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EU Exit plan IS going to work: May blasts new plot to sabotage Brexit

Ministers many need another “six months” to decide on their priorities for Brexit, the memo said.

It also.

But Downing Street delivered a stinging rebuke to Deloitte, dismissing the report as the work of one consultant at the firm and insisting it was never commissioned by ministers.

The Government spokesman said: “This unsolicited document has nothing to do with the Government at all. It was produced by an individual from an external accountancy firm. It has no authority and we don’t recognise any of the claims it makes.”

Mrs May’s official spokeswoman said the Prime Minister had never seen the memo.

“This individual has never been in Number 10 or engaged with officials in Number 10 since the Prime Minister took office,” said the spokeswoman.

“It is really for Deloitte to answer what it is about. Certainly it has not been commissioned by Government; it’s nothing to do with us. It hasn’t been distributed widely across Government. It does seem as though this is a firm touting for business.

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