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Donald Trump Leaving Florida | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Thank you for all of your incredible support. I am grateful, and will never forget it. Thank you to our amazing law enforcement officers and first responders as well – all across America!Find out more about Donald J. Trump for President:
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  1. PrvtAttrny says

    Trump should daily vlogs where he talks to the camera and wins over the
    American people by showing his fun yet still professional side. It would

    1. Greg S says

      ha. trump daily vlogging would amazing.

    2. Jeremiah Brand says

      He did (does?) that already on Facebook…

    3. Carolina Prexl says

      Unfortunately he doesnt have a pro media team! he could rock!

  2. The Big F U says

    I trust Trump

  3. Carolina Prexl says


  4. Louis Magnotti says

    A billion dollars + and can’t even upload these in 1080p? C’mon.

    1. Sgt. Keyboard Warrior says

      Because he ain’t Obama Hussein who has to waste all the money he got.

  5. Shelley Ashurst says

    Wonderful to see the mutual respect.

  6. My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter says

    Can’t wait till Nov 8. Everyone will call him #WinnerDonald

  7. Laura Stone says

    Donald Trump LOVES our law enforcement. Hillary wants to cut them down at
    the knees.

  8. Matskuw says

    If i would be one of those guards i would kill him

    1. HistoricPatriot1776 says

      You will never be anything more than a weakling loser.

  9. Hillary ForPrison says

    Go Trump

  10. saxmaster121 says

    TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!!!!!!

  11. Leydis Freeman says

    Watson 9 plus 10 trump

  12. Leydis Freeman says

    by the way trump pence stands for toilet paper TP

    1. Jacob Knoetze says

      Exactly, and without TP we’re all in deep sh*t, right smart arse?

    2. Why Not says

      dumb arse! lol

    3. Jacob Knoetze says

      That’s all you got?. Typical and a pity.

  13. Gabriel Berry says

    oh god hopefully not chaos ?

  14. FuturalGames Info Technologie says


  15. Seth Rollins says

    Donald what about the school shooters?

    1. Watching TrainsgoBy says

      mostly radicalized kids creating anarchy on behalf of the sjw, militant,
      leftist fools that want us to turn on ourselves and take away gun
      ownership. That’s the only thing stopping them from attacking openly on
      mass, our ability to mobilize citizens to defend ourselves WHEN the day
      comes that they attack world wide every nation that have bought and paid
      for officials that manuevered their armies into place for them.

  16. Sam Shady says


  17. Random Kid 77 says

    trump is da person to vote for

  18. Watching TrainsgoBy says

    I can’t wait until someone paints that plane blue and white and calls it
    air force one…..

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