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Donald Trump Crowd Shouts “CNN SUCKS” in Wilkes-Barre, PA 10/10/16

Your president Donald Trump

Monday, October 10, 2016: At a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA, the crowd began to shout 'CNN SUCKS' when Donald Trump talked about the 'dishonest media'.

Donald Trump Shouts "CNN SUCKS" in Wilkes-Barre, PA 10/10/16

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  1. The Cure To Liberalism says

    Damn look at how many people are there! WOW

    1. Edward Jam says

      So thats what 10,000 white trash people look like.

  2. WillieG says

    I was there screaming too haha. CNN sucks!

    1. WillieG says

      +alliemo62 heh

    2. giantnardman says

      When Trump wins, please invade Canada. We need Trump

    3. viewfromeastnwest says

      We were in front of our large computer screen, and chanting with the 20.000
      + people there!
      That is therapeutic.

    4. Auceza says

      Thanks. 🙂

    5. Viktor Ostapenko says

      Wow, turns out I’m not the only conservative in Oregon.

  3. Donald J Trump For President 445 says


    1. Mr.Sauceman X BackUp says


    2. Jorge Ponce says

      Donald Trump to Howard Stern:
      “I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and
      everyone’s getting dressed,” “No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go
      in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it….
      ‘Is everyone OK’? You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is
      everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so I sort of
      get away with things like that.”
      Does anyone think this story is over ???

    3. William Merritt says

      democrats like bill Clinton even though he had sex with women while he was
      married, while he was president and while he was inside the white house.
      you can’t tell us to abandon trump because of a couple of things he’s said.
      sure, he may be a womanizer but so was JFK and Bill Clinton. they were both
      still good presidents. so yes, we have thought the story over, and it
      doesn’t affect our votes. TRUMP 2016

    4. seriouslynow22 says

      Jorge, Trump is not demanding to display his private parts to women and
      girls in Target’s dressing room. He was being a not-as-yet-sanctified to
      God man in a dressing room among women who spend years hoping to get their
      bodies and faces ready to be exposed and graded. There is a huge difference
      in this and Hillary sending out people who can and will hurt you to harass
      Bill’s 14 known rape victims. Meanwhile, Bill covers up for all Hillary’s
      lesbian activities so she can go into black churches, put on her black
      accent, raise her Bible, and tell them what she will give them out of
      another person’s pocket. Bill and Hillary have always been cons. But
      Hillary is the much more malignant hearted of the two. Pure evil.

    5. Sharon Burns says

      And as Podesta says “psychotic”!

  4. Cindy Somerville says

    LOL!!!!! CNN SUCKS. It’s why their ratings have fallen

    1. MA-121 says

      +Cindy Somerville indeed. 🙂

    2. Vitt Pda says

      Their ratings have dropped below the garden channel!!! WHAT A PATHETIC
      JOKE!! People would rather watch grass grow!!

    3. Tobby Olumba says

      Vitt Pda Don’t you mean HGTV?

  5. JT Smith says

    I go to CNN’s YT page just to give them a hard time. They are fixated on
    Trump… both for ratings and b/c they want to see Hillary win. They have
    ceased to be a legit news outlet and have become a propaganda machine
    Clinton and other dems.

    1. WillieG says

      True man…true!

    2. Molly Madison says

      Good for you. CNN has always had the Klintons’ back. They got the name
      Clinton News Network back in the 90’s. The story of Black Hawk down was so
      buried that Penthouse was the organization that exposed the travesty. They
      published the pictures of the service people being dragged through the
      streets, not CNN or any other major news organ. They are complicit with
      Klinton crimes. TY

    3. seriouslynow22 says

      CNN has admitted that they lie in their stories as a means of gaining
      access to people and governments with whom they want access. I won’t even
      watch Fox, much less any of the other MSM.

    4. Sharon Burns says

      The exposed World Order plan to take out Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya,
      Somalia, Sudan, and Iran, is motive enough for mainstream media to support
      the perpetrators of this plan (our crooked government), as war is big
      business for mainstream media As we will be reading due to the fact that it
      will be our own sons and daughters who will be sent to die, fighting for
      World Order, be it though under false pretenses. See 4 star General Wesley
      CLARK, interviewed by Amy Goodman.

  6. Max Durkheim says

    Look at that crowd! Trump is the best! Pennsylvania for Trump and the
    election is over!!!

    1. pete third rail phantom says

      Hillary will not get the turnout that Obama got,plus Trump will get more
      turnout than Romney got. Trump has a chance definitely.

    2. Phil McCracken says

      You can *speak* aloud a pun and it’s still a pun. You can create a double
      entendre that even goes beyond a mere mortal pedants comprehension. All
      things are possible.

  7. EdgarFrancisco says

    CNN sucks

    1. Jorge Ponce says

      Donald Trump to Howard Stern:
      “I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and
      everyone’s getting dressed,” “No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go
      in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it….
      ‘Is everyone OK’? You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is
      everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so I sort of
      get away with things like that.”
      Does anyone think this story is over ???

    2. seriouslynow22 says

      George Ponce: So Democrats want to ban heterosexuality next? I am not
      surprised. Listen dear; he was acting the way most men would act if they
      could, given a large number of beautiful women who go there solely to have
      their flesh inspected and graded. That hardly compares to Hillary’s
      criminal empire, much less that she and Obama created and support ISIS.
      They supply the people that carve up children and sell women as sex slaves.
      Hillary’s own coarse language would probably make Donald Trump blush.
      Benghazi alone should have kept her poll numbers down to what could be
      counted on one hand. But Democrats make sure they keep themselves
      uninformed. Otherwise they couldn’t feel good about being Democrats.
      Hillary should be in prison. Grow up!

    3. Kyle Ray says


  8. Chellz Velezarri says

    Haha good!! I hope that if he wins CNN disappears

    1. Khalani Belsches says

      +zirasayers don’t forget AMTV. Christopher Green is a great guy

    2. Stephen Rios says

      Rename CNN to the Breitbart News Network

    3. Dramatic says

      CNN to BNN. At least B is better than C

    4. Jon Blake says

      To North Korea where they belong

  9. Trump 2016 says

    Every were trump goes there is crowds like this, Hillary can’t even fill a
    small gymnasium!

    1. Joseph Fairlane says

      Sara Me Your equating a guy who uses rough language to people who believe A
      father has the to right murder his daughters for dishonoring the family.
      While supporting Killery who should be locked up for breaking the law.

    2. Sara Me says

      It’s incredibly ignorant to think that a majority of Muslim’s condone
      murder of any kind. Those people are fanatics and they are few and far
      between. There are just as many fanatical Christians who preach violence as
      Muslims. Just look at these threads and all the “string her up” and Killary
      comments – She’s never even been convicted of a crime. Seriously, that’s
      fanatical and Anti-American.

    3. Joseph Fairlane says

      Sara Me What the heck ever. Once again you equate words with actions. If
      people are advocating murder they are not Christians. However, I make an
      exception on Killerys case since it would be justice for her capital
      offenses against America.

    4. Unit01232 says

      Trump 2016, crooked Hillary needs the graveyard vote to make up for her
      lack of voters.

  10. The Viralator says

    Holy cow, thats a ton of people!!!!

    1. Cheese-milk says

      He has many like this, half of them are entire stadiums, rest are
      warehouses and gymnasiums

    2. Bill “RoshamboAlone” Boyd says

      +Cheese-milk airport hangers with 10,000 plus

    3. RubberusDuckus says

      Hillary has a lot… of students… which she buses in and cannot vote for
      another 1-3 years. At least she fills *conference rooms* for her rallies.

    4. Ben Clausen says

      yeah CNN never films all those ppl

  11. sub4228 says


    1. Sara Me says

      Uh, you do realize that Trump is the Elite, right?

    2. Romyxton says

      So, Sara you thing Hillary is independent and the changer candidate? hahaha
      still watching your CNN propaganda.

  12. IronClad292 says

    Wow, that was a large crowd. In PA no less. And the crowd was right, CNN
    does suck !!!!

    1. Andrew Quantum says

      It’s True what he said. If it wasn’t for dishonest propaganda pushers like
      CNN(Clinton News Network), Clinton would not only be unelectable as a dog
      catcher, but also likely be in prison.

    2. Dolores M says

      Wow, you have no idea that this is the craziest state in the country? Take
      a wide berth around this state my friend maybe you will be lucky enough to
      get out alive.

  13. Holly lynn says

    without the media hillary clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher..

    1. Cheese-milk says

      CNN: Trump said mean words to Hillary, he is hitler now

    2. Holly lynn says

      Cnn sucks!

  14. Esdoubleyou ! says

    here in Germany, the Media sees Clinton as the clear Winner of the debate
    and Mr Donald Trump as the Devil himself…
    Our Goverment and the minion Media are pure EVIL!
    We, the german Patriots are supporting Trump, let’s make this burning
    Planet great again!

    Glück auf, aus NRW Deutschland! !!!

    1. baby tiger says

      I love you 🙂 God bless you

    2. William Merritt says

      yes. go germany. germany is awesome

    3. seriouslynow22 says

      Six One World Government promoting media conglomerations control the info
      most people receive, and they are all sole out to the devil. I read Pamela
      Geller’s blog daily, and she tells the truth about what is happening in
      Germany, France, etc. Praying for you.

  15. Steve Stevens says

    I was there when the wall came down in East Germany, I was there when the
    ppl had enough, the same thing seems to happen now in the USA, the shackles
    are breaking. Trump 2016!

    1. danbanrock1 says

      Great statement !!! You got to admit , when the people is yelling at the
      media and yelling “CNN Sucks” at the Trump Rally as the whole media are
      recording them , it actually puts chills in your spine , and this video
      will be a important document for historians , it will go up there with the
      Civil Rights march in DC

  16. David says


    1. Bluzman7 V says


    2. Tmetrvlr says

      You mean MSNBSHIT????????….

    3. David says

      +Shawn Lewis He’s an equal opportunity employer.

    4. Bubs Harangozo says

      David Can’t leave out ESPC…I mean ESPN

  17. jim graham (Metro Dispatch 0) says

    wow look at the people coming to see Trump……….. they say nobody is
    voting for him? NO WAY Clinton is up 11 points nationally

    1. Jeb Bush says

      polls are rigged to bits, just google ‘rigged polls’ or something similar,
      there’s plenty of articles out there debunking the polling method and
      calling it out for the scam it is

    2. Sharon Burns says

      Vote flipping reported in Texas 10/27/2016, voters saw their own ballots
      change from Trump to Hillary, many caught it before hitting the final
      submit. Be careful, vote early, all of the controversy over flipping is
      slowing down the voting process. Remember these are Hillary’s George Soros
      voting machines. Hillary can not get even 200 attendees at universities,
      yet she never loses that smug I’m the winner face. A Hillary win was
      planned long before the primaries occurred. Scrutinize your ballot.

  18. Andrew Quantum says

    CNN sucks! CNN is nothing more than the propaganda arm of Clinton’s
    campaign. When Trump gets in, I hope he has all these ‘news’ outlets
    investigated for deliberately misleading the public on just about

    1. Ben Garrison says

      Reminder: Obama legalized the use of propaganda

  19. Pfokrehrii Peter says

    This is beautiful CNN sucks

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