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Emre Mor ● Crazy Dribbles & Skills 2016/17 ● HD

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Emre Mor Crazy Dribbles & Skills Borussia Dortmund 2016/17

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  1. Ümit Müller says

    Hes gonna be a big talent!

    1. all new technology says

      am his team mate and yes he did broke his 3 legs

    2. Guner Selvi says

      +all new technology hmm by fucking you ?

    3. all new technology says

      by freacking john cena … it doesnt matter who broke it

    4. djdaviddm1 says

      Y uyyhbnj

    5. Maddin ?? says

      he is a big Talent:-)

  2. MultiFreakface says

    Great runs but they lead to nothing

    1. Zach Sanchez says

      exactly what I was thinking, not to mention he is completely left footed.
      Its not a bad thing, plenty of people get away with it, but if he truly
      wanted to elevate his game, he should use both feet. He also needs better
      game awareness, which is the main reason a lot of these dribbles lead to

    2. kanashi kuma says

      +Zach Sanchez Yes, but he is really young he could learn everything

    3. MultiFreakface says

      I completely agree. A bit more first team experience and training and he’ll
      be making more intelligent runs. I could see him being a great player in
      the future.

    4. Zach Sanchez says

      +kanashi kuma Exactly. I’m sure he will get every opportunity to learn.
      Dortmund is very well know for developing these young players.

    5. LordWhite says

      Check my channel pls 😀

  3. Ozan Gül says

    As bayrakları ??

    1. Mahir Sarıgül says

      aynen bro ??

    2. fatih incedayi says

      aslan ya büyük gurur ??????

    3. Sinan Sipahiler says

      Bu çocuk Türkiye’de yetişmedi ki. Gurur duyması gereken birileri varsa
      onlar da Emre’nin bu noktaya gelmesinde emeği olan Danimarkalı
      antrenörleridir. Biz niye bayrakları asıyoruz anlayamadım. Keni başarımız
      olmayan bir şeyle övünmek çok ezikçe değil mi?

    4. Sercan Graphics says

      +Sinan Sipahiler simdi de bizim elimizde daha iyi isler basaricagina
      inaniyorum 🙂

    5. RaGo TV says


  4. UğurCan KılsızOğlu says

    ♡ TURKEY ♡

    1. LP11EDITS says


    2. kanashi kuma says

      +LP11EDITS cool

    3. LP11EDITS says

      +kanashi kuma I was reacting to someone else who typed is* and i asked why
      he said is but he removed his comment.

  5. DiggyTV says

    welcome to Bayern xD

    1. Leo Messi10 says


    2. Dan Kh says


    3. Der Anwalt says

      du hurensohn haha

  6. Fuk says

    He can’t finish 🙁 , and his passes are not very good 🙁 , great dribbling
    though :)

    1. GamEmpire HD says

      well ur right but ne is 19 he can learn tho

    2. Patrick Henderson says

      +GamEmpire HD stop telling everyone he’s 19 and that he can learn. You’ve
      said it so many times to different people ?

    3. GamEmpire HD says

      +Patrick Henderson lol im turkish so its normal o think….. ??

    4. Ricardo Azana says

      So how did he pass it to one of his team ates and scored

  7. john lmp says

    pass accusary: 0,00%

    1. RiotOfVio says

      It’s called ‘Accuracy’. Your grammer: 0,00%

    2. john lmp says

      +RiotOfVio you are a big wanker….shut your mouth!!!!!

    3. RiotOfVio says

      +john lmp And appereantly you’re an 8 yr old

    4. john lmp says

      +RiotOfVio 😀

  8. Skippy says

    Emre Mor + Dybala = Messi

    1. Gamer Stan says

      +LeRe GoKe better than you 100times

    2. LeRe GoKe says

      +Gamer Stan and Im better than YOU 1000 times

    3. Gamer Stan says

      +LeRe GoKe you dont fucking know how I play

    4. LeRe GoKe says

      +Gamer Stan like your grandma

    5. Edgar Davids says

      +LBNSoldiers no

  9. vellica hearst says

    This song is ruin your day

    1. GamEmpire HD says

      he is only 19!!!!

    2. Cucho says

      jaja hey you are in love with him

  10. Gustavo#ContenteTv says

    Welcome Corinthians

    1. Ugur Acar says

      lol what is corintias ? 😀

    2. yuck fou says


    3. LSG Kickers says

      +Ugur Acar a brazilian football team

    4. Ugur Acar says

      +LSG Kickers ı know but don’t transfer

    5. ecol23 says

      excuse Ugur, he must have been joking =) but i like Sao Paolo better not to
      mention =)

  11. Yeoj Eztarp says

    Mor, Dembele, Pulisic, Ginter, Weigl, Durm, Merino. Dortmund are stacked
    with quality young players.

    1. guba1a says

      Durm and Ginter LOL

    2. Lars Borgen says

      durm not that much but ginter is a real talent?

    3. guba1a says

      +Lars Borgen I don’t rate him that much. He’s 4th choice at BVB and will
      probably be 5th when we get a new CB next summer.

    4. MadLife's Brother says

      Passlack? he’s looking great so far. with Piszczek to learn from he will
      become a great player.

    5. Akeem Emanuel says

      Raphael Guerrero he is good too

  12. Alexandro De Souza says


    1. LeRe GoKe says


    2. Baran Sal says

      why never you idioot he can very good play

  13. Safinevada Sahrul says

    better go ti real madrit good counter attack

    1. Aaron Anderson -BGA says

      His career will get spoilt if he goes to Madrid when he is so young

    2. AHMET UTAR says

      Neymar giderken demiyodunuz amk

  14. AnimeGuy007 says

    Great pace,dribbling and passing but shooting needs improvement

    1. GamEmpire HD says

      he is 19 ne can learn evryting

    2. Bugra Aslan says

      you’re right bro. If he get stronger and improve his shoots he can be new

    3. Yaşar Ufakin says

      +Beeugra Aslan e

    4. Yaşar Ufakin says

      +Beeugra Aslan ewt ee siktir

    5. Yaşar Ufakin says

      +GamEmpire HD l

  15. Alper Ayd says


    1. LeRe GoKe says


    2. niggaa yonce says

      +LeRe GoKe sen niye herşeye yorum atıyon orospu çocu

  16. Oncle Ben says

    In before he moves to Man united for 30 million, 2019/20

    1. LP11EDITS says

      You only say this because u don’t like Turkey

    2. Ugur Acar says

      +LeRe GoKe jealous french!

  17. Reeece says

    Please don’t curse players with the next messi title look at marko Marin’s
    career lol

    1. RiotOfVio says

      Or Halilovic’s. He’s been casted away to Hamburg this year. Poor lad

    2. RuppyThePuppy says

      thats not really a bad thing since he is still really young. He wouldve
      came back to barca but since he is so young he wouldnt be able to break
      into the starting 11. It’s better for his development to play at a place
      where he can get experience on the field

    3. RiotOfVio says

      +RuppyThePuppy Well to be honest, I don’t think Halil will ever break into
      Barça’s starting 11. He is just hype

  18. Alex Wi says

    WTF is this music? My ears hurt af!!

    1. RiotOfVio says

      Teenage music? I don’t know but my ears are bleeding as well

  19. CD Atrcrew says

    Emre Mor is only to stop with a foul!!!!!

    1. Emir Saik says


    2. Seagle is here says


    3. zmatthd 87 says


    4. AHMET UTAR says

      yess bro emre mor nice !!!

  20. kadir yilmaz says

    emre mor(maradona)

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