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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Jamiel Shaw, Sr. supports Donald Trump for President. He is supporting him because Trump promised to end illegal immigration. Jamiel Shaw spoke at one rally for Donald Trump. Jamiel Shaw was a former Democrat that supports Donald Trump and think he was “send from God.” AMEN.

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  1. Tyrant Gregcag (Kaiju71) says

    In a way, I almost do believe Donald Trump is a gift from God.

    1. Tyrant Gregcag (Kaiju71) says

      +Michael Marks I think you left out a letter. Be blessed, my good man!

    2. Tyrant Gregcag (Kaiju71) says

      +Verisimilitude Dude Good to know things don’t change. I hate change. It
      makes us feel uneasy.

    3. Donald Miller says

      Tyrant Gregcag The one and only thing in life that is constant is change !

    4. Susil Hettiarachchi says

      Tyrant Gregcag yes I too from Srilanka think so

  2. Panther3 says

    We prayed and called God back and BAM! Trump is in office.

    1. Glenn Lego says

      Democrats kill Babies

    2. walkingeaglewoman says


    3. Miguel Sanchez says

      Panther3 yea stelling the presidential kuac kuac kuac kuac kuac you people
      been afected for the new laws of you sptupid president


      The US military coming for you, miguel We are sending in the army to police
      your country.

    5. Vicky Carroll says


  3. Lenore D. says

    President Trump was sent by God!! I pray for him everyday!!

    1. Boll Weevil says

      I think that big yellow arrow was sent by God too

    2. Hellrazor 33 says

      +radek krenzelok your a kind person for saying that

    3. Hellrazor 33 says

      +walkingeaglewoman​ yes pray for him

    4. Hellrazor 33 says

      +Linda Foster​ are you telling Sanchez that or myself? You forgot to put a
      name stating who you are telling your statement towards and for the love of
      god don’t be a leftist nut

    5. Janet Johnson says

      Lenore D. We all should pray for him.

  4. TheJazzie6 says

    He is a gift from God just look up on yt mark taylor.

    1. Patria Ryder says

      We are the luckiest people on the planet. Thank God for Trump!

    2. fallenangel2100 says

      TheJazzie6 “all those who go against my anointed will fail”-mark taylor


      To: TheJazzie6 – Yes indeed. Every person in my life that I observed that
      was called or anointed
      and some dummy that would oppose, persecute or throw stumbling blocks in
      their path, well
      THEY fell into their own trap totally unaware. When that happened I knew
      that the person
      anointed was purposed by God and look what happens to Trump’s
      opposers…They bit the dust.

  5. Mark Guzman says

    Trump is my hero. He is a total man of his word. definitely has God’s favor
    flowing with him. He will make our country beautiful again for our family
    and all our loved ones..

    1. Miguel Sanchez says

      Mark Guzman Are you ready to build the wall .I want to seeyou work like
      slave jajajajajajajaja.

    2. Juan Valladares says

      Miguel Sanchez he will be the first one in line and when he’s done he’ll
      get thrown on the other side good riddance

  6. Tammy Selvens says

    Trump T-Shirt Giveaway on TrumpRights*com

  7. am I too offensive for you? good! says


    1. Ty Arnold says

      am I too offensive for you? good! do you support sanctuary cities

    2. am I too offensive for you? good! says

      Ty Arnold … absolutely not that’s why I say ban Sanctuary cities

    3. Kenneth kirsch says

      am I too offensive for you? good! I’m guessing he’s the human version of,
      are you sure you’d like to uninstall DOTA 2? The answer is yes

    4. 1994 Ford Ranger says


  8. Josh Waldorf says

    I pray that the democratic party loses in 2018 mid term so the
    conservatives can finally have the super majority they deserve so Trump can
    finally get things done to help us in our time of need with no radical
    congress lefty getting in the way.

    1. dlholmes111 says

      Ana, yes, but if we have the supper majority, We could achieve anything,
      right all the wrongs thats been done to the country. Like constitutional
      Amendments to reverse Row v Wade, and correct the removal of God from our
      school, along with many other things thw Supreme Court has done. We have
      about the right amount of state Governors, President, and Congress, we just
      need 2/3rds of the senate now, got 53, need some place in the 60’s. Great
      thing, 2018, we may have it, dems are trying to defend to many from States
      Trump won big.

    2. Donald Miller says

      Josh Waldorf Do not forget that we must weed out the RINOS in 2018 ! There
      are quite a number that hold office as Republicans but are really Democrats
      in disguise ! Many more like John McCain that are Democrats only wearing
      Republican hats ! That is why nothing was ever done about Obama ! I know ,
      the Republicans were supposedly in the majority but it was not true ! The
      RINOS plus the Democrats always outnumbered the true Republicans ! RINOS.
      must be weeded out in 2018 !!
      Would the Democrats be smart enough to infiltrate the Republican party ?
      Damned right they would ! Democrats will do anything that you can imagine
      and MORE to gain the totalitarian power over the people !
      Just look at California which is so firmly under the Democrat thumb that
      Republicans could not even elect a dog catcher !

  9. Yahnah Lynn says

    TRUMP WAS SENT BY GOD !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Carol Harris says

      Robert Ramsey Trump won, he’s already far better than obuma was, get over

    2. Cara Baylon says

      Robert Ramsey you must be either mexican or muslim

  10. kimmer6 says

    SANCTUARY cities are stupid. How can anybody believe in selective
    enforcement of laws?
    Crying Cuck Choomer should piss up a rope.

    1. Dale Burrell says

      No, he should go piss on a LIVE WIRE…maybe that would shock some SENSE
      into him(?)

    2. thatallredheadude says

      piss up a rope? I’m fcking dying man, definitely stealing that!

    3. Miguel Sanchez says

      kimmer6. Yes is very stupid thi is garbage. realy stupid …

  11. Rrobert Dee says

    My son was murdered by two criminal illegals and G.W Bush, obummer and Eric
    Holder are just as guilty as the two that pulled the trigger.

    1. Miguel Sanchez says

      Rrobert Dee Good …becauce him was a good boy or bad ..nazi kkk.why dont
      want thad.???????????

    2. AzureSymbiote says

      Sorry for your loss. That’s all I can say.

    3. walkingeaglewoman says

      God said…. “vengence is mine, I will repay” The day of reckoning is
      coming for these men and coming very fast!!!!

    4. Pelican 123 says

      I’m so very sorry. My daughter died young from cancer due to our rotten
      health care system but to have a child murdered is truly unthinkable…
      Can’t imagine your pain. I send you blessing from one parent to another
      and hope you know that you wonderful son is always with you…

    5. Andrew Manche says

      unless these men get “saved” right? then all is forgiven, no consequences,
      no punishment

      there is no god

  12. kierstynzdroid says

    I was so happy when Trump won. But I live in California, which is trying to
    separate from the U.S… I freaking hate liberals

    1. Zenzi Cubik says

      California won’t secede from the US. Too many of us still believe we’re
      Americans. Go figure.

    2. Nikki Salazar says

      It’s hard I’m sure. I’m from Illinois (the most corrupt in the union). I
      couldn’t believe when America sent Illinois Corruption to the White House.
      Ouch!!! I encourage you to have hope in knowing that you are born in this
      part of history to make a difference. Find a humble way to make a small
      difference and I believe you will effect those around you. Small victory
      upon small victory will clear a path to making your corner of the world a
      bit better. Only God knows what great potential lies dormant inside of you.

    3. joe jitsu says

      +kierstynzdroid They creatures you hate aren’t liberals. George Washington
      was a liberal. John Adams was a liberal. James Madison was a liberal.

      No, these people you hate, if you could get them to tell the truth, would
      say about themselves, “Frankly, I Like To Harm….” fill in the blank.
      F.I.L.T.H. They are FILTH. They are a particular type of FILTH. They
      probably aren’t nazi filth. Some may be commie filth. Some may be child
      molesting filth. But they are all a particular type of filth. They are
      leftist filth. So let’s all stop calling them liberals. Because they aren’t
      liberals. They are filth. Leftist filth.

      Like you, I hate F***ing HATE leftist filth.

    4. Nikki Salazar says

      joe jitsu I’m not sure the words liberal and conservative were used then as
      they are now. By standards of his life, church attendance, necessity to
      arms. a small government, he would most likely be considered conservative.
      The party did not separate until 1865 when a new party formed against
      slavery and other issues called the republican party which is considered
      conservative. though to me most seem liberal. I like trump because he is
      not a lifelong politician

    5. Nikki Salazar says

      joe jitsu I’m not sure the words liberal and conservative were used then as
      they are now. By standards of his life, church attendance, necessity to
      arms. a small government, he would most likely be considered conservative.
      The party did not separate until 1865 when a new party formed against
      slavery and other issues called the republican party which is considered
      conservative. though to me most seem liberal. I like trump because he is
      not a lifelong politician.

  13. beech ass neegga!! says

    Deport all Mexican gang members asap

  14. Sheila Cooper says

    MANY people believe that God is using Donald Trump to pull America up out
    of the evil liberal abyss… and I’m one of them. You can just feel it in
    your soul!

    1. dianna k says

      yeah will he at it why doesn’t he spent a portion of his time to sent
      somebody to save europe… God are you there? hello. Dammit _’

  15. Goreanlady says

    see Mark Taylors prophecy of President Trump


      I watched that story on TV. That firefighter sick & bed ridden and God came
      & spoke to
      him in great detail of Trump”s winning presidency way back in 2011. Well,
      when I heard that story,
      I thought, “If Mark is a spokes person of God (phophet) and he is real
      because a “True Phophet’s
      test is that everything he says, comes to pass.” And right up to the polls
      starting to close,
      I began to wonder until everything flipped and Trump won it. Wow, what a

    2. Aunty Moo says

      VLADIMIR PUNTANG…..I was praying..and crying……….I prayed that not
      all of their cheating would work …I Prayed for him to win fair
      ……….I will never forget that …….NIGHT OF A TRUE MIRACLE.
      And I could feel millions praying….WOW.


      TO: Aunty Moo – I think all of us were having those exact thoughts &
      emotions. That was
      the first time I voted & the guy I picked won!!!! Yes, I did a lot of
      praying & crying that night also.
      I am a “Baby Boomer” & I remember how good it was back in the mid 50s after
      WWII. Trump”s
      attitude & promises stirred up some of those good times and it’s going to
      happen again!!!

    4. Aunty Moo says

      VLADIMIR PUNTANG…..My mum….say’s that living in the 50s…..was
      the best error ever… going to dances in big halls ….was a big favourite.
      Going to the pictures to see, Jerry Lewis… giggling so much, they got
      kicked out…. sound wonderful.
      good night…and God Bless you Sir.

    5. Donald Miller says

      Aunty Moo Your mum is right ! I also lived through the late 1940’s and
      during the 1950’s ! The United States was a good place to live then. Even
      though I was young I can remember that the only people that were unemployed
      were those that chose to be unemployed !! I roamed by myself for miles
      around my home and never had to worry about being attacked or killed by a
      gang !

  16. Nancy Estes says

    I Pray for everyone who is trying to save this country. Prayers of
    Protection to us all!

    1. Robert Ramsey says

      Nancy Estes your prayers are not working people are getting killed every
      day all over the world your God couldn’t stop a murder with only four
      people on earth

    2. Linda Foster says

      People have free will and you can not control all humanity even with
      prayer. If all prayers were answered it would be perfect world.
      Remember you must have positive and negative to equal out.
      You can not start your car with only having your car battery connected to
      only the positive or just the negative. You must have negative to
      enhance changes for the positive..

  17. John Michalek says

    I could go with, God sent “The Donald”. To end the evil that has taken over
    this world. Saying that, that does not make “The Donald” an Angel. Maybe an
    avenging Angel. God knows what he is doing. Every event is preordained,(as
    space time testifies). To vanquish the evil scum of Islam and the evil
    pedophile elites. You need a man like Americas President. Donald Trump (
    Man of steel). The Trumpets will sound.

    1. Aunty Moo says

      John Michalek…….You Are Wide Awake Sir….God Bless.

  18. Bly Cat says


    1. Ragnar Onsager (Bull horn) says


    2. RadicalTerminator says

      Yeah the guy is feisty & I hope he makes good on his promises!

  19. Adeili Maya says

    there have been a few Black children murdered by Mexican immigrants…and
    for bullshit gang initiations…so I hate to admit it…but this is what
    needs to be done…putting an end to illegal immigration. Lets not forget
    the women (white or black, etc.) raped and murdered by these immigrants.
    And there has even been a couple of serial killers in the mix…something I
    discovered by watching some crime documentaries.

    1. Buffalo Soldier says

      Adeili Maya Blacks that support illegals have never lived in a neighborhood
      gentrified by illegal aliens and violent anti black mexican gangs

  20. Cathryn Wagner says

    I believe President Trump was born for this – a gift from God!

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