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Extended Behind the Scenes – Squatty Potty’s Unicorn Ad

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Get a glimpse and go behind the scenes in what it take to have a viral Ad created. Derral was one of the executive producers of Squatty Potty’s “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” ad. Boing Boing called it “The greatest viral ad in Internet History”

Watch Squatty Potty Ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q

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Special Thanks to Harmon Brothers

Huge thanks to the behind the scenes videographer & editor: Alex Cox

Big Thanks for the team that worked so hard to pull this off…This behind the scenes video features some of the people that made this magic all happen:

Squatty Potty CEO and Co-Founder – Bobby Edwards
Co-Founders – Bill and Judy Edwards

Executive Producers – Jeffrey Harmon & Derral Eves
Producer/1st A.D. – James Dayton
Directors – Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance
Prince of Poop – Wes Tolman
Unicorn Voice – Mitch Hall
Creative Director – Daniel Harmon
Writers – Dave Vance, Jeffrey Harmon, and Daniel Harmon
Director of Photography – Casey Wilson
Editor/Script Supervisor/DIT – Kaitlin Snow
VFX – Nick Dixon
Production Management – Benton Crane, Madeleine Flynn
Props Conveyor Belt & Toilet: Jay Davis, Deveren Farley
Color – Ben Brooksby
Casting- Ben Hopkin, Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, Derral Eves, Dave Vance
Sound – Jacob Edvalson
Sound design – Jacob Edvalson & Daren Smith
Line Producers – Spanky Ward & Benton Crane
1ST A.C. – Lane Russell
Gaffer – Carl Gundestrup
Grip – Josh Contor
Set Designer – Chloe Huber, Corbin Sterling
Unicorn Creator & Animatronics Director – Chris Hansen
Hair/MU – Abigail Steel, Vanae Morris
Wardrobe – Anna K. Findlay
Puppeteers- Matthew Cramer, James Morris & Emily Fox
Food Stylist – Amelia Carbine
P.A./Craft – Josh Ralphs
Storyboards: Ben Lalli
Unicorn Character Illustration Design: Walt Watts
Behind the Scenes Videographer & Editor: Alex Cox

Extended Behind the Scenes – Squatty Potty’s Unicorn Ad

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  1. Gareth Bale says

    why this video gets so many dislikes?

    1. CR Family Vlogs says

      +Gareth Bale ya I don’t get it.

  2. Teresa Richardson says

    I love the squatty potty video and the Unicorn. When does the cartoon
    series come out? Where can we buy T-shirts?

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Crochet Geek Love the cartoon series idea!

    2. Eardrum Buzzer says

      +Crochet Geek I want a t-shirt, too!

  3. Dr. Tarrin P Lupo says

    This is so great, btw I have a Squatty Potty and tell me patients how great
    they are.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Dr. Tarrin P Lupo thanks! I love the squatty potty too!

    2. Chris D. says

      +Dr. Tarrin P Lupo Boy I watched that ad.


    Make a mini unicorn stuffed animal, that’ll sell right off the shelf.

    1. JMPTHEFIRST says

      +Les Anderson
      Lol, yeah put one of those at that all u can eat buffets…?

    2. Derral Eves says

      +SelecTech That is the plan! 🙂

    3. Akasha Knightly says

      Les Anderson… Les that is an awesome idea

    4. Donna says

      +JMPHD …And don’t forget to include the soft-serve cone with it. 😉

  5. lavvy2585 says

    Amazing how they got steam to come off of it!! LOL

    1. Batabii says

      +lavvy2585 I thought that was frost. Like when you open an ice cream tub

    2. lavvy2585 says

      LOL, it might be either way it is funny!!!

  6. Shane McFamous says

    Sometimes the film industry can seem shitty, but this was magic!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Shane McFamous Thanks!

    2. Trexbob says

      +Shane McFamous “Plot” Twist, it was unicorn magic ;3

    3. 5 Days A Stranger, The Remake says

      +Trexbob TM
      How about, “plop” twist instead?

    4. Trexbob says

      +5 Days A Stranger, The Remake Yez

  7. AlpacasOfAlagaesia says

    This ad was honestly the FIRST ad EVER that I didn’t want to skip! Great
    job, seriously…best ad ever!!

    1. bigbenhoward says

      +AlpacasOfAlagaesia Same happened with me! I even shared it in my gamer
      group. We loved it. XD

      Great work team!

    2. Ambareen Baig says

      +AlpacasOfAlagaesia I agree! this and the poopourri ad. which I suppose was
      made by the same team

    3. Leena says

      +AlpacasOfAlagaesia I know…it’s weird…

    4. Naomi Alvarez says

      IKR i just keep watching it all ovef again

  8. Cindy Sun says

    Any one want to be youtube friends?

  9. bigbenhoward says

    I just spent 21 minutes learning how to make a unicorn poop just right. I
    feel like I’m a better man for it.

  10. Antonio D says

    I was about to skip this ad when I first saw it but it got my attention
    within seconds with a pooping unicorn lmao. Who knew!?

  11. violetflame says

    Future potty training method? LOL I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! <3 <3 <3

    1. violetflame says

      +sarah pookie err i was refering to the name squatty I love that word
      tickles my ears!

  12. duksoe says

    I like this commercial. It is so fun and creative.

  13. J. Nicole Bryan says

    But who’s the cute prince? ;)

    1. helljumperz90 says

      It literally says in this video…

  14. Commodorefan64 says

    Awesome work guys, got me to buy 2 Squatty Potty for my bathrooms last
    night from Bed Bath and Beyond. :-)

  15. Live and Let Live says

    I love it. Not i need to poop and I’m craving ice cream. =)
    Poop humor is always funny

  16. Sara Fares says

    I was crying I laughed so hard The commercial is one of the BEST I’ve ever

  17. Stefano Morandi says

    i hate ads, but i loved this… you are a master at your craft

  18. CrazyCake says

    Wait can someone help me? Is this a joke, I know the ad is but wait is he
    talking seriously?!?

  19. kloppanator says

    I’m not going to tell where I’m watching this…

  20. PaPiRiCoSuAvE says

    kiss your hemorrhoids goodbye, well not literally ^ ^ lmao hahahahahaha

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