common term for
    them today is ‘neoconservatives’. There’s nothing conservative about them,
    of course. They hate America and they need to be expunged.

    1. John Zook says

      Yes, Indeed. Kristol and the rest of the zionist neo-con inhuman garbage
      need to be purged from America and I don’t care how it’s done.

  19. coffeequeen71 says

    LMAO! Go Trump! Lol

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