England Bans Its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims


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English people are terrified of displaying their own flag after being endlessly lectured that it's racist and offensive to immigrants.

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    • +Calgacus of Caledonia I can guarantee he will win trust me I don’t know
      anyone not voting g for him literally you can’t drive any where without
      seeing his signs. the media lies to the rest of the world non stop
      Americans aren’t like the media trust me.

    • +ohio guy
      I hear ya brother! I live in Oklahoma and everyone I know is voting

      Under no circumstance would I ever consider voting for that evil witch
      Hillary….and if other people know anything about her, I just don’t see
      how they could possibly bring themselves to vote for her either.

    • +Calgacus of Caledonia

      Foo kin mongoloid? u no good vibrations? humor gone? u easily offended? u
      probably from Meccah? u no like Barks but like bay at funny neighbor? so
      let’s exchange watermelons over the fence, will ya? wooosh! =========O

    • +AtheistLobster you have to be aware of your neighbors rather than muslims,
      the greatest atrocities this world has seen was made by europeans to other

    • +leonardoflorentin Our neighbours are fine thank you. Europe stands for
      liberal values and freedom of speech. Islam and most Muslim countries do
      NOT. The greatest threat to Erope, America, Australia, Russia, India and
      most of the world is ISLAM. Not Europe. Britain left the EU because of
      Muslim immigrants not because of German or Italian immigrants. Islam is the
      cancer of the world. Your last point is not just irrelevant, but wrong.
      Stalin killed more and he wasnt European. Mao killed more people and he
      wasnt European. Your point is stupid. These people are all dead. They are
      no longer a threat, Islam has been a backwards savage ideology for many
      years and has been responsible for more deaths from the days of the Ottoman
      Empire than any dictator. Hitler, Stalin, Mao will go down in infamy, as
      will the death cult that is Islam.

  1. Muslims are shitstains on the planet. The dune coons need to rounded up and
    put in concentration camps, then deported.

  2. It is time for a comeback of the dark age. We’re currently demonting the
    whole western democratic idea and replacing it with the religious feudalism
    of Islam. We’re moving into a dark anti-tech and anti-female era.

    Who to thank for this? Feminists and liberals are those who currently are
    paving the way for the middleast antidemocratic movement we see in Europe

    • +Harry Romes fall was due to the fact that it was to big and were having
      money problems with insurgences fighting for the crown and Roman kings
      being neglectful of their duties like Nero but at the same time putting all
      they’re blames on the early Christians blaming them for what happened in
      the burning of Rome just the nazi blamed the Jews for all they’re problems
      going on and using them like scapegoats so the public would have someone to
      hate and blame don’t take this a dumb leftist cus I ain’t left nor right
      just putting my two cents thanks for your time and have a good rest of ur
      life ? no sarcasm intended

    • I’ll take alcoholism and suicide problems ALLLLL DAYYY over any of this.
      That’s not even an issue to think about. That doesn’t affect your personal
      life, that just means there are a lot of depressed alcoholics around. Just
      don’t be one lol.

    • A lot of people referencing drug and alcohol use to these issues. Did you
      know that people who are intellectual and peaceful are more likely to do
      these things. So, stop trying to attack other things. We need to end evil
      people and ideas. Drugs do not create those things. Go ahead and try to
      argue that it does, but fact is everyone I know smoke pot, A LOT. We are
      the most peaceful, loving people you’ll meet and all are full time working,
      self sufficient members of society. So, I will say it one more time. DRUGS
      PEOPLE!!!!! Sorry if you had a loved one “lost” to drugs, but fact is they
      were messed up and had that evil already. no drugs did it, they did. Saying
      it was the drugs fault is an insult to your loved one. TO say they don’t
      have free will and are helpless to the actions they take in life is soooo
      insulting. Stop it.

    • +Shane Collins so fucking true I know firemen nurses and engineers who
      smoke pot/weed. 420 for Britain! didn’t Cameron say he’d smoked pot? oh,
      that’s right he didn’t inhale… really??

    • +Missy Victoria Aren’t you? in all honesty can you see around yourself, can
      you honestly say that you aren’t really bright, can you swear to say the
      truth upon the most precious thing you have and say that you aren’t an
      ignorant? If you can be honest with yourself you won’t reply anymore,
      otherwise you’ll post another stupid comment.

    • Once they get a PM like Trump, Geert Wilders or Marie Le Pen, I think this
      absurd bullshit will start to reverse quick. White people just need a
      little wake up call and they’re capable of doing some pretty major
      destruction on a global scale. It’s still in the European bloodline. Just
      needs a spark.

  3. I am from India. I just want to say I find the English Flag beautiful. We
    still retain the Red and White Cross in our Navy today, Every Indian
    Frigate bears the same Flag 😀

    A long lost reminiscent of the British Empire..

    • You’re a true Indian as you’ve not lost love and respect for your former
      slave masters, dumbass. Atleast the muslims and blacks show pride on
      themselves and are turning the tables for past misdemeanors, people like
      you would gladly become a bahadur slave for the whites all over again.

    • rockembach And his the dumbass? Look at the Islamic slave trade of
      African’s..but I guess that would destroy your unintelligent world view.


    • Illogicbomb It is very simple. Flags are not the inert objects they seem.
      They are actually genectically modified humans
      They are part of the Order of the Linen, a vicious underground group
      created by and mostly volunteer group of dissident textile manufacturers.
      Brothers John, Paul, George and Richard were deep in the Gobi desert, near
      an oasis they discovered a large field of plants, none were familiar with.
      It was found that it was that plant stalks were capable of producing a
      thread finer than linen. Many, many flags were produced, as they were
      extremely durable and felt good in the hand. Some claimed the material felt
      alive; a seer of the Dumbnutta order claimed he had once felt a presence in
      the flag room but could pin point where it was. He claimed what ever it is
      it is dark, malevolent,

    • Illogicbomb part 2 The seer was discovered at the foot of a building where
      he lived on the 99th floor. He was extremly dead, having fallen over 100
      floors, from the roof, crashing onto a brand new cops’ car. He was tightly
      wrapped by the country’s flag, so tight it was going to need to be cut from
      the body. A rumor says the pathologist turned away for a blade; when he
      looked bavk, the flag had fallen off from the body. It was mostly intact,
      and was kept for evidence. An on duty diener in Pathology heard a a sound,
      like a voice murmuring, just below his hearing threshold. Suddenly, the
      voice became clear; spouting bigotry and prejudice and all kinds of bitter
      vitriol, beyond toxic. The diener felt himself consumed. He left work and
      promptly murdered a black family. He later claimed the flag forced him to
      commit the murders; the flag hated them since it saw a group blacks burning
      flags. So it avenged its lost comrade. So claimed the diener. So flags
      aren’t only bigoted, they are capable of
      controlling human and animal minds. Interestingly, this is exactly the same
      method used by hand guns; once the mind is controlled, the subject becomes
      the guns. This is how flags can kill and guns get to shoot by b themselves.
      Looks like Dianne of the Feinstein Bloom was right all along.

  5. The Donald grows stronger by the day! When he sits in the Oval Office, we
    will ban islam (is-lame as I like to call it) and fly our nations flag
    higher than ever before!!

    Trump 2016!!! ??????

    BELIEVE IT!!!!!! [ Uzumaki Naruto…]

    • I don’t like Trump beacause he’s a racist dumbass who can’t put a sentence
      together but I’d take him any day over the democrats bs Political
      correctness any day…

  6. i am from Germany i wil vote Next Time for the Afd becous theez leftist
    have to go and is wil vote for them becous of Protest