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EU army next? Brussels in a unique position to provide WORLDWIDE security – chief claims

Ms Mogherini said: “We underestimate the power we have, and underestimating or downplaying it we hurt ourselves. I think the main challenge Europeans have, when it comes to their role in the world, is a lack of self-confidence.

“You ask me if it is still possible to have a foreign policy without the UK? Sure, I think the UK will face many more problems than us after the Brexit.

“The very same fact that it has taken them more than nine months to start negotiations after the results of the referendum tells you it is much more complicated than they calculated.”

Last month ameans the continent is closer to war than it has been in decades.

Sir Adam Thomson, who is now Director of the European Leadership Network, said the risk of an armed conflict breaking out was at the highest point in decades, as tensions between Nato and Russia are rising, as well nationalism and populism coming to the fore across European nations. 

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