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Donald Trump Full Interview with Jamiel Shaw Sr. on Jamiel’s Law Show (3-2-16)

Your president Donald Trump

Please visit http://jamielshaw.com for more information.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016: GOP Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump was a guest on the Jamiel’s Law Radio show on Blog talk Radio.

The show is hosted by Jamiel Shaw, Sr., the father of Jamiel ‘Jas’ Shaw II, who was murdered by an illegal alien gang member in 2008. Shaw Sr. has been a strong vocal supporter of Mr. Trump on the campaign trail and has given several television interviews interviews in support of the GOP front-runner.

Donald Trump Full Interview with Jamiel Shaw Sr. on Jamiel's Law Show (3-2-16)


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  1. G “SKEE Diddy” Fili says

    god bless Jamiel

    1. Peter Savad says

      +Gregory Filippo He’ll be standing right next to President Trump when he
      signs his 2017 immigration bill. Quite a story.

    2. C John says


    3. muzik858 says

      +Peter Savad This would be Historic!

  2. KatandPhil 1205 says

    The GOP needs to get behind Trump!! 60,000 democrats switched parties in GA
    to vote for Trump. think of that? If the Gop would get behind Trump, we
    will defeat future felon Hillary easily!

    1. nunyobiznez says

      I have already voted for Trump, and will do so again in November. If they
      screw him out of the nomination, I will most likely stay home, but there is
      still a chance I would vote for the other side for the first time in my
      life. Many people though are already saying if they screwed him, they will
      for sure vote democrat. I dont particularly like this idea, but I like the
      idea of the establishment benefiting from their corruption even less, so we
      shall see how this all plays out. But they are fools if they think that the
      majority of Trump supports will all fall in line and vote just to support
      the party, if they succeeded to screw him out of the nomination and they
      cannot win in November with out the millions of people supporting Trump now.

    2. IWashMyOwnBrain says

      +nunyobiznez I Agree…

    3. Mark Tonight says

      +nunyobiznez if they screw trump out of this election meet me on
      Pennsylvania avenue with your guns

    4. HEADBANGRR says

      +Xavier Jarnaki COOOL.

  3. Right Side Broadcasting says

    Shows what kind of heart Mr. Trump has to take the time to do things like
    this! Please share!

    1. LINDA SMITH says

      Completely agree. And their sudden push for Rubio after he stabbed his
      supporters in the back with his Gang of 8 amnesty mess? And they are
      suddenly backing Cruz? They’ve made no secret that they have nothing but
      contempt for Cruz. Too bad they don’t realize that a lot of their voters
      are not Republican cult members and will vote for country first. We aren’t
      part of their “base” that they think they can control.

      The misinformation that they are spreading is beyond belief, and shows who
      they really are. The whole process is rigged with their caucus voting,
      closed primaries and re-written rules, all done so they can control who
      wins the nomination. The mind games have my head spinning.

      They don’t even realize it’s not about Trump anymore, people see what they
      are doing and it will have an impact despite the fact they think it’s only
      their “base” that is protesting.

      I’m a baby boomer and have seen all the dirty tricks, but no election has
      ever upset me as much as this primary. After 8 long years of being called
      racist if you oppose anything about Obama, I was looking forward to a new
      start. The people who we thought were are allies are now calling us racist,
      I feel like I’m in an alternate universe.

      Sorry for the long rant 🙂 I almost always refrain from commenting
      anywhere so as not to get ensnared in these silly fights, but look at me
      now, I’ve been driven insane 🙂

    2. Mucus Lungbutter says

      I love it to know that I’m not alone. I too am being driven crazy by this.
      I do know, no matter what is said about Trump, I’m voting for him even if
      he runs as an independent. Because it’s obvious to me that by me voting for
      Trump, I’m pissing off all the right people.

    3. Jacob Perez says

      Your a liar mr shaw, just because your son wasn’t in a gang database
      doesn’t mean he wasn’t in a gang, the notion that he was killed bc of his
      skin is just plain stupid and people with critical thinking skills can see
      right through your bs

    4. The Kathleen Wells Show says

      +Troy Easson Hillary goes to Black churches — why? Not pandering, my

    5. KernalPancakes says

      +The Kathleen Wells Show Leftists won’t claim that she’s pandering, but
      will say Trump is pandering. Their ideology is ridiculous, and inconsistent.

  4. Jack Mackson says

    I think Trump is for real. I don’t care that he’s a celebrity. He worked
    hard for what he has and has a record to prove it. Trump would have to be
    the spawn of satan to tell jamiel that we will fix this country for his son
    if he was simply just lying. Every day I learn more about trump and hear
    more interviews and it just gets better and better. Although, I want to add
    that this is almost too good to be true. I don’t think the corrupt elite
    will just roll over and go along with this.

    1. Jack Mackson says

      +nunyobiznez Well said! Now let’s inform all of our friends or just anyone
      we come across having a political discussion about what we know to be true
      and get the word out there to vote for Trump! As far as i’m concerned, this
      is the most important election of my life as of yet. I think this election
      makes or breaks this country once and for all. I just hope we can make it
      to the election.

    2. nunyobiznez says

      +Jack Mackson
      It is absolutely the most important election for many different reasons,
      and this country desperately needs Trump, regardless if people actually
      realize that or not. The country has been severely weakened by allowing our
      business and manufacturing to leave the country overseas and the country is
      losing money every year at an astonishing rate, and it is unsustainable.
      Not to mention the added strain of illegal immigration, though that has not
      been as quite as devastating as losing all of our businesses. Most of the
      politicians in DC are ignoring it, because they are corrupt, and their
      lobbyists and donors do not want it fixed. At the end of the day, they make
      more money overseas, and they do not care if the US fails, because they are
      doing business internationally. If the US economy is drained from the US to
      another country, they will make up the loses from the US, from the gains of
      that other country. The US is quickly reaching the point of no return, the
      point at which we will be unable to recover from the damage that has
      already been done to our economy and unable to repay the massive debt the
      country has, it will just be too large. We will likely reach that point
      well within the next 8 years unless we change course and start to undo the
      damage that has already been done. The only person that has been willing to
      do something about it and really seems to understand this problem has been
      Trump, and I am certain it is because he is the only one not being paid by
      lobbyists to say otherwise. He is the only one that is willing to do
      whatever needs to be done to bring our businesses and our manufacturing
      base back to the US. Its going to take more than just tax cuts to do that,
      though that is a start, but its not enough by itself. If he does not get
      into office, this country is in for some dark days ahead. Its not like the
      country will just cease to be or everyone will die, but it will certainly
      be an economic disaster and this country will never be the same or recover,
      unless we change course quickly. The US is very quickly declining to become
      a third world nation. Many people do not really understand this or know
      just how bad it can and will become if this does not get turned around, and
      many more are in complete denial about it and do not want to believe it. If
      people truly understood the problems though, they would realize just how
      petty it is to put their personal dislike of someones personality ahead of
      the good of the country. Not only do we have the economic problems to deal
      with, but these are also dangerous times in a hostile world, where there
      are many enemies that would love to see a weakened America and would seize
      the opportunity to hit us if we get to that point. I think a lot of people
      supporting Trump do already realize what is at stake, which is why so many
      know how important it is for him to win this election. But there are still
      a lot more people that just do not get it, or really understand the
      problems this country, and it may be all of us that end up paying the price
      for their ignorance. I always find it ironic, when someone is on here
      talking about how clueless Trump supporters are lol, when many of them are
      the truly clueless.

    3. leo D says

      +nunyobiznez Exactly!

    4. LINDA SMITH says

      +Jack Mackson Corrupt elite is a fact, GOP or Dem! The Children of the Corn
      Conservatives would rather have Hillary, just amazing, isn’t it?

    5. nunyobiznez says

      Yeah, thats because the corporate conservatives know that Hillary has taken
      dirty money from Wall Street and will maintain the current system of
      corruption, and thats all many of them really care about. They corruption
      in our government, on both sides, has gotten out of control and is a lot
      worse than many people even realize.

  5. jimmy smith says

    go man go, two big thumbs up

  6. ray konga says

    No more sellouts corrupt rinos 

  7. nick hawley says


  8. TheAngryCanary says

    there is sex and non consensual sex. non consensual sex is RAPE. It’s
    illegal and it’s obvious why it is illegal. Then there is immigration and
    non consensual immigration. And it should be obvious why illegal
    immigration, especially MASS illegal immigration would be a bad thing. I
    don’t understand people who are FOR illegal immigration and open borders.
    Insane people. Traitors all.

    1. Sonshine says

      The only people who are for illegal immigration are illegals themselves or
      people who have family or friends who are. Then you have the idiots who
      sympathize for them but wouldn’t dare let them into their own homes. These
      people make me sick. They’re so biased that they can care less if about the
      harm illegal immigrants cause to our economy or the crimes they commit
      because it’s their people. And shame on our government for protecting them.

    2. LINDA SMITH says

      +shineson chen That’s the plan! To overrun our country with illegals (Dem
      voters) to weaken the country. Elite GOP and ilk are just Obama in sheep’s

    3. TheAngryCanary says

      honestly, i don’t think it;s like some evil democrat plan to get voters. I
      think its globalists running both parties. Believe me… believe me.

  9. peteyguitarguy says

    Trump is a good guy and is clearly no racist…the GOP needs to stop the
    nonsense and get behind him…

  10. luis almodovar says

    wow i feed of this mans passion for the cause he stands for, it’s a
    father’s love for his son. wow

  11. Jeshua Navaraj says

    Trump’s a true patriot and American. he loves america and wants to make
    America great again

  12. Mark Tonight says

    The media just made the KKK story up. David Duke didn’t even endorse Trump.
    this is how they spread their vile propaganda

    1. Richard Cowell says

      +Xavier Jarnaki Robert Byrd is a close friend and mentor of Hillary’s. he
      was a klan wizard himself.

    2. HEADBANGRR says

      +Xavier Jarnaki “CORRECTAMUNDO”

  13. Christine Sawyer says

    Republican GOP’S are disgusting for their anti Mr Trump stance. They are
    not honorable or Christian unless they change their approach. wonderful
    attitide by Mr Trump on this broadcast. God bless you both.

  14. walter msechu says

    God bless Jamiel.
    One thing to keep in mind though is *To have the Clintons back in the White
    House would result in a “White House of Corruption”*

  15. zycane says

    This is something that should be on the big news, if only the mainstream
    media wasn’t so corrupt, bought and paid fore.

    Bless you, Jamiel. Hope your story gets heard by the whole nation.

  16. Michelle Castañeda says

    Sorry about what happened to your son. We live in very sad days. The only
    thing we can do at this point is vote for Trump2016

  17. C. Walton says

    I’m a black man in California and I support Donald Trump

    1. lakeofire says


    2. Derrell Record says

      +C. Walton smh

    3. Militant PATRIOT! (Dinky) says

      +C. Walton I’m an Anglo-male here in Baltimore, and you would not believe
      the support he has here with black folks. If we can just stick together
      this one time. Remember, we built this country together. Outsiders are
      making our differences worse. We know we have problems, but there (OUR)

    4. Rich Homie says

      Im a Mexican from Southern Los Angeles and I support Trump.

    5. How hugs says

      be strong my friend. you are braver than most, braver than me.

  18. Dumb Freddy says

    Jameil is a good guy so sorry what happened to your son SO HEARTFELT since
    the moment I saw you and the other grieving parents when Trump first
    brought you on stage
    and also made so many of us aware of this great tragedy My heart go out to
    you and you are awesome Getting the message out REAL

  19. M. Herbert says


  20. Corn Flake says

    Trump’s stop and frisk program will target blacks, especially purple
    darkies like jamiel sr..

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