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Family of Sarah Root Speaks with Donald Trump in Des Moines 8/27/16

Your president Donald Trump

Saturday, August 27, 2016: The family of Sarah Root, who was killed by an illegal, spoke with Donald Trump at the 2nd annual Joni Ernst 'Roast and Ride' Event in Des Moines, IA


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  1. Bernard Lopez II says


  2. Marcie R. says

    DAY 1

  3. Crunkman says

    great laws Obomba

  4. Mike D says

    time has come to take our country back America first vote trump

    1. FastPonyGT says

      +thang jonathan So you believe the polls mostly conducted by the mainstream
      media that’d like nothing more than to bring Trump down? SMH!

    2. hbo says

      Reuters put Trump 4 behind yesterday……they are WALL STREET…so you can
      bet your life they will steal a point or two. A poll today now puts Trump 3
      behind…Google it.
      I do think the days of pollsters trying to show Trump 20 behind are over
      …especially since it was Reuters that caught them all out 3 weeks ago

    3. FastPonyGT says

      You’re right, last summer they had Clinton up by 20% points, but I wouldn’t
      trust in any poll that’s put out by the MSM (Fox included) even when Trump
      is ahead by mere percentage points. Tons of online polls has him winning by
      a landslide margin.

    4. Beretta Shogun says

      Use a VPN and click Google news from outside USA Ip they say that 2 the
      world us fiction

  5. Charles Miller says

    Its heartbreaking to hear these stories, but gratifying to see Trump
    refuses to change. Any other politician faced with the lamestream media
    barrage he’s gotten would have walked it back by now. But that’s the
    wonderful thing about being a world-class alpha-male, you don’t back down
    when you’re right! Instead he talks common-sense approaches like deporting
    known criminals immediately then working down the list until you get to
    stable families who just need to pay back taxes and work through a process
    to stay, legally. The huge turnouts he’s getting belies the biased polls
    and says Trump is set to win.

  6. Ethercruiser1 says

    God bless the Root family!

  7. Life-Row-Toll says

    Make this viral please!

    1. 0x56 says

      Add this video to your Favorites playlist. If many people do this maybe it
      will go viral. If you have Facebook, share this video there too.

  8. James Weitzel says

    Trump will destroy the establishment and Washington corruption. These
    people will all be rounded up and tried for there crimes against our
    Constitution. Finally peace at last and it’s so lovely.

    1. Beretta Shogun says

      There power is an illusion. There are less than 6000 total. We allow it 400
      million to be raped by 600

  9. SStoge21 says

    Could you imagine loosing your daughter to an illegal and they catch him,
    but because of Obamas laws this murderer was let free on 50 thousand

    1. Robert Johnson says

      Disgusting to think that has happened so many times… those poor families.

  10. Sooner Than Later says

    If you aren’t moved by this, you don’t have a soul.
    TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  11. Blarney Stone says

    Really sad. The blood is on the criminal Obama’s hands. Disgusting traitor
    to the Flag.

    1. PowerhouseV says

      Remember, Mrs. Obama said “It’s JUST a flag”. They don’t even know what the
      flag symbolizes. In a couple of years, Mr. Trump will have shown just what
      it means to be a TRUE American to every ill-informed person in the country,
      and they will wonder how they ever voted against him.

    2. Beretta Shogun says

      Traitor implies being a citizen. You ever see a black man with purple lips?
      I know where it’s common. INDONESIA. We have a Muslim spumy I the Caliph

  12. Conspiracy “vs” Expectation says

    trump the federal reserve and the dysfunctional democratic function

  13. Nancy Williams says

    Make Trump win so we can persecute the Jezebel and her whole Mafia crime

  14. seth johnson says

    Very great guy, businessman, and hopefully soon will be a strong leader.
    Trump 2016!

  15. Ana Elena Cuebas Vargas says

    This family broke my heart. Really broke it. My heart goes out to them

  16. Ace Heartly says


  17. DrSouthpole says

    Trump is a racist POS!! All his supporters are white trash racist rednecks

  18. Dick Dyke says

    Trump always speaks the truth. All you brainwashed Democrats voting for
    Hillary need to break free of those chains, stop listening to the bu11$h1t
    the mainstream media is feeding to you because they are all bought and paid
    for. Do your research and youll fund out Trump is no racist. Vote Trump to
    make America great again!

  19. toot toot says

    Just keep going Trump , we support you too , best wishes from

  20. Darkwolf523 says

    RIP Sarah Root

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