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My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

THE PITCH: https://www.mylocalpitch.com/

The Guys:
Freezy: https://www.youtube.com/Calfreezy
Callux: https://www.youtube.com/Callux
Ethan: https://www.youtube.com/Behzinga
JJ: https://www.youtube.com/KSIOlajidebt

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Siddarth Shivkumar says

    the 2k dislikers are callux fans.

    1. RüThŁęsš Drīłlå says

      Siddarth Shivkumar I’m a Callux fan and I liked it so

    2. Brooknessmonster B (BNM) says

      Siddarth Shivkumar 3k

    3. AA my nickname says


  2. Khal Drogo says

    Has Simon put on weight?

    Oh no wait, thats Ethan.

    1. John MacDonald says

      Khal Drogo cmon preeety goood roast

    2. Sanderogsammy Vlog says

      Khal Drogo

    3. shomaila araf says

      Khal Drogo

    4. V amofah appiah says


    5. brager2006 says

      Khal Drogo Good One

  3. argjend ballabani says

    what song min 2:40

    1. Mariusz Palen says


    2. Maxwell Quinney says


    3. Maxwell Quinney says

      what song 2.55

    4. Shahem Alyasen Alyasin says

      Maxwell Quinney its: until we make it

    5. argjend ballabani says

      thank you together

  4. Gabriël Games says

    I was dieing at 3:11 when JJ came in ???

    1. The great one Rossgreen says

      Yeah that made me laugh

    2. Ben Tekz says

      Anyone what is the song called at 2:56

    3. Mystic Music says

      Gabriël Games z

    4. Evan Cook says

      Ben Tekz l

    5. Evan Cook says


  5. Liewon Haidar says

    Song at 2:24?

    1. Brycen Bynum says


    2. Santiago De los Reyes says

      Liewon Haidar


    3. Lee Storey says

      Brycen Bynum that is not Apache

    4. TheShieldGun says

      Lee Storey do a handstand

  6. •I'mLucasGGez• says

    1:30 What this song

    1. W2S SONGS says

      NICK PALA I want to know it too 😀

    2. NICK PALA says


    3. Help me get 1000 subs without any video s says

      •I’mLucasGGez• Disfigure Blank VIO

    4. Help me get 1000 subs without any video s says


  7. Rhysizzle says

    harry’s your officially a crossbar boss

    1. FIFA Football says

      Rhys is great

    2. Swagin' Stuff says

      Rhysizzle nice

  8. QBKING 77 says

    What’s the song at 2:22

    1. Teocl 7 says

      Robbery song

    2. Erin Campbell says

      QBKING 77 ee

    3. Fiona Monreal says

      QBKING 77 xuz

  9. iiWilly says

    1:17 whats the whistle song called

    1. Ben Earnshaw says

      WillyDuxNation Andy grithith tribute

  10. Youssef Abed says

    1 like = Go out with your crush
    1 sub = Infinite luck for life! =D
    Have a good day! <3

    1. Python 2 says

      Youssef Abed I’m already going out with my crush

  11. Nicole Rowan Holt says

    Can I get 200 likes on this post
    Ps it’s my birthday

    1. Callum margetts says

      Nicole Rowan Holt ok hi

    2. Football Zm08 says

      Yeah right

    3. michael grace says

      Nicole Rowan Holt k

  12. Beat Bailey9 says

    Why does the football net have wheels

    1. LuckySocks says

      Bailey Boo33 So it can drive home at night

    2. ayush thapa says

      LuckySocks best comment I have read

    3. MohazahYT says

      Bailey Boo33 SO THEY CAN PARK IT LALALOALALAOLAOALALA ok that was the worst
      joke ever

  13. Kevin bob says

    song in 0:23

    1. Luka Eckert says


    2. Bobbyboy says

      stalker clown moonbeat something

  14. ItzMarkFTW says

    2:37 song name!?

    1. Sammy G says

      Mr_Led_Comando ultimate

    2. Chikara Kameshima (CK4) says

      Ultimate-Denzel Curry

    3. Manos Kekeridis says

      Markecz [GD]

  15. GBS FIFA says

    Harry every video you make makes me smile and laugh. Your best you tuber in
    the world and k couldn’t think of a funny person. If you don’t reply that’s
    fine but I just want you to know this. Continue the amazing work mate??

    1. De Gameboy2004 says

      GBS FIFA ikr

    2. Rachael Byrne says

      GBS FIFA Zachy10 Ava

    3. HagiDaGamer says

      GBS FIFA 10000% I agree

    4. Saif Stevens says


  16. Tom Carpenter says

    who knows the music at 3:09 ?

    1. Edoardo Perfetti says

      Tom Carpenter s

    2. LFG Tekkers says

      who knows 0:01 music

    3. Taran Attavar says

      who knows the music at 1:33?

    4. Liam Oneale says

      Taran Attavar disfigure – blank VIP

    5. CalDabGaming says

      Taran Attavar 9

  17. Lionel Messi says

    song at 0:51 plz

    1. Noobest Player on csgo says

      Sedat Aytar

    2. olof palme says

      Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Trinix Remix)

    3. Abbishan Pangasenthiran says

      Sedat Aytar o

    4. Mr Raf says

      Sedat Aytar Robbery song Remix

  18. Kristy Flood says

    Who’s watching this in any,month after October

    1. darene st martin says

      Mr Hurricane11 YT me

    2. Steve plays says


    3. Nick Flores says

      i do

    4. imogen alpin says


    5. Muhammed Ali says


  19. NavyRat says

    Where is Simon and Tobi?!

    1. darene st martin says

      TariBay S you have a point

    2. Naruto Uzamaki says

      TariBay S didn’t you hear Harry he said he can’t afford Tobi

  20. AA my nickname says

    first of ALL I DID 3ON SCHOOL!

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