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Donald Trump Speaks to Students and Faculty at Charter School in Cleveland

Your president Donald Trump

Thursday, September 8, 2016: Before giving a speech at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, Donald Trump met with some students and faculty.

Donald Trump Speaks to Students and Faculty at Charter School in Cleveland


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  1. takethepowerback83 says

    Trump is already our president.

    1. Jesse Reid says

      agreed. love you president Trump

    2. locksley11 says

      +Marg Carter politicians trust worthy all them are lol

    3. luv muzik says

      no he is far from it

    4. Mark Christopher says

      +luv muzik look at that Ohio poll and Florida.. You like that?

    5. controllerbrain says

      This is the most accurate comment.

  2. Henry M says

    this man is going around to the places that need help the most. he is
    asking what can be done, how he can help. the MSM is feeding fear to the
    masses that he is literally hitler, when in fact he is doing things like
    this – truly trying to make america great. we are entering a golden era

    1. TJ P says

      What the MSM doesn’t talk about enough is he’s been doing this ALL along.
      He didn’t just start the past year. He’s been going to community programs
      and speaking about jobs, community and the general welfare of people for

    2. michoacan91davi says

      your right tj p he has been doing this for years, he even tried to help
      lots of low and middle class students who depend heavily on financial aid
      with trump university….then he stole there money and whatever certificate
      they earned wasn’t valid anywhere. what a nice guy huh.

    3. TJ P says

      +michoacan91davi Oh, I didn’t realize that so many children wanted into a
      Real Estate School. Do you know what real estate classes are. It’s not a
      public school and it’s not a college or a university. It’s classes that
      help you sell homes. All DJT did was market it with the name university for
      flare and dramatics. People get angry all the time when they can’t sell
      homes. You either have a flare for selling property or you don’t, even
      after you receive your RE license. Trump has nothing to do with licensing,
      that’s all on the participant. Tell me, where are these students. Please
      name them and give their ages.

    4. michoacan91davi says

      how does any of this justify him stealing financial aid money? why do you
      need names and ages? are you gonna go and ask them yourself if it’s true?

    5. Artur Mrozowski says

      Trump’16 career professional stupid politicians = back off


    #blacks for trump

    1. Ronald Reagan says

      +l’amour killary

    2. deadwalke says

      +Ronald Reagan Yeah Hilary’s easily possessed. The video where she has a
      “seizure” on that poor woman reporter and if you catch Hilary’s
      eyelids/whites, they turn black. No medical phenomenon I know can lead both
      of your eyelids to turn completely black unless something SPIRITUAL is

    3. Ronald Reagan says

      +deadwalke that’s demons in her

    4. deadwalke says

      +Ronald Reagan I know that for sure. She needs an exorcism… a LEGIT one.
      Roman Catholic exorcism don’t work.

    5. Ronald Reagan says

      +deadwalke ur serious and so am I that is scary

  4. AR 15 says


    1. L. Babb says

      +CrimsonTide Hillary has never told the truth in her life unless it was
      politically expedient. You’ve been to numerous Trump rallies?? Lol what do
      you do, follow him around from state to state in a VW van. And you should
      probably go to Clinton rallies instead. They’re almost empty. You’re
      pathetic, guy.

    2. CrimsonTide says

      +L. Babb Typical illiterate basket member. I said I have been to A Trump
      rally…no one said numerous rallies. As an American voter I like to see
      both sides for myself, and the rhetoric and signs and chants were
      deplorable. A basket of deplorables indeed.

    3. AR 15 says

      +CrimsonTide How is he illiterate? You seem to full of attacks and no
      facts. your responses also seem to be anger driven. How is Hillary better
      than trump? can you even answer that without baseless attacks, what
      accomplishments has she had? How does taxing upper and middle class create
      jobs? Why would an employer hire more employees when he has to pay more

  5. CommanderCorson says

    I can’t wait to teach my students about president Trump.

    1. Ronald Reagan says

      +astaquenopueda lol visa expired. ..mom’s pops expired it’s OK I should go
      back and support ur country be proud life goes by fast help ur country rise
      up …I’m gonna help mine and vote trump can’t dodge that my friend god
      bless and good luck on your journey ahead be proud..

    2. TJ P says


    3. Sandy Edwards says

      CommanderCorson better luck next time. He’s not going to win.

  6. Sheila Cooper says


    1. Ronald Reagan says

      +Shane Kent we need verification people at the polling stations

    2. Ronald Reagan says

      +Sheila Cooper no doubt he has alot of knowledge people don’t seem to
      understand how much influence around the world he has creative man no doubt
      and not afraid going into mexico showed alot to me and all the 12
      protesters really shown alot about the media and there lies soros couldn’t
      get a bus there fast enough it seems !

    3. BreezeTide says

      You so sexy and smart….

    4. Lillian Carbone says

      +Ronald Reagan Amen

    5. Kevin Stamp says

      I agree TRUMP will be one of America’s best Presidents in history in my

  7. Ember Eagle says

    This is how you do it if you want real change. You go and talk to the
    people involved and find out whats needed and help them achieve that goal,
    instead of just preaching to people about an ideal world and how things
    should be. Props Trump!

    1. De Hypnotize says

      Actually I never liked number 13 for some reason but I had to be the 13 to
      like your comment , well written .

  8. Kathy Lewis says

    good Job Donald J. Trump ! Take the high roads

    1. l'amour says

      This guy has a heart of gold stopping by a school and talked to faculty and
      kids, while the corrupted media is doing the running for ?ilay. She
      doesn’t have to do anything except keep on coughing to cover her lies.

  9. Jeff Ross (RiotAct) says

    I can honestly say. I have absolutely never EVER seen a candidate work as
    tirelessly as Mr.Trump! If this is any indication of what we can expect
    from him as our leader I think we are in good hands!

    1. T A says

      I’m half his age and I can say I believe he has more energy than I do. It’s

    2. TJ P says


  10. Grant Stuart says

    did he go there today

    1. petco123 says


    2. Iwillmakeyousqueal says

      no.he went there tomorrow

  11. Razib Baral JOY says

    Meanwhile, Hillary is with her donors.

    1. jemielnic says

      organ donors : )

  12. deadwalke says

    If this doesn’t prove the democrats are racist, needle-minded, and
    bed-ridden with their deceit and racist history and lies, I don’t know what
    will. Trump just goes out and impresses me and so many other millennial
    voters by demonstrating behaviors such like this. THIS is what a president
    does! Not play golf when your people need you the most and then when you
    FINALLY come, it’s to upstage someone else or to criticize the people who
    wanted you to come first. THIS is what a president does instead of making
    BS claims like “When i think of Trump, I start having cough convulsions!”.
    We don’t need another New World Order puppet or Vatican-influenced banker.
    We need a #TrumpRevelation!

    1. Zach Carlson says

      Trump is simply starting an incredible revolution. I’ve never seen anyone
      work as hard as he does. He is the most qualified person for president in
      the last 30 years, that’s for sure!

    2. JamesClark ISR says

      That’s right. BLM = Soros bought anarchists.

    3. petco123 says

      +JamesClark ISR

      I just read about Soros! Thanks for the info.

    4. JamesClark ISR says

      +Zach Carlson yes sir Zach, and perhaps more importantly. his timing is
      perfect. his particular skill set is desperately needed NOW. we have to get
      smarter and tougher on trade, defense, and putting the needs and growth of
      America 1st. Americanism NOT globalism. TRUMP TRAIN! i’m a Black American
      BTW so his message is getting across to us, as he reaches out to us, so

  13. Niall says

    The Donald works more than Hillary, she is low energy.

    1. Polly Stewart (SaxonHeart) says

      +iGrindGears What job? Hillary doesn’t have a job. What are you talking
      about? And hate? The hateful rhetoric and lies are ALL coming from the left.

    2. Joe Roger says

      It’s worse than hate from Hillary’s side…it’s “divisive”…and that is
      just evil. They try to turn people against people…rather than people
      against the other candidate. They’re not just calling Trump racist…they
      are calling all of us racist 🙁

    3. Polly Stewart (SaxonHeart) says

      Absolutely. And I am really tired of Hillary, her surrogates, her
      supporters and her media calling me, my family, my friends and anyone that
      doesn’t support her ignorant racists and bigots. Really sick of it.

    4. Michael Tomlinson says

      It’s pretty sickening isn’t it. Calling decent citizens racists and bigots,
      She really has got to curb it. And she’s got the affront to call Trump

  14. Kathy Hernandez says

    This is really Donald Trump. He’s made these kinds of appearances and
    fielded questions for years!

    1. l'amour says

      This guy has a heart of gold stopping by a school and talked to faculty and
      kids, while the corrupted media is doing the running for ?ilay. She
      doesn’t have to do anything except keep on coughing to cover her lies.

  15. Harambe's Ghost says

    He’s great with people in these small groups, even children. He’s done
    several of them lately.

    1. Borel 2016 says

      Thanks Harambe

  16. justelvin says

    Wait a second! He doesn’t require assistance to get out of his chair??? How
    un-presidential. #Trump2016

    1. Mike Gilmore says

      Notice his epic manspreading while he was seated.

    2. aguyandhiscomputer says

      Annnd…. I’m staring at his crotch.

    3. Makinja says

      And I don’t believe he hacked, spat or coughed once. neither did he whip
      out a bottle of hot pepper sauce to impress the peeps.

  17. Delta6500 says

    The things CNN and MSNBC won’t show you…

    1. plumeria66 says

      They are puppets to the globalist masters who pay their fat salaries. They
      will do as they are told and will get fired if they deviate even a bit,
      like what Dr Drew did. He got fired subsequently.

    2. philip Brailey says

      There is nothing worse than CNN.

    3. Ta-Chin Lin says

      I delete my CNN and MSNBC connection from my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

  18. KatherineMacChesney says

    Trump is a Listener. It takes great skill to listen to people. He is also a
    people person. That’s would make him a great President.

    1. Go ahead and hate! says

      yep. hillary can’t hear anyone over her coughing attacks.

    2. Denny Cronin says

      yea but his remarks might make world war 3

    3. The Viralator says

      +Denny Cronin nah, he’s in good terms with Russia and México, So we’re good.

    4. cbgreenbay says

      Denny Cronin Do you have any ideal how stupid and childish you sound? Get
      serious ! I suppose you also think there is a big red button somewhere in
      the white house !

    5. Denny Cronin says

      +cbgreenbay​ yes

  19. IronClad292 says

    Meanwhile……..Golf Cart One, 100,000 miles and counting………

    1. Subatomic Aggressions says

      Golf Cart One. LOL!

  20. NameThatChannel says

    This Good Man, Donald J Trump does our Country Proud Wherever He Goes!

    1. bleb ber says

      The exact opposite of our current president…

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