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My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Aleksandar Kan says

    your mom is a cutie

    1. lighing flash says

      How is he a pervert he likes Harry mom and

    2. Avrick Mendonca says

      Ryguy Rhino What’s pervert in that?

    3. Aleksandar Kan says

      nothing. Just proves how manly i’ve become 😉

    4. ItsKi says

      Aleksandar Kan very manly. Totally.

  2. Jet & Pals says

    If you I’ve me a like you’re awesome

    1. Andrea Barton says

      Jet,Jack,Angus, Daniel and Kiana Pearce £

    2. Ethan Williams says

      The fact is I don’t like it

    3. Mega Boy says

      Jet & Pals ‘

  3. NervousRonGamerz says

    His dad is Robben

    1. Damian Vavrda says

      +NervousRonGamerz no ! but he looks how arjen robben

    2. damo hulse says

      Damian Vavrda d,sban

    3. Samantha Savage says

      NervousRonGamerz your right mate

    4. Antoan Todorov says

      NervousRonGamerz true

  4. Alpha Ray says

    Let your mum choose.Dont get her to choose one

    1. hugogamer255 says

      They are the same thing

    2. KING VLOGS says

      Alpha Ray ح

    3. Balqees Fatima says

      hugogamer255 uuhu

    4. JH Gaming says

      KING VLOGS إنتا عربي؟؟؟؟

  5. Banny Lugo says

    mum or mom

    1. BertBooks23 says

      mummy !!!

    2. ty gaming says

      BertBooks23 I’m reporting you

    3. BertBooks23 says

      wtf why

    4. Skilz4life ! says

      Banny Lugo yor mum

    5. Alfie Ainley says

      +Banny Lugo mum

  6. Freeclimberz Apex says

    The sturidge part triggered me ps I’m a Liverpool fan

    1. TheGalaxyGamer HD says

      Gordon Tant same liverpools the best

    2. paper mckinna FC says

      TheGalaxyGamer HD shut up they can’t win nothing cause there garbage

    3. S3RP3NT87X says

      Gordon Tant Liverpool are crap hala united

    4. Manveer Singh says

      paper mckinna FC 4

    5. Shazia Fulat says

      Manveer Singh

  7. tom powell says

    your dad is robben

    1. Emanuel Klitland says

      tom powell

    2. Comdy life gamer 458 says

      L is rooben

    3. Ravi Pathak says

      tom powell LOL Froben diary and me and Robin are daddy I said Robert and
      daddy Robin and daddy bed and daddy

    4. LazarGaming TV says

      tom powell no robben is faster becouse hes dad is maybe grandad

    5. Ray says

      tom powell yea

  8. Riddler's Revenge says

    his dad looks like Robben that play in fc Bayern Munich

    1. Zak Pentland says

      how do you know did you see robben

    2. Ishaq Adil says

      Adrian Danescu play w2s

    3. Ishaq Adil says

      Adrian Danescu queen

    4. Skilz4life ! says

      Riddler’s Revenge obviously

  9. Michał Łasiński says

    0:00-0:20 song??

    1. Sebastian Höglund says

      Michał Łasiński Razor sharp

  10. Harra_ Dude says

    Sub to me I would love a100 subs before Christmas

    1. Angela Williams says

      Harra Dude ok

    2. Hector Santos says

      Harra_ Dude a

    3. Shawn Grimm says

      Harra_ Dude a bit too late

    4. Mohammed Jhangir says

      stinky w2s make some mor e challenges it has bee ages

  11. Tekrrzz Football players says

    Hello random person scrolling through the comment section
    I hope you have a great
    A small YouTuber that dreams to hit 100subs. Please help and show me some

    1. Jane Quinn says

      Jerald Young shut it up

    2. pablo ramirez says

      Tekrrzz Football players

    3. Zaher Mourra says

      Tekrrzz Football players


      Tekrrzz Football players

    5. The Rockstar says


  12. Martintk245 the man says

    his drafts entries
    How many won

  13. gabriel klopotan says

    0:34 lol

  14. Avrick Mendonca says

    And the thing I noticed the most were your match records

  15. Nadim Kabir says

    lol it actually looks like jj

  16. Cybersod says

    Harry 174 Harry’s mom 175

  17. Brynjar Ólafsson says

    Harry how many times have you been egged

  18. Olavi plays says


  19. ChintyCookie says

    Ws2 dad looks like robben

  20. TROG[TheRiseOfGaming] says

    Anyone notice he did not swear in front of his mom

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