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Donald’s Final Statement | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. VideoOfDreams says

    Best performance Trump.

    1. Gamer Boy says

      VideoOfDreams stop liying

    2. VideoOfDreams says

      Says the guy who can’t spell “Lying” Na bro

    3. Gamer Boy says

      VideoOfDreams like if you can spell something p.s it was audio corrector

    4. *GOLDEN PANDA* says


  2. Tide Pods says


    1. This Username Has Exactly Fifty Characters Inside. says

      Tide Pods Tide Pods? What lol

    2. Scary Fan says

      I’ll buy you tide pod

    3. Mr. Bleach says

      Drink Me

  3. Meeko says

    Congratulations on your big win last night Mr. President

    1. Tes Ste says

      – boy listening there
      – there is not a law in country who can vote
      – who not
      – which mean
      is totally not important
      first made some law
      – who forbid racism and then would be fine

    2. Tes Ste says

      only fkc mossad avid and cia mamu im jebem
      – and you can not see this

    3. Tes Ste says

      only I would be very soon said to them
      – surprise motherfuckes
      – what is happens
      – there is nothing more to manipulate
      – because you do not known who you are
      you need this to remembering
      now before is to latte
      you want something
      – but head empty
      empire strike back
      what is happens boys and girls
      – what a fkc some evolution
      edit or manipulate that ones
      mamu vam jebem na nacionalnim nivoima
      moram pobjeći od ludaka na blog.cz
      and if you would be there touch something
      – Instantly I killing all three country to the single one human inside
      I must promise to yours made hell in yours country
      yep paid 100 € back millions
      do you want to do please again
      mossad you must now escape
      – they do not have choice
      – and not single one would be ever present in country
      – with a gravestones
      – the man the women the children the grandchildren
      – you goes them to killing anyone
      – I not
      I`m a not yours Mosses you must that to remember

    4. Meeko says

      +Tes Ste Tl;dr?

    5. Tes Ste says

      Mekko BT:kf?

  4. SpritzBrille says

    #DrainTheSwamp join –> reddit.com/r/The_Donald

    1. Red Rebel says

      SpritzBrille BEST SUBREDDIT

  5. Victoria “Kerrybatson” Powers says

    AMEN!! I got my ballot and I am voting for Donald Trump Nov. 8th!

    1. TheGamingBulba says


  6. Achilles says

    The Clintons are bad hombres

    1. Gamer Boy says

      Achilles your mom bra

    2. Achilles says

      Gamer Boy Speak English.

    3. *GOLDEN PANDA* says


  7. spcsyracuse 1056 says

    Hillary u are gonna create world war 3 and now I’m calling Hillary Killary

    1. Rainbowhamster 22 says

      Hey e u friends with kiley Hurd cuz her friend was texting her and said the
      same thing

    2. spcsyracuse 1056 says

      Rainbowhamster 22 no you fucking democratic women Donald trump is gonna
      make America great again we are gonna wipe out isis

    3. Rainbowhamster 22 says

      +spcsyracuse 1056 first of all I’m not with no one second of all say he is
      not going to make America great again because we r not whole America we r
      North America. OMG I can’t even believe I have to teach something here ALL
      OF AMERICA IS NORTH, CENTRAL, AND SOUTH AMERICA. Get your facts right and
      Donald dump can’t control central and South America so in that case he
      can’t make America great again he should say north America


      It’s the complete opposite

  8. Ford Guy says

    Trump gets my vote

    1. Sock Monkey Girl says

      More Tgh beast Watch your mouth you’re like nine years old, gosh

    2. *GOLDEN PANDA* says


  9. Daniel James says

    Absolutely 100% True

    1. Gamer Boy says

      Daniel James America is already great

    2. Daniel James says

      Gamer Boy how is America already Great,you have a40 hr job,good health care
      and lots of money?

  10. Alan A says

    Drain The Swamp

    1. sreetsizwatchin says

      Alan A Draaaaaaiiiiiinnn It!

    2. Alan A says

      Let’s get rid of these corrupt politicians once and for all!!!!

    3. goldenshiningstar says

      It will be Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hernando miguel Calderón says

    I’d give all I had for this man to be our next president…
    we cannot allow that kuntbag in office

    1. KezeiHD says

      Well spoken, we cannot let her drag our country down.

  12. Ninja Star says

    Hillery more like adof Hillary

    1. Grub says

      *Adolf Hitllary

    2. Horse Head Clan says

      Tapout! No he ain’t

  13. Some Guy says

    4 more years of Barack Obama would be better than 1 day of Hillary Clinton.

    1. Retro1029 says


    2. Lolopopolo says

      Some Guy

      They are the same zionist puppets.

    3. Some Guy says

      +Lolopopolo Hillary wants to let in 550% more Syrian refugees than Obama
      is, and wants a “No fly-zone” in Syria which could possibly start WW3.
      She’s worse.

  14. Smokey says

    next president confirmed

    1. TheZodiacz says

      I sense a change in the corporate media- Micheal Rivero over at the what
      really happened website (longtime and ardent supporter of Trump) suggests
      early voting is showing such a landslide to Donald that the rats are
      jumping Hillary’s sinking ship.

    2. RadicalRick says

      Yup, the electoral map is pretty easy to read.

  15. little darlin says

    I proudly cast my vote for TRUMP this week

    1. simple conditionZ says

      Good. Keep Hillary away from our country

    2. TheZodiacz says

      little darlin thank you!

  16. The LOL vines says

    Donald Trump is the best!

    1. TheGamingBulba says


  17. Sergeant “Arch” Dornan says

    If Trump gets elected I will be relieved. But if Hillary goes into office
    deep regret for not registering to vote.

    I made a mistake.

    1. ThisCreatedAccount says

      Sergeant Dornan same bro i forgot to register. feeling the same way as you

    2. Sergeant “Arch” Dornan says

      And I am relieved…. lets hope these 4 years will be great

    3. Breesk says

      Sergeant Dornan You’re in luck

    4. Sam Gamer says

      Sergeant Dornan gladly trump won, i did not want hillary to be president

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