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  1. Hawk Kubena says

    he should have gone varane to link to messi

    1. Fifa17 - TradingTips and Methods says

      Why have people liked this? Messi would be on 7 chemistry which is not
      allowed in this game mode. Some people are fucking stupid

    2. Claire VanDeventer says

      Varane doesn’t link to Messi.

    3. gamer 10.0 OP says

      Claire VanDeventer he does because of Barcelona

    4. GSH BIGSY says

      A perfect link is club and nation which equals 2 dead links
      A strong link is same club or same nation and league

    5. Rene Martinez says

      Hawk Kubena he wanted to put macherano on cb but on his computer he put

  2. Liam Twitchen says

    Andy is a try hard

    1. LfcHampo73 says

      Because he made this

    2. Dan_ Carter22 Football and more says

      Liam Twitchen ur a idiot

    3. Liam Twitchen says

      Dan_ Carter22 Football and more ok mate

    4. Jack McGee says

      Liam Twitchen not really he is just playing his own gamr

    5. Jack McGee says

      Liam Twitchen game

  3. Shweta Kumar says

    Harry knew that he wrote Mascherano

    Why didn’t he went for Matheu

    Both are same rated!?

    1. Juan Tips says

      Karen Fury he isn’t he is French

    2. Ian Bunt says

      Shweta Kumar Mathieu wouldn’t have gotten a perfect link

    3. Shweta Kumar says

      Ian Bunt but in his other team he put him only

    4. Deez Nuts says

      Shweta Kumar because Aguero was on the other team

  4. Kanej Studioz says

    The guernsey Harry’s wearing in the game is an Australian team guernsey

    1. DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more says

      Kanej Studioz W2S pls kill yourself

    2. scott morrison says

      Kanej Studioz Ye but it’s central coast it should be Perth glory

    3. Harley Lawrence says

      DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more

    4. Cole Cassidy says

      Kanej Studioz flip

  5. TopClassFootball says

    0:34 I’m dead, Andy’s face

    1. Tom and Harry Games says

      TopClassFootball H

    2. king morsey says

      hary do a foot pack

    3. Raul Rodriguez says

      Do one vs minmiter

    4. Swezee 1 says


  6. YG3 says

    Is Andy a Everton fan? Pls someone reply

    1. pokemon collecterjr /fut fifa says

      hmm yes

    2. StaTeBoliUvoGoogle? says

      YG3 yes

    3. Brayden says

      YG3 kinda obvious

    4. Finnley Thompson says

      YG3 yeah

    5. Lucas Cotton says

      YG3 YES

  7. Oan says

    i have capradossi?

    1. Gary Bird says

      Oan 2

    2. Priya Wadhawan says

      Oan 2 is


      Oan 2 peysela

  8. Kian Kinnear says

    Harry should have put in mathiu becUse he links with french and barcelona

    1. arsenaldude 10 says

      Kian Kinnear Messi needed a perfect link because he didn’t link to the cm
      and st

    2. Kian Kinnear says

      arsenaldude 10 but he plays for barca so he would get the perfect link

    3. Maria Kralev says

      Kian Kinnear @i,

    4. Charlie Thorndike says

      he needed mascherano either way, cause messi had 2 dead links u need to
      give him both nationality and club link from the same player to make up for
      them 2 dead links

  9. Alex goodfellow says

    Harry has a silver in goal that’s why Andy kicked his butt

    1. K.E.P says

      Alex goodfellow u salty

  10. Jorji Costava says

    On the laptop it says that his cb is mathieu in stead of mascherano!

    1. cc plays says


    2. Brayden says

      Jorji Costava yeah but he had to change it so messi would get chem

    3. Max Day says

      Cole Conner

    4. Leo Zdjelarevic says

      messi would get strong link from the Matheiu either

    5. Jordan Kay-Hards says

      Jorji Costava he had to use mascherano so that messi would get full chem
      cuz andy guessed aguero which if he didn’t guess aguero he could use
      Matheiu you mong

  11. kieran walters says

    When did he do GK? I mean Harry btw

    1. Gamerboy 10 says

      ZirconHD poikgghgh

  12. McLovin _90 says

    why is Andy acting like that

  13. Adam O Connor says

    Nice vid

  14. Chester Wigzell says

    lol Andy kinda looks like a young morrisey xD

  15. Danilo Davidovic says

    Harry ur dumb, it’s to obvious to go w Aguero

  16. Seb Shephard says

    This is squad builder showdown and Andy made that on Fifa 15

  17. HeySnowy says

    Gullit is better at CDM than CAM

  18. AnotherGuyYouKnow says

    Anyone know the music on 8:54

  19. CASPANDA ZAMI says

    Idiot you are so dum

  20. Lifetaker1107 / Grim reaper says

    he should have gone mathieu

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