Farage ‘THRILLED’ as EU bullies are now even creation Remainers BASH Brussels bureaucrats


He told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: “I suspicion bashing Brussels bureaucrats was my domain!

“It’s fantastic, we was thrilled. we don’t tend to support Remainers, though she is regulating a same phrases I’ve used for a past 20 years.”

The former Ukip personality remarkable that in 2013 he won a internal elections “on a declaration of abbreviation schools, removing Britain outward a European Union, determining immigration”.

He said: “Four years on, a British Prime Minister was using on accurately a same sheet and swept a board.”

But, a MEP warned: “She is a career politician with a bad lane record so let’s see. We have to keep an eye on her.” 

Mr Farage added: “I shall continue bashing Brussels bureaucrats, though apparently now – with Mrs May – we have got some genuine competition.”