Emma Watson Has A Doppelganger That’ll Make You Do A Double-Take


The similarity sparked a “dive into a Harry Potter universe” that incited her to turn a fan of Hermione:

“I didn’t know who Emma Watson was when we was initial speckled during a postal bureau and a integrate of immature girls told me we looked like ‘Hermione Granger’. we had no thought who Hermione was, nor have we ever listened of that name, during a time given this was when a initial Harry Potter film was released. So, my mom and we had to demeanour it adult and find out who she was.

If it wasn’t for those dual immature girls, we substantially wouldn’t have famous about Harry Potter until a bit later. we consider they arrange of started my dive into a Harry Potter universe. I’ve always desired reading books given we initial schooled how to read, so we consider it was unavoidable for me to like Harry Potter so most once we started reading it. we consider it’s super cold since I’ve always associated to Hermione in a books (smart, bossy, zealous reader, etc). So, it creates cosplaying as Hermione during conventions a thousand times better!”