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Facebook Video is Crushing YouTube – Facebook Freebooting

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Facebook Video is Really Killing YouTube – A lot of your favorite YouTubers are getting their videos FREEBOOTED. It is really hurting a lot of creators on YouTube. #StopFacebookFreebooting

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Destin's (Smarter Every Day) Video about Facebook Freebooting

Studio C Scott Sterling Video

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Facebook Video is Crushing YouTube – Facebook Freebooting

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  1. Luke Warm Studios says

    This makes me sad. I love Studio C and the cast. They’re one of my favorite
    YouTube Channels, and that Scott Sterling video is hilarious! They really
    don’t deserve to have someone do that to them. I am thankful that a popular
    channel pointed this out, as this is a very serious problem. By the way,
    have you evaluated Studio C’s channel? 

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Luke Warm Studios I evaluate Studio C every day! 🙂 That is what they pay
      me for… I just don’t make it public! I am thinking doing a channel
      evaluation for a channel with over 1 million subs… What do you think?

    2. Luke Warm Studios says

      +Derral Eves That sounds great! Who are you going to do? CGP Grey?

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Luke Warm Studios most likely Peter Hollens

    4. Luke Warm Studios says

      +Derral Eves Cool. I will look forward to it.

    5. Jared Halley says

      +Derral Eves Yes! please do…would be very helpful

  2. thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich says

    wow, this is irritating! Why don’t people just share the link, there is a
    facebook share button right there! What does a freeboother have to gain by
    doing this? I wonder if Facebook is classified as a public utility/common
    carrier and not libel for content uploaded to their site but yet they can
    make money from it? People clicking the share button is good for creators
    right? Why would some bother downloading and uploading something? I don’t
    get it. Just click the share button people!

    1. Elizabeth Kilbride says

      I’ve got a vast network built up Derral, I’ve just shared it out on
      FACEBOOK. I’m also going to send it to Mark personally. The little bastard
      stealing money when he’s always spouting off about copyright and
      intellectual property rights… yeah right, he’s all about stealing those
      rights, and so much more. I’ll also share it on my RSS feed, since I’m
      connected to everything on the net.

    2. DominotheGreat says

      +Elizabeth Kilbride Lets hope we can all help +Derral Eves make some noise.
      All Zuckerberg has to do is just make their own contentIDSystem and I’m
      sure they have one and just don’t want to use it yet to make all this money.

    3. Elizabeth Kilbride says

      +DominotheGreat Mark is all about making money for Mark. He doesn’t care
      about content stealing the bastard.

    4. Gentleman's Archive says

      On the other side of the story, there are also some cases where youtubers
      get exposed because of facebook. That soccer video might not have even
      reached that amount of views without facebook. The volume of facebook users
      is just way too big and that’s the advantage of facebook over youtube. Mark
      just couldn’t lose to youtube as much as youtubers don’t want to lose
      views. I guess what youtube could do is to see it as a challenge and think
      hard to win over facebook.

  3. Derral Eves says

    +MicBergsma CC are up on this video for you!

    1. Moshinel Rellomina says

      derral i realy need to know something I’d be avsolutely happy if you would
      response to me. see the email im registered in facebook with is hacked. i
      don’t got control over it anymore. so i tried to change this today but when
      i tried to delete my old email it wouldn’t let me do it, it said “there has
      to be one email minimum”
      so when i add my new email then, will i be able to delete my old one? thank
      you alot for your help because you know i don’t want spam and tag my
      friends in for example pornographic content or so..

  4. xxHeyItsOliviaxx says

    I looked at The Fine Bros channel and they had the kids react to it, and
    then I was like “I HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS” that is how I saw THAT video…

    1. Derral Eves says

      We love the fine bros!

    2. xxHeyItsOliviaxx says

      😀 I know they are awesome *:D*

  5. BrickTsar says

    Why am I always finding another reason to dislike Facebook?

    1. The Brick Station says

      Same. I really don’t want to use Facebook

  6. ed lorens says

    Thank you. Finally, somebody that speaks clearly, loud and do not dance
    with mouse on the screen. This was about how to make shorter, but how to
    add? I am confused?
    I got problems, some I believe , caused by YouTube. All the best.

    1. wong mustafa says

      thnks for the add

    2. Taku O. says

      I see…. thank you for valued information +ed lorens 🙂

  7. PrincessMaryMargaret says

    WOW! Love it! You really understand what goes into making videos for you

    1. Moshinel Rellomina says

      of course he does he’s a pro

  8. Evidu says

    facebook is just as greedy as google is.

    1. Evidu says

      +shybe I think you need to read my comment again >< I said "facebook" (I think you miss-read as "youtube")

    2. Shyb3 says

      No you said “Facebook is just as greedy as google is” and Google owns

    3. Evidu says

      +shybe how does gooogle owning youtube relate to this? -.-

    4. AnDroiD SpY says

      +Evidu but google is intelligent and facebook is dump

  9. World Rockumentary Channel™ says

    We love it here at World Rockumentary. Not sure if any of our rock n roll
    content is being freebooted. Thanks for this video. Our content was stored
    in a controlled film vault for the past 28 years before launching it here
    on youtube

  10. Leighton Bainbridge says

    very informative video. Just started my own vlog and was just wondering
    what platform you think is best Derral for sharing videos on facebook??
    Many thanks :-)

  11. Peter Reginald says

    Apologize if this question has been asked before. Has a class action
    lawsuit against fb been considered?

    1. Crane Senpai says

      +Peter Reginald I dont think so, they cant hold facebook accountable for
      this. Its these freebooters that are in the wrong and they should get a
      lawsuit or facebook should delete these Pages however that is not going to
      happen because its there main income. Sadly the only thing we can do is
      either delete or account or report these pages until facebook cant stop the
      reports so they will need to delete them.

  12. Lumineux Umbreon says

    Yeah, Facebook really needs its own Content ID system. But if they don’t,
    can’t YouTubers copyright more than one video with $35 dollars? I know that
    CDs and blog posts can be grouped together, but how about videos?

  13. Shane Le Plastrier says

    My policy on Facebook is I only like viral pages that actually link the You
    Tube video directly, it’s funny I tried to upload a video I made on
    facebook the other day and because there was a song playing in the
    background it got flagged as soon as I uploaded so they must have some kind
    of flagging system or maybe that’s just for the big corporations not the
    little content creators, shame Facebook.

  14. _iNCEPTiON says

    U mad fat fag`? get a real job moron

    1. Baby Spine says

      yeah hes mad, would you be mad if somebody robbed you for 60grand? the job
      thing you said is irrelevant and makes you seem unintelligent, any type of
      work that generates revenue for you is considered a job by definition, you
      seem to be jealous of this fact.

    2. Gentleman's Archive says

      Yeah, I think he’s jealous. Darrel Eves is self-employed and by that he
      does have a job. Actually he has more than one job. He also makes those
      Networking stuff.

  15. MrLutkno says

    Facebook should be deleted right now, and we should get some other
    alternative that replace it without this sneaky system

  16. Baby Spine says

    The real question is, why has nobody taken Facebook to court for not having
    a content id system up and allowing all this copyrighted work from youtube
    to be Freebooted to facebook

    1. Gentleman's Archive says

      I don’t think that there’s a law for that right now. No one really controls
      the internet right now other than capitalists. And even if there is a law
      for that, I don’t think anyone would want to challenge facebook. They could
      just hire the best lawyers out there.

    2. Gentleman's Archive says

      And, I also don’t think that Youtube would sue Facebook right now. They
      might be very busy for that. Let’s just hope that Facebook eventually
      produces a heart of its own.

    3. Gentleman's Archive says

      Facebook is a monster worthy of rants.

  17. harshalh1 says

    YouTube should sue facebook, as youtube is also loosing money and will have
    a greater impact to make facebook to do something about it.

  18. Phil21 says

    One of the reasons I dont use Facebook much, my news feed on facebook is
    very very small, few friends. what will i do if i lost 60,000 dollars
    worked that out to be nearly £46,000 that a lot of money will be angry that
    nearly 3 years salary for some people in the UK. I know this is an old

  19. Troy Spiral says

    Thanks for the effort to TRY and stop this.

  20. Gentleman's Archive says

    I guess that’s just how competitive our world is right now. What facebook
    is doing is innovating in terms of getting much more money.

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