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Double & Triple Saves ● Impossible ● HD

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Double & Triple Saves by Manuel Neuer, David de Gea, Petr Cech, Thibaut Courtois, David Ospina, Samir Handanovic and other

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Song: David Bulla – Cyclone

David Bulla




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  1. Джеймс Капелло says

    Чувак скажи название песни в своем первом видео. Я же тебя попросил

    1. FootoZ says

      +Джеймс Капелло В каком именно?

    2. XxLebsirgxX says


    3. Джеймс Капелло says

      +FootoZ Isco Alarcon Best Skills and Goals 2014 – 2015 | The Magician

      Название песни

  2. candy pino says

    FootoZ amazing videos keep up the good work. :)

    1. SoccerThingz 10 says

      +FootoZ great video

    2. Georgerry says

      +FootoZ yes caparko romania i’m romenien good csms iasi my city is csms iasi

    3. Gabriel Ceriani says

      are you italian? se si ciao

    4. Jacob GAMING says


  3. Miguel Hernandez says

    You’re amazing! I know you’ll be great! You deserve more subs! :)

    1. Pedro Alves says


  4. Kenny Roland says

    5:31 The best

    1. Patrik Czako says

      romanian league

    2. Anonim Afk says

      +Patrik Czako yea. Hihihi :3

  5. Pew Pew says

    where is scott sterling

    1. Carolina Natalia Gonzalez Troncoso says

      +Patrick Interiano jkbvjyfhgjhjgjhhgjjhyggy
      Mr. me. jamo. anhelo

    2. carlos verdugo says


  6. Seiman Andreeas says

    5:32 meawhile in Romania ?? Iasi-Cfr ???

    1. Vrzgr Sgu says

      pacat ca nu era Legenda Tatarusanu.Iesea ca un retardat la orice faza :)))

    2. Seiman Andreeas says


    3. Narcis Macinoi says

      +Seiman Andreeas Cristian branet cred ca e ala 😀

    4. Andrew Mahalo says

      Hes actually italian tho but crazy nontheless

  7. HeyEww Fukaround says


    1. Joseph Peñaloza says


  8. Trinh Tran says

    where is Scott sterling?

    1. Andrea “Kyrri” Carraro says


    2. Tristan TheWMiners says

      That wasn’t count as a doule/ triple/ quadro/ penta save

    3. Joseph Marin says

      Ha lmao XD

  9. LeoN PL says

    Tell me where is Szczesny’s double penalty save vs Liverpool, and where is
    Dudek’s double save vs Milan from CL final???

  10. iXo Games says

    Most of these are repeated…. Smh

  11. Nikolayevic Muhamedoff says

    Samir HAND OF GOD

  12. Bruno Radicheski says

    The last defence made with head was the hardest, no doubt !

  13. Nickolas OajacaTheBoss says

    Once in a soccer match I got 10 saves in a row

  14. M_ファヒム says

    This is why they are named goal KEEPER… I wish you put each goal keepers’
    name there so people know

  15. Mohamed Ismail says

    lol 7:16

  16. Nick meme says

    were is pletikosa Stipe
    Tipe in Stipe pletikosa saves
    he done these 2 times

  17. Oliver Pearce says

    0:40 quadruple save

  18. Napster says

    video = bad quality
    song = some kind of trash.

  19. MikiPlays says

    volim te malena

  20. 이성민 says

    레알온몬에 보면소름돋았다..

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