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New Tech Evo

You asked about FREE IPTV and here it is! ECG LIVE TV offers tons of US channels all good quality, UK Channels Great Quality and guess what?

Does not cost a penny it's completely free. You will need MX Player and You will need ECG APK

You can grab both of these from the Overdose server and start enjoying Free CABLE IPTV!


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  1. Chris Rogers says

    how long will it be free, last one you did only lasted about a week. And then you had to pay for it

    1. newtechevolution says

      i4 android keeps his stuff free all the time. good guy

    2. Chris Rogers says

      That’s great thanks for the reply

  2. Isabel says

    it won’t let me download apk or mx player on Fire tv.

    1. Isabel says

      got it… I had to open in browser.

    2. Isabel says

      Thank you.

  3. Amos Connelious says

    Hi Pal is it possible to get stuff like this on IOS or Mac ? Will love to know pal

    1. Lebo Holmes says

      newtechevolution I’m on fire tv and ecg won’t download for me. Others are fire stick and same thing. I don’t know how to google play on it. It’s like I’m just out of luck

    2. RageAgainstTheMcClure says

      @newtechevolution It is possible for Mac users to enjoy apk’s. Try installing an app called BigNox. It will turn your Mac into a Android emulator.

    3. Rissa Jones says

      Hi. I tried installing 123 Netflix it won’t do any thing I’m using a fire stick. What can I do.. Plz

    4. Johanna Matus says

      Having the same issue

    5. newtechevolution says

      U need mouse toggle for 123netflix

  4. Toysif says

    What other apps do these guys have? Except for this and i4 sports?

  5. Lebo Holmes says

    When I click on ecg file, nothing happens!!!

    1. J on says

      Be careful malware

    2. Lebo Holmes says

      luda lue correction I’m on Fire Tv

    3. luda lue says

      +Lebo Holmes ok its the same as fire stick just follow same instructions i gave the other person

    4. Lebo Holmes says

      luda lue I’m not using a phone anywhere in this process, so that’s confusing

    5. luda lue says

      +Lebo Holmes. aftv.hackmykodi.com go here and find ecg on the list click zip instead of apk the zip file will come up idk why apk wont

  6. Alejandra Buxton says

    Anyone know where i can stream tomorrows UFC fight???

    1. Mooch The Stream Machine says

      Alejandra Buxton use this app on sky sports box office

    2. Alejandra Buxton says

      Thank u so much ??

    3. z3ro7o says

      Alejandra Buxton there is à Ufc add on now , Ufc finest Google iT

    4. z3ro7o says

      All past events , ultimate fighter , live Ufc ?

    5. Alejandra Buxton says

      z3ro7o awesome, thanks

  7. Mr. Buick says

    file won’t open on the Black Box can’t get it to download

  8. Andrew Dickson says

    Hey Newtech, this is awesome while it lasts on my Shield thanks for sharing with us

    1. newtechevolution says

      Andrew Dickson enjoy..

  9. jeff wheeler says

    Hey another great video but I’ve bin lookin for ion TV , can u help or shoe me where I can find it …thanks Tech , your buddy everlast1369….oh and my 12 yr old son thinks your the best since sliced bread …please give him a shout his name is Robert Cavaliere and lives in cobleskill NY…Thanks my friend……

    1. newtechevolution says

      +jeff wheeler will do shout out for him soon:)

  10. Ted Rosner says

    I’m in love with it! Works great!

  11. Quantum Z says

    Looks like the developer spent more time on the beauty of the app than to get actual working links!!!!! Seems like a horrible joke because I haven’t found one working link….

    1. newtechevolution says

      Quantum Z going through updates

  12. Silviu Popescu says

    today – May13 = none of the channels worked

    1. newtechevolution says

      Silviu Popescu its being updated

  13. Mac Mini says

    Great while it lasted! One day dead

  14. Gamal Hall says

    i did everything like you said and all channels wont play, the mesaage reads cant play this link. what gives?

    1. Dinesh Kunwar says

      Gamal Hall I do have same problem too.

  15. Tyrone Thompson says

    This APK is nit compatible with the Amazon stick because it requires MX player and you cant download the mx player through the amazon app store so its a no go

    1. Flintybad T says

      Tyrone Thompson it is compatible you can install mx player on the overdose server

    2. Tyrone Thompson says

      I just found it thanks man

  16. Declan Henderson says

    didn’t last long. app is down

    1. Jesse Hernandez says

      Declan Henderson its working for me.

  17. D Stig says

    whats a good android emulator for windows 10?

  18. TARGETin1080P says


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