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  1. zainab khan says

    he discard Suarez team of the season

    1. Joseph Webster says

      zainab khan so funny

    2. Ρανια Βουλγαρελη says

      of the year

    3. Lola Frok says

      zainab khan me2

    4. Khang Pham says

      Ρανια Βουλγαρελη you stupid bricks

  2. Reilley says

    discarding 98 Suarez is worse then getting burned alive

    1. Max 11 says

      Reilley You playing futwatch??

    2. Emperial HD says

      Reilley it was duplicate /fp

    3. Iuene Lloyd says

      Reilley right ooh

    4. Joachim Evenstad Nikolaisen says

      Iuene Lloyd

    5. Hogy Pogy says


  3. Special L Gamer // Gaming,Tips says


    1. Arsey Whinger says

      Gaming Wizard it was faked

    2. kieran glover says

      shut your gob!!!!!! show a little respect! its hard work making a vid!!!

    3. Abbas Hussain says

      Gaming Wizard it’s editing hard part.

    4. Katherine Williams says

      Gaming Wizard does piss me off too but you gotta admit would you feel calm
      and aweare <-(Shity writing) if you knew that you could be jumping out of a FUCKING plane the next day?

  4. Μιχάλη Τερζης says

    You discard 98 duares

    1. Μιχάλη Τερζης says


    2. Football Fantasy says

      Μιχάλη Τερζης who is duares

  5. sam z says

    Why the hell did he discarded 98 suarez

    1. Nicky McCoy g says

      samir zaman I know right

    2. Alfie & Bradley hunt78 says

      you sold a swarez

    3. Luke Brady says

      sam z cause he didn’t see it dudu

  6. Gabriel Michelsen says

    WTF!!!????!!!??? YOU DISCARDED A 98 SUAREZ!!!!! WTF!!!!!!

    1. D I E T C O K E B O Y says

      sorry to disappoint u m8 but it doesn’t count cos he is a duplicate but w2s
      wud have gone skydiving anyway

  7. iiiAlain says


    1. Liam James says

      iiiAlain I know 98 Suarez

    2. Valdemar Mølhøj Olrik says

      iiiAlain YES WTF

    3. Riley Denjs says

      Harry just got fricking react because we would of seen him do the other
      thing so that was disappointing for us also he got 98 suarez

    4. Dannyisawesome And dope says

      iiiAlain I know I spotted that to boiii

  8. Jeff's Favourite Drink says

    He already got Suarez so it didn’t count

    1. DwendiJR HD says

      Jeff’s Favourite Drink he can get fucking 2 million coins

    2. Jose Aldaco says


  9. Lava Ash says

    You didn’t. You got Suarez!!AND YOU DISCARD IT!!!!

    1. trajce trajce says

      Lava Ash yeah

    2. Logan Smith says

      W2S did not need to skydive you got 5 tots

    3. sebster 546 says

      Lava Ash he didn’t did you see the discard coins it would be over 10k and
      it was 7k so it was faked

    4. SuperGAmeR GAmEkiNG says

      sebster 546 he did get suarez he discard the pack for 17k

  10. W2S W2S says

    I still miss 98 suarez

    1. Marwan Wagih Elsaba says

      W2S W2S I am sorry but you got 5 team of the season which is pretty good

    2. W2S W2S says

      Marwan Wagih Elsaba yep that is the good part

    3. Simply Football says

      W2S W2S It is also good People think your the real deal

    4. k2s and friends says

      W2S W2S wanna be

  11. Kerim Mermer says

    The amount of retards in this comments are ridiculous, #1 it wasn’t a real
    fucking Suarez. #2 his record is like that because he backs out of drafts.

    1. James Smith says


  12. CRAZY DAVE says

    omg he missed a lui uhhhhh

  13. Louis Magness says

    he discarded it on purpose so he did the sky dive

  14. Alien m4ster says


  15. Alex rodriguez says

    You missed the 98 Suarez

    1. Alex rodriguez says

  16. mrgameris ltu says

    harry when u see that video what is ur reaction :D

  17. Dean Gray says

    i dont know if it was just me but im sure i seen 98 suarez like if agree

  18. Geordie Douglas says

    OMG he discarded saurez

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