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Feminists Celebrate Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

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Feminists are celebrating STDs as a womens' rights cause. No, this is NOT a joke.

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  1. Okiedokie says

    Syphillis isn’t a threat to feminists as they have no brain anyway so they
    have nothing to lose

    1. shreyas bhat says


    2. vinorob says

      now why did i not think that witty retort? maybe the syph is eating my

    3. kyles Rudolph Ilardenovich says

      Okiedokie your so op.

    4. Venice Mackay says


  2. Luke Sued says

    Some idiot SJW’s don’t understand: Diabetes and herpes are caused by life
    choices; one is overeating, and the other is being a slut.

    1. Balon Greyjoy says

      You do know that most ppl who have herpes do not develop any lesions,
      right. They have to perform hsv antibody blood test to find out..thats cuz
      hsv is an asymptotic condition.. they can still pass on this virus even if
      they dont show any symptoms.

    2. Ezy Teri Reddy says

      +Balon Greyjoy Which is why I add “unfamiliar”. If you go around
      tongue-kissing people, of course you’re going to expose yourself. That’s
      why if your partner has a colourful history of ex-partners, then you ask
      them to get tested before engaging in any activity that involves the
      contact of bodily fluids. But yes, sometimes people catch it and it’s not
      their fault. But oftentimes, it was evitable had they been more careful
      with their choices.

    3. Victoria V (V) says

      Partner number doesn’t mean anything you can be kissed once and catch a
      disease from that one person.

  3. BikerHomeBoy says

    This is what happens when you take God out of everyday life.

    1. Christian Baca says

      BikerHomeBoy for God so loved the world he gave his only son so that we may
      not perish but have everlasting life John (3:16)

    2. Pedro Pendejo Amigo says

      “Pregnancy statistics show a link between teenage pregnancy and religion.
      Despite the fact that many religions encourage abstinence and saying no to
      premarital sex among teens, the teenage pregnancy rate is actually
      higher in states with a stronger religious presence.”

      That is what happens when you force god into every day life.

    3. Decio Leonardo says

      +Pedro Pendejo Amigo Ok. I want statistics now. And what religion by the
      way? Judaism? Christianism? Islam? Buddhism? You can’t just say religion
      when they are very different from each other.

      Out of the four that I mention above only Islam wants to force Their
      religion on every one. The other three only preach about it. It is up to
      you to accept it or not.

    4. Pedro Pendejo Amigo says

      +Decio Leonardo
      Man you are lazy. A simple google search would do. Since we’re talking US
      here one can safely assume Christianity as the driving force. Link follows
      in next comment.

  4. noah blaze says

    Rip I was eating?

    1. My username was too long says


    2. cihan depe says

      Same, worst part is I was eating an omlette…

  5. MJC2Gaming says

    Genuinely my favourite you tuber ever??

    1. Tupu Tati says


  6. Marrie Müller says

    A person shows no respect at all for herself when she submits herself to

    1. Ganja Caliphate says


    2. drash79 says

      the reader of the tweets is someone who i is wish appears in games.

    3. Thermodynamic says

      Marrie Müller

      and they’re aware of the person’s status beforehand?

    4. Zakariaelk says

      Thermodynamic de

    5. mad chicsavage says

      Marrie Müller couldn’t have said it any better

  7. Desert Rose says

    STDs also cause infertility. Why would anyone, man or woman, want to have
    sex with a person infected with a disease a shot won’t cure? Love? How can
    any one continue to love someone who cared so little about that they
    neglected to mention they are STD positive?

    1. Ezy Teri Reddy says

      +Vanessa Lara STI’s having a “negative stigma” attached to them is no
      excuse for people to not tell their sexual partners, or potential sexual
      partners, that they have a disease. Not telling a person that you have a
      contagious disease that is difficult to cure is not love, and it is not
      respect. If you’d tell your family not to kiss you when you have the flu,
      why would it not be your fault if you choose not to tell your sexual
      partner that you have herpes, gonorrhoea or HIV, diseases that could
      potentially ruin the life of the partner? It is not the stigma that is the
      problem here. Being open and honest about your problems is a must when
      pursuing a relationship, and sure enough a partner is more likely to stick
      with you if you were open about your problems rather than if you lied to
      them until they found out they had contracted a disease. Therefore, it’s
      not the disease that’ll make someone stop loving you – it’s bad character.
      And bad character means lying, and also promiscuity, the reason for the
      stigma surrounding STI’s; a person who is promiscuous is more likely to get
      an STI, therefore STI’s are associated with irresponsible behaviour. While
      I do believe that people with any disease should be respected as human
      beings, one will be judged for what decisions they have made. That’s just
      the way people measure the character of others.

    2. infowolf1 says

      well, if you are proud of your chlamydia and gonorrhea you aren’t going to
      treat them are you? you don’t throw out badges of honor do you?

    3. Victoria V (V) says

      People don’t chose other people by std, nobody asks that nowadays, imagine,
      you go to a date and ask “Do you have any std?” “Yes, I have”. “Bye then”
      😀 Of course nowadays before even kissing you should test that person
      first, herpes have a lot of people, probably herpes is the cause of

    4. Vanessa Lara says

      infowolf1 being proud is different than not being ashamed.

    5. Laila Behrendt says

      +Vanessa Lara You clearly can’t read. The person that wrote the original
      comment said, that these didn’t understand how you could love someone that
      didn’t care to tell you that they have STDs. Totally reasonable, in my

  8. Mikki Farmer says

    Paul Joseph Watson always tells it like it is whether people (including the
    feminist movement) like it or not. Big respect to PJW.

    1. Thermodynamic says

      Mikki Farmer

      as with most on the far left or far right he ignores inconvenient details
      that may hurt his claim. which makes sense, since debate is about selling a
      concept. Doesn’t mean other considerations don’t exist.

    2. Mikki Farmer says

      +Thermodynamic I get your point.

  9. Akhmed Mohammad Fruedstein says

    Those voices lmfao

    1. Herfirstmate says

      Secret Film Director I know, hilarious! When it read “I’m not interested in
      playing… IM A SLUT!” Haha I died.

    2. mad chicsavage says

      Secret Film Director ikr! hilarious!

  10. Kaito Nova Prime says

    i don’t know whos more brain dead feminists or BLM…

    1. Fing w00 says

      Kaito Nova Prime I think they both get participation trophies.

    2. Karina Ramos says

      Both. **mic drop**

  11. Robby C. says

    These fat, nasty, or just butt ugly little skanks call it feminism to
    justify simply being nasty bitches.

  12. I'm not here says

    um…sorry but a std is fucking disgusting.
    no one in their right man would be fucking std.
    not gonna give you respect.

  13. Stanford Matthews says

    “I’m not interested in playing identity politics. I’m a slut, and I have
    herpes. I am still a person who deserves respect.”

    Lol you’ve got it backward honey. Respect is earned not deserved. And with
    a status like that, I don’t think you’ll get very much of it.

  14. Kristoff Bjorgman says

    Eww disgusting! How did we get like this? We are now becoming like Sodom
    and Gamorah!

    1. Anshuman Roy says

      Kristoff Bjorgman Yeah. Soon we’ll be exactly like them. In the sense we
      will never have existed at all.

  15. CanisLupus1987 says

    Finally someone says what I’ve been thinking all along… and then ladies
    like me who respect themselves are treated as freaks just because I won’t
    sleep around and don’t want a man unless I’m in a commited relationship.
    People don’t care about feelings anymore

  16. Owldude000 says

    These videos, and their comments sections, are the greatest roast hubs in

  17. Gaming PC says

    I…I… I think I need a minute to take in…how fucking stupid these
    Paula deem looking cunts are

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