EU army next? Brussels in a singular position to yield WORLDWIDE confidence – arch claims


Ms Mogherini said: “We blink a energy we have, and underestimating or downplaying it we harm ourselves. we consider a categorical plea Europeans have, when it comes to their purpose in a world, is a miss of self-confidence.

“You ask me if it is still probable to have a unfamiliar process but a UK? Sure, we consider a UK will face many some-more problems than us after a Brexit.

“The really same fact that it has taken them some-more than 9 months to start negotiations after a formula of a referendum tells we it is most some-more difficult than they calculated.”

Last month ameans a continent is closer to fight than it has been in decades.

Sir Adam Thomson, who is now Director of a European Leadership Network, pronounced a risk of an armed dispute violation out was during a top indicate in decades, as tensions between Nato and Russia are rising, as good nationalism and populism entrance to a front opposite European nations.