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Donald Trump Packs the House in Cleveland, OH 10/22/16

Your president Donald Trump

Saturday, October 22, 2016: Donald J. Trump and Governor Mike Pence will hold a rally at the I-X Center.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump, Mike Pence Rally in Cleveland, OH 10/22/16

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  1. john ostendorf says

    wow that’s so many people how on Earth could Hillary be ahead in the polls?

    1. lordmasterization says

      +WeLoveDemocrats LOLOL more fake BS from a paid shillary troll.

    2. Pennie Bowden says

      I AGree With That Setiment Lordnmaster! F N WOLVES N SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! GO

    3. Pennie Bowden says

      TRUMPSTERS R WAITING For AMERiCAS Election Day!!!!! No f n earlyass

    4. Pennie Bowden says

      We NEED ANOTHER 9/11 FLAG RESURGeance!!!

  2. Gary M says

    kick msm out and make room for more people

  3. Jerry Nieves says

    The polls are rigged

    1. Rosina Julia says

      California Pennsylvania District of Columbia Arizona Utah NEVADA Illinois
      Missouri Virginia Louisiana Wisconsin Washington Michigan Florida New
      Jersey Colorado = Voting Machines in these states are owned by George
      Soros. Be careful you document your vote. He will change it from Trump to

    2. Mark Dejean (BlindManMark) says

      agree! Look at her rally turnout #’s 100-300 people for HillaryClinton vs
      7,000 – 20,000 for Donald Trump ! Amazing the LIES we are being fed by
      Presstitute msm whores,all over Western nations

  4. Nyaandere says

    How did someone get inside with a hillary for… oh.. oh I get it now

    1. Nyaandere says

      Read it closely

    2. Pennie Bowden says


    3. Nyaandere says

      +Pennie Bowden
      It says prison

    4. Pennie Bowden says

      Sorry dude

  5. HEADBANGRR says


  6. Roger Stancill says

    Hey friends, it is good to see and know that so- so many Americans
    are on board and showing up.
    The polls are mostly propaganda… don’t be fooled.
    Now we must hope that Trump will deliver. Peace

    1. Pennie Bowden says

      Roger Stancill I AGREE The poles CANNOT be Trusted!!!

    2. Miele Rodriguez says

      Polls or Polish people. For the record I like Poles. not so much polls.

    3. opa blyaaat says

      lol, polish immigrant for trump here!

  7. M C says

    let’s see KILLARY pack a place like that

  8. J.R. Ewing says

    And on NBC news tonight they said that Trump is behind in swing states
    except Ohio. They then show a Hillary/Kaine rally from today that took
    place in a high school gymnasium…

    1. Pennie Bowden says

      J.R. Ewing They R F TARDS!!!

    2. Ricky Strudel says

      Who watches the biased news on TV anymore? lol

    3. J.R. Ewing says

      +Ricky Strudel I’ve given up on watching the news a long time ago but I
      just had to hear what they had to say about Trump’s Gettysburg address

    4. HEADBANGRR says


  9. Max Durkheim says

    Trump is winning Ohio, hands down. This was obvious 3 months ago when he
    was tied with Hillary in every poll and gaining. Those 18 electoral votes
    are as good as Trump’s. Ohio landslide for Trump!!! I can bet very
    confidently on that!!!

    1. Max Durkheim says

      She could use it and the media is overhyping everything in her favor. It’s

  10. chloe gilbert says

    This is awesome….Hillary can’t fill a high school gymnasium.

    1. gunnuts82 says

      chloe gilbert hell she couldn’t fill the lady’s room at the high schoo! how
      do they expect us to believe she is ahead! that insults all of our
      intelligence! !

    2. chloe gilbert says

      +gunnuts82 Exactly….these polls only include likely voters…those who
      have a voting history…they don’t count the millions who will vote in this
      election for the first time.
      And people are afraid to admit that they will vote Trump because of
      Trump will win…in a landslide. 😉

    3. HEADBANGRR says


  11. Matt P says

    How many people you think that is?

    1. Peggy Henson says

      Mark Dejean

    2. Vanessa Ci says

      Matt P an online article said 30,000

  12. YouRNext 777 says

    Trump is going to win Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Iowa. If trump wins
    Pennsylvania he is the next president!

    1. Иосия Silversmith says

      YouRNext 777 if you honestly want trump president then walk to the nearest
      railroad and place you head on a oncoming train.

  13. My God, It's Full of Stars says

    This reminds me of a certain Lord of the Rings battle scene.

  14. Cheryl55 says

    Wow! OHIO loves Trump!! So do WE!!

  15. whiterussianization says

    True Americana! Americans, take a stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE, VALUES,

  16. Messenger ofdeath says

    We’re going to need a bigger basket!

    1. Pennie Bowden says

      Messenger ofdeath GOOD ONE!!!!

  17. mcanning51 says

    Thanks RSBN for panning the crowds at all Trump rally’s. Suggestion: Send
    cameraman to Hillary rally’s and do the same to show the enthusiasm gap is

  18. Ricky Strudel says

    In the future, the history books will say Trump was the President that
    ended corruption and protected the constitution.

  19. Solid Asian Gold says

    Where are all of the Hillary bumper stickers? I’m guessing the dirt-bags
    supporting Hillary are too ashamed of putting them onto their vehicles but
    still “dirt-bag” enough to vote for her come election time.

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