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  1. Ozikk - Roblox & More! says

    1:16 there’s two W2S’s

    1. oh yeah clarke says

      harry1 josh3
      that’s the score

    2. Sonara Khan says

      Ozikk – Roblox And More it’s called editing

    3. tucson tech lab says

      Ozikk – Roblox And More qqq

    4. jasen c says

      Ozikk – Roblox And Mo

  2. Melak Hamed says

    why do i feel bad for the dad

    1. Logan Watkins says

      I feel bad too idk why

    2. keir and Brandon Show says

      Logan Watkins

    3. Omega Timbo says

      REKTM8GAMING same i feel lime the d a d thinjs he is a noob. Anyway the dad
      is soo coo,

    4. May McGrath says

      Celtic are the best Rangers are the worst Rangers champions celtic are the
      worst around the world

    5. Neda Miljkovic says


  3. Malte Rask says

    1:14 See anything strange?

    1. RLRmen Gamer says

      There’s two of him

    2. Rocket Ronnie says

      Malte Rask editing

    3. Malte Rask says

      Ronnie Ronnie I know

  4. ƬψƬβRдпδφη#Brandon QuniTM says

    Actually it is 1:18 that Is when there’s 2 W2s

    1. ƬψƬβRдпδφη#Brandon QuniTM says

      pls sub my channel I’ll try to make more vids mostly music

    2. ƬψƬβRдпδφη#Brandon QuniTM says

      pls visit pumbaFan

    3. ƬψƬβRдпδφη#Brandon QuniTM says

      with a space

    4. Rocket Ronnie says

      ƬψƬβRдпδφη#Brandon QuniTM editing.

  5. Sam Abdulla says

    1:15-1:20 there is two of him

    1. Fernando Castrellon says

      Pinosg Espejel o

    2. Rocket Ronnie says

      Sam Abdulla it is editing

    3. китай бугага классно says

      Sam Abdull

  6. EmeraldTheGamingGod says

    Their naybors (don’t know how to spell that) must get tons of free
    footballs(soccer balls)

    1. Tryggvi Hernandez says

      Naybors… ?

    2. skill boyz says

      TRIGGERED its neighbors if you know proper inglish

    3. Dorito Gaming says

      And free glass broken

    4. Dorito Gaming says

      It’s English if you know proper English

    5. Matthew Jeffrey says

      EmeraldTheGamingGod you can’t even spell neighbours right

  7. TeamThunderBoltz says

    there is 2 of him 1:16

    1. Oskar Rou Hedegaard says

      TeamThunderBoltz yes there are

    2. Kaleb Davila says


    3. Rodri Play XD says

      Kaleb Davila alfin alguien que habla español

  8. TheBlingGamer says

    was is the song at 3:03

    1. Manchester Freestylers says

      Jacob Smith Ookay Starting Over

    2. Rosetta Veltri says

      Manchester Freestylers


    You are starting to be dude perfect 2.0

    1. Joe'mo 2000 says

      No where near. They are 1/20 of dude perfect.

    2. Lucy Nichols says

      Ryan’s Vlogs op

    3. berry red says


    4. Barbel Jankowsky says


    5. Barbel Jankowsky says


  10. Jet & Pals says

    At 1:16 their ti Harry’s

    1. ŤHÈ_PŔÒBÒÝ says

      yeah its amazing

    2. Rocket Ronnie says

      Jet & Pals editing

  11. Mark Offical says

    4:46-5:00 illuminati confirmed
    Why?: the basketball hit the goal

    1. Alft22 !!! says

      Mark Offical it was the Marco reus ball trick

    2. Marcela riaño erazo says

      Mark Offical

    3. Pan Gamer Tierno says

      Mark Offical an sorry ablo espanich :v

    4. GFM Crunch says

      Sub to me

  12. Neon Dog says

    LOL AT 1:20 i dare u spot the glitch freeze the video at 1:20 and u will

    1. Neon Dog says

      Ronnie Ronnie so what I’m white thx I’m not affended

    2. Rocket Ronnie says

      Neon Dog so i don’t care if you are white because it sais you are neon

    3. ΔHMΔD Δ says

      You both are fucking childish, get back to your mother’s womb faggots.

    4. Rocket Ronnie says

      ΔHMΔD Δ it is neon dog

  13. Charizard says

    There was two of him one on the floor and one standin

    1. theNorThMa says


    2. Rocket Ronnie says

      Charizard editing

  14. ScidHD GT says

    music at 59?

    1. ScidHD GT says


    2. ScidHD GT says

      Jesus Christ I mean 0:59

    3. Director Krennic says

      ScidHD GT how do u not no that its see you again

  15. Shadowflame7323 says

    1:20 There are 2 of him

    1. POLO Lava123 says

      Sonara Khan

    2. mark ratcliffe says

      Shadowflame7323 ;

    3. Julie Devaux says

      mark ratcliffe 7

  16. Laura lozano Moran says

    Pleas can someone say what their names are ? ( i’m new on this channel )

    1. Nigerian Prince says

      Laura lozano Moran harry and josh

    2. Laura lozano Moran says

      Nigerian Prince oh okay ??

  17. Peter Blomquist says

    wtf is that basketball shot stupid brits

  18. Messi2116 says

    He has a twin 1:18 O_0 illuminate

  19. charismatic enigma says

    this not a goal keeper this is a cat

  20. eddie cottle says

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    boy in my class whose being bullied by the children across the road to him.
    He started to YouTube to make him feel like he’s not being bullied. But he
    dosent like to mention that he’s being bullied because he wants a new life
    and YouTube makes him feel like he has that so if do care subcribe to
    georgetekkerzz and give him the surrport he needs and try make his (new
    life) better. Thank u ;(

    1. eddie cottle says


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