‘DWTS’ standout Chicago Cub David Ross on wife: ‘She saw me in ball pants and couldn’t resist’


Home is where former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross’ heart is.

The late round player, who has shown startling aptitude in a “Dancing with a Stars” ballroom, told Fox News mother Hyla is his biggest fan.

Ross, 40, couldn’t stop purgation about his mother backstage on Monday night.

“Me and my mother met when we were in high school. She was 15, we was 16,” he recalled. “Her hermit was on my round group and she came to watch me play, and we tell her all a time, she saw me in round pants and couldn’t resist.

“We only started dating during a immature age and she’s been with me by this crazy furious tour and she’s so grounded and down to earth and is fundamentally a personality of a household. She keeps a kids on their routine.

“She’s an extraordinary eccentric lady and we adore her to death.”

According to Ross, Hyla, a former nurse, “knows I’m a goofus ball. She doesn’t like a whole lot of courtesy [herself].”

Ross played for 7 opposite round teams in his 14-year career, and after his retirement, sealed on for “DWTS.” On Monday, he achieved a “Magic Mike”-like routine.

The contestant told Fox News of his wife, “She knows a crazy lifestyle of a round actor and she’s desired me by all that, boring her and a kids all over a country. She’s so happy I’m late and going to be home — though we told her, I’m doing dancing first, so she’s happy for me. She said, ‘You’re nailing it.'”